See here, the Zeus 2 scam may have gotten your attention, but before you invest, please read into it. I am not talking about just this one review, though I will try and be as comprehensive as possible. Look it up, try to find real experience reviews, double check the facts, and then reconsider. Although in the promo video and the promo website things may look good, it doesn’t mean that they are true. Unfortunately, they have put in a lot of effort in trying to sound honest, but not enough in proving it.

Product Name:Zeus 2 Binary Options Software

Niche: Binary Options Software


Minimum Deposit: $250

The truth is, there is nothing real or true anywhere in the promo website or the videos that accompany it. The fact is that this is nothing more than a website that is set up with the sole purpose of luring you into providing your personal information and investing with their “preferred” broker. You will not make any profits, you will NOT become a millionaire, and he has never made anyone a millionaire.

What is the Zeus2 Binary Options Scam Software?

This is a typical binary options automated robot scam. They have a luring and catchy website with a luring and catchy video that is set to auto-play the moment you land on the website. You are promised the highlife, millions of dollars, and given poor excuses for proof. The goal? Get you to invest a minimum of $250 of your money for the software. The problem? The software does notwork, and the broker will most likely convince you to invest far more than you had initially decided. How do they get their money? Every new trader they send to the broker means dollar signs for them as they receive a nice fat commission from them.


I think its needless to say that the numbers stating how many people are filling out the form and the spots filled before the registration closes are completely made up. Trust me, I was on the website nearly 2 hours as I did my research. I still managed to sign up, surprise, surprise. Not to mention the absurd $605 per hour claims. Purely impossible.

Watch the FirstVideo with full controls.

Now, they may change this the moment they realize their stupid mistake, so I have provided a screenshot below.


See, if you click on the YouTube icon that appears in the beginning of the video you will be redirected to the video source. This is actually uploaded by username GPS Trader on YouTube.


I recently reviewed the Multiplexer Binary Options Scam and their video was also uploaded by the GPS Trader YouTube profile.


Unfortunately, I was unable to find the actor behind Matthew Harrison, but I am 100% certain that he is a local Portland, Oregon actor as that’s what these guys seem to be using with their other scam videos. He is, of course, not the CEO of Zeus Investments, and not only because this is an actor, but because Zeus Investments does not exist.


One thing I did find though, was that he is actually the same guy that played as the CEO of the Azure Method, filmed in Portland, Oregon.


Nope. Zeus Investments does not exist, at least not under that ownership, and this guy does not exist and has no association with this company except for in this website and other reviews. There are no social media profiles, no professional profiles, nothing.


There are a number of fake screenshots provided that can easily be tweaked to say whatever you want them to say. One thing though, he says the company is called Zeus Investments, yet the payments received are from Zeus 2 Trader LLC. How is that possible when the Zeus2 Trader has not even gotten underway as it is just now being released. The name isn’t even Zeus2, it’s the second step of allowing people to use it. Just further proof that this is all made up.


You have not heard about him ANYWHERE except for the numerous reviews of the Zeus2 scam software. Look it up, it’s that easy.


Nope, none.


If this were true, trust me, anyone interested in binary options would have found out.


Here I want to address a couple of issues. In fact, just two. First, the first day trading it is impossible to get those types of profits, period. Also, who in their right mind would start trading an average of $200 per trade when they have invested $250? Just think about that. Also, since when is it possible to trade binary options over the weekend!? This is yet another sign that these guys know zero about binary options, they don’t even care about binary options. All they want is their commissions.


This company does not exist. Period.


Impossible profit claims.


Really, so 7 days a week? He claims that this scam trades over the weekends!


Based on his long and useless information about how this scam works, he claims that you can’t lose money. Binary options is risky even with the best traders and the best software out there, it’s impossible to have a 100% win rate.


No, Zeus 2 was never on CNN or anywhere else except for this scam website and the many reviews already popping up.

Watch the SecondVideo.

Perhaps the only useful thing in the second video is the quick demo he gives you.


The demo consists of him showing the current starting balance at 10:22:05.


Then magically, jumping BACK in time to 10:20:30 where he shows you the final balance. So, not only does it trade binary options, it also travels back in time. Need I note that the Assets and Strengths are identical to the ones above even though, supposedly, time has passed?


Then you have the lovely promo shot of the “software” in the “See the Zeus 2 Software in Action” section under the video, and a whole different software is shown.


I don’t know what 3rd party verified these results, but they obviously have some serious issues. How is it possible to profit even if you lose a trade??? Wait, not to mention that he claimed that the software couldn’t lose, right? Wait, there is more! How is it possible to bid $500 on a trade and profit only $111 or as much as $3561 in a single trade!? If that isn’t all made up I don’t know what is. VERIFIED RESULTS AREA LIE.


You finally reach the software, or so you think. The stupid video box won’t disappear, and you are told to wait for a call from the recommended broker (TTOptions in my case). I obviously did not give my phone number so I don’t know if they called.

22-zeus-2-binary-options-scam-software-inactive 23-zeus-2-binary-options-scam-software-is-a-lie

Still, I got rid of the annoying pop-ups and made it to the software. Of course, no information is provided, you cannot click on any of the menu items, and  from the looks of it its simply an incomplete software. A farce. The Winners section consists of images and profiles collected from the random user generator called


If this wasn’t proof enough that the Zeus2 software is a scam, just take a look at the hosting company, DWD Technologies LLC. The culprits of hosting nearly every other scam out there.


Here is a quick glimpse of some of the other scams these guys host. The list includes notorious scams such as the Copy Buffett scam, the NEO2 scam, and of course, there it is, the latest Multiplexer System scam. You can confirm this information HERE.

Avoid the Zeus 2 Scam if you want to avoid getting robbed, but please, research well and read into it, never base your decisions on a single review.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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