Zulander Hack Review: Get the Facts before you Invest

Every day a new binary options software becomes available and the Zulander Hack is the latest one. Regardless what the strange man in the video claims, this really is a binary options software that claims to be able to earn you up to $1,008 every 5 minutes. Something I am not too sure about. Today there are so many scams and so much competition that it has come to the point where you cannot weed out the scams because ALL of the binary options websites use the same shady tactics to attract attention and get people to sign up.

The problem is that regardless what this guy or any other actor in a binary options website video says, you DO have to spend money, and you WILL be taking a risk by investing with them as binary options are a risk. The moment someone says guarantee I am immediately turned off because I know well enough that there is no such thing as guaranteed in the stock market.

What is the Zulander Hack?

This is yet another binary options software that is fully automated. In the video a shady looking guy in a suit explains how fantastic his system is while he drives his expensive car around town talking about millions of dollars and secret systems in the middle of the street. Flashing a thousand pounds he convinces a couple to try his system to prove how effective it is or else he will give them the money instead if they lose their investment. Nothing about the video seems realistic, including the screenshots of his accounts and the “millions” there.

Overall, the website really doesn’t do much for the software as it screams scam from the moment you enter. They claim that the software has not lost for 242 consecutive days and there are only 7 qualified countries where the software is available, and of course, YOURS is one of them. Unfortunately, nowhere did I see a list of the qualified countries.

You are pushed for time from the moment you enter the website with gradually increasing video watches, with regular updates on people winning money in YOUR country, and the number of spots gradually decreasing as you watch the video. He claims that today all spots in your country will be filled and you will lose this amazing opportunity, obviously trying to make you decide quickly without further research as there are only 20 free licenses in your area and you will miss out if you do not sign up right away.

There is no substantial information about the software and even claims that you do not have to pay a thing, but in fact, a minimum of 250 Euro investment is required. I loved how throughout the videos in the website he continuously repeats how you MUST keep this website a secret as only a selected few have access to it.

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Why I Don’t Trust the Zulander Hack

Overall, the whole thing smells like a scam. Obviously all the information regarding current wins and number of visitors is completely fake. Not to mention every single individual in the videos is an actor, a cheap one at that.

What really irked me was the fact that he claims that this isn’t a binary options system yet it clearly is EXACTLY that. It’s simply yet another binary options software but in their desire to grab your attention and get you to quickly sign up without thinking they contradict themselves throughout the whole sign-up process and share little to no information about the software or how you can really make money.

Another thing that really bothered me was that I could not find any information on the developer Michael Wright. Aside from reviews on the Zulander Hack and the official website his name is nowhere to be found in connection to binary options, the stock market, or trading in general. Considering his high status and obviously the type of knowledge and experience needed to develop something like this I would think that this person would have been easy to find and research.

Could the Zulander Hack be Legit?

In all honesty, today it can go both ways. The reason I say this is mainly because so far I have seen nearly every single binary options software website actually use many of the same marketing schemes in order to get ahead of the competition. Unfortunately the market is overflowing with such software and each is pushing to grab the visitor’s attention and keep them there long enough to register. I have seen many legitimate binary options websites actually use these tactics which means that even this one, regardless of all the negative signs, could possibly be effective, though I highly doubt it to the extent they claim.

I have done some research through some of my trusted resources in hopes to find someone that has tried this software but found only 3 people that have really experimented with it. The results were not very impressive as only one of the three really did make a profit, though relatively small. This is when I return to my earlier note, there is always a risk with Binary Options regardless what is claimed by the website or the software. Actually, be more skeptical if they make such a guarantee.

In Conclusion

I think that the Zulander Hack, regardless of its claims of 242 days of profit, is still in process of actually getting tweaked to really give the results which they hope and claim. When new software is developed they go through such a phase where they try and attract users in order to further test it thus offering it for free. It could become a profitable solution for binary options but currently I don’t think the winnings are as high as they claim them to be. I recommend you do further research and avoid paid reviews, but rather research forums and binary options discussions to find out more before you invest in the Zulander Hack.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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