Among all of the scams I have reviewed recently, the Wall Street Focus Group scam takes the cake. This one is a hard one to prove, but I think that if you have had enough experience with binaryoptions, then you surely will know that it is a scam just like all the rest. First off, the use of actors is obvious, regardless what they say. They are all reading a script and it is very clear that none of them are real users and this guy has nothing to do with any focus groups or the claimed Cobra 5 Scam software. In fact, I will show one piece of proof that will reveal that this scam is connected to a number of other scams.

Product Name:Cobra 5 (Wall Street Focus Group)

Official Copy Buffett Software

Minimum Deposit: $250

The promo website for this software focuses on the same theme as the Dow Jones Focus Group, but with a lot more money invested in the marketing. The idea is that he is not pushing this software on you because he wants to be kind and generous as most other scam artists do, or perhaps because he gets a fake percent from every profit you make (another common lie), here he claims that you will be part of a focus group. The claim is that you will participate for 90 days and will be required to provide feedback every day. Only, your money probably won’t even last a week, let alone 90 days.

What are the Wall Street Focus Group and Cobra 5 Scam?

The website features videos that are impossible to control. You are forced to watch the entire video if you want to understand what this is about and gain any information. Not that it offers up much. There is zero information on the software itself, no demo, nothing. The focus of the video is on the focus group and why it is created.


Just like every other scam, their sole goal is to bore you out of your mind so you just move onto the next step, where you are greeted with yet another long boring video.


You are first introduced to David Lombardi. He says he is the head project manager for the WallStreet Focus Group scam, but a quick search reveals enough. No matter how deep you search, you will not find this individual anywhere online. He is either a ghost or he simply doesn’t exist. Considering how easily he drops names in the video about the different projects he has worked on, one would think not only his name, but his face would be pretty well known, or at least somewhere out there.


He claims to be the project manager of a number of products including the Netflix Series – House of Cards, Snickers, and even Pokémon Go. This would make him quite famous, only he isn’t there, anywhere.


Though this really is a reasonable amount, I still do not believe this software really offers any positive results. Finding participants for a focus group is not that difficult, and a promo website such as this with money invested to make such a shady looking video, and going through the typical steps that all scams require you to go through is enough to show you that this has nothing to do with a focus group. This is just a scam they are trying to disguise as one.


The same goes for Jimmy Russo, one of the so-called founders of this scam. He also does not exist. He is just another local actor they used for this promo video.


See, this is where things really do not add up. Though lower than most scam promises, an 84% win rate is still far too high for a software, any software.


The only thing that seems to look like a demo is just a video of someone trading binary options, nothing  more.


This is also very unoriginal. See, first off, this software will never be selling. They will never actually release it. This is actually the exact same price that at least 4 other scams are claiming their software will sell for when they are done testing it for free. Scams like the Obcasio, Crude Profit System, 97 Partners Scam, and more have all made these claims and it has never happened. The reason this number was chosen is because of the screenshot of a sales page that all of them have used in the past, and perhaps they were thinking about using in this promo video as well but decided against it. Either way, you are not missing an opportunity, it will never sell and will never be profitable.

Once you pass the first step, you are taken to a new page with yet another video.


Here you meet 3 individuals that he claims were part of the previous focus group. Here he also mentions how he doesn’t get anything financially for doing this video.


Only, he does not get a flat rate to create the Focus Group, he gets a flat rate for acting in the videos.

I will not go into detail with the traders he presents us, but I will say this, they are all actors. You see each of them reading a script. I understand him reading a script to an extent, but if they really did experience the Cobra 5 Software and are asked to share their experience, and if they are real, they won’t need to read a script. These are actors that are hired specifically to try and fool you.

This website can easily fool a lot of people because it has a lot of real warnings about online scams that make it seem more legitimate. Only, the same warnings apply to their promo website as well. They may act hard to get and may seem to have limited spots, but trust me, they will take on anyone interested in losing their money.


The last thing I want to point out when it comes to this scam is the user that uploaded the video. Right before the highlighted area in the image above it states the name of the video and the upload date to Wistia. Another thing it reveals is who uploaded it, username: tomduncan75.

So, I did a search of this username and dug up some interesting information. This email,, has been used to register a number of online scams, mainly connected to binary options.


I’m not sure if this contact information is still current, but the last domain registration was in April 2016, so perhaps he is still answering that number and lives at that address. This could be important information if you have fallen for this scam and want to call and ask him for your money back.


As noted above, his name and email have been associated with over 100 domains, but I could not find a list that offers more than the one above. That, I think is more than enough information to prove that this scam is associated with a number of other binary option scams. Of course, the most current one, the Wall Street Focus Group or as he claims, the Cobra 5 Scam, are not on there as the domain was registered using WhoisGuard which protects his identity. Still, if you want to dig around you can check the information above HERE.

The Cobra 5 software is a scam, if it even exists, and the Wall Street Focus Group scam is nothing more than that, a scam with the goal of luring you into investing with one of their shady brokers.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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