The Zen Trader binary options scam software is no different from the numerous other scams out there. It offers absolutely nothing in the form of solid proof to actually back their claims and use an old, useless, software that is behind nearly every single binary options scam out there. All in all, don’t waste your money.

Product Name:Zen Trader

Niche: Binary Options Software


Minimum Deposit: $250

There are so many giveaways that this is a scam, that I actually am having a hard time finding any truth at all in the promo website. There is absolutely nothing here that is true. The entire thing is completely fabricated with the sole goal in mind, getting you to sign up.

What is the Zen Trader Binary Options Scam?

This is a binary options software that is claimed to do all the trading for you automatically. They veer from the algorithm bull the other similar scams claim and go straight to direct trader system. See, it’s not really a signals system where your trades are matched to those of a successful trader. No. This system is created based on the tactics of a so-called successful trader (unfortunately you cannot confirm how successful really), somehow put them together in a software, and then based on his past trading does future trading. You get it? No? We don’t either. Even if by some odd chance he was successful in the past, there is no way that that can prove to be successful in the future as trading isn’t based on the trader but on the markets. Either way, we’ll go with it.


The website is the typical auto-play welcome video promo site filled with plenty of lies and useless information.

You can watch the full First Video with controls so you can skip over all of the useless information he repeats over and over again.


After the long and useless intro he goes to claim this was him 10 years ago. Now, I couldn’t find the original source of this video, but I can guarantee you 100% that this isn’t him 10 years ago.


Of course, he claims that this is him now. He doesn’t insinuate it, as if he’s just a successful guys like this guy (I guess that’s what this image is supposed to portray), no he says that this is really him.


But, well, it isn’t, it’s a stock photo. Now, if he isn’t showing his face, isn’t mentioning his name, or being transparent in any way, shape, or form, what makes you think that this is the real thing? There is no contact information, there is no email or phone, no company information. Aside from this promo website, he and his software simply do not exist.


The 94% win rate is impossible. Period.


You get 4 months without paying anything for this software. That is, if your money survives using it that long.


He also claims that by the end of the 4 months you will be up $600K-$700K, a truly impossible feat.


Then, after using the software for 4 months he will start taking 7% from your net profit. Now, first, he has no access to your broker account where your money is, second, there is no information on that in the terms, and third, the reason is because you will lose all of your money in the first week so he doesn’t worry about going into further detail.


The use of Fiverr actors, cheap, old, reused, Fiverr actors is a biggie here.


This guy was quite popular a long time ago in similar scams.


She looks innocent enough right.


Another Fiverr actor, nicolexoxor.


The last guy, another reused Fiverr actor.


Valentinas may actually be a familiar face as well.


He goes on to say what big scams all the rest are and that if you want something that is quality you have to pay for it, hence his 7% fee after the 4th month. Even goes to promise $500K if you find a software that can make you $5.


So, turns out his name is Mr. Zen. Really??? The rest in his lovely letter is completely useless.

18-zen-trader-binary-scam-stolen-images-testimonialsSo, who are his testimonial coming from?


StockPhotos of course.


Yup, another stockphoto.


If it’s not a stock photo currently for sale, then it’s a photo that is widely used in various templates sold online.

Watch the SecondVideo.


He wants to keep a low profile because he claims he doesn’t want to attract attention to his software. This is his reasoning for allowing only 50 traders.


Interestingly enough, you get a quick demo. A demo that consists of him clicking Auto Trading on and showing you the risk and trade amount possibilities. Only, the software that you are redirected to is not the software represented in the demo.




Good sales pitch, honestly. Great way to turn things around and play it off as if it is the traders making you the money, and not with the 7% but with the referral fees you get form the broker for each new trader you scam.


These are nothing more than random numbers. There are no dates or times, you cannot confirm it or fact check it, and that’s how they want it.


So, you are hooked, you want to give it a try? You decide to go past the second step and see what will happen? Of course. The problem is, you are not redirected anywhere when you provide your contact information. You are requested to provide your billing information right then and there, on this website. The website is not secure or safe. This means your billing information is being thrown to the internet in hopes that your bank account won’t be cleared by tomorrow morning.


Of course, there are ways around it. Just give a bunch of made up gibberish and you still get redirected to the software. Here it is.

Watch the quick ThirdVideo.


The last push to get you to make your investment. I wonder if you still get redirected to this page if your billing information is approved.


Now, the software may look familiar if you have had any experience with binary options scams. That’s because this software has been used numerous times in numerous other scams.


The latest being the Turbine XO scam that I recently reviewed.


Another one is the Shepard SDP Scam.

All in all, the Zen Trader is just the newest scam out there, or at least the latest one that I’ve caught. With plenty more coming out every day, keep your eyes opened and always read up on anything that requests a payment or investment!

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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