So, you’ve read a couple of positive reviews on Virtnext and you are ready to jump on the great opportunity right? Considering that one of the most followed binary options review pages, Binary Options Watchdog, are promoting it, it seems everyone is blindly trusting their review and investing their money. Only, as much as I appreciate the review website, this time they have sold out. Unfortunately, everyone can be bought for a price, and they jumped at the opportunity, along with numerous other review websites.


Don’t get me wrong. Don’t trust me either. Actually, don’t trust anything you read online 100%. What I recommend is really looking into what you are about to invest your money into, read their terms, research the company, and be 100% sure they are trustworthy and honest before investing. When it comes to binary options software or any other form of “get-rich-quick” scheme that is all the rage, research is key.

What are Binary Options?

Before I go into detail about the Virtnext scam, I want to make sure you understand what binary options are. There are numerous websites presenting various software for trading in binary options and they don’t always reveal this openly. Not only that, they provide little to no information on binary options. The reason is that they are mainly targeting people with little experience with both binary options and scams in general.

Anyone with extensive experience with binary options will see through the lies almost immediately. First, binary options are a form of trading in the stock market that reduces risk considerably mainly because you know exactly how much you will gain and, in turn, lose. With binary options you basically predict whether an asset will go up or down during a set contract time. If you predict correctly and the asset goes in the direct you have predicted you double your investment in that trade minus the broker percent. If you do not predict correctly, then you lose your investment for that particular trade. If the asset does not go up or down, you get our investment back and break even. Investments per trade can be as little as $5 and can go into the thousands. The timeframes can be anywhere from 30 second contracts up to weeks or even months. In most cases though, the investment per trade starts at $25 and the most common contracts that people select are 60 second ones.

The problem with binary options?  It’s just as risky as standard trading in the stock market. The markets are unpredictable, but since trading them is much simpler scam artists have taken the opportunity to make a buck out of it. As they receive a referral fee from the brokers for every new trader they send them, they have come up with a creative way to reel them in. By claiming to have a software that is virtually unbeatable, they get new traders on a daily basis investing with the brokers, only to get a software that not only is unreliable, but basically sets you up to lose.

What is the Virtnext Scam?

These guys have really taken this too far. Virtnext was around earlier this year, only to be taken down. Actually, it has repeated this several years in a row. Not only was the website taken down, but the videos linked to the website were actually removed by YouTube due to violation of their Terms of Service. Basically, after numerous complaints both to their hosting company and YouTube about the website as well as numerous negative reviews that finally started popping up, they were forced to shut down the website, take a breather, and now start again at a new domain.


Don’t get me wrong, the website is actually identical.


With the same absurd claims that the software has not lost once in the last 4 years. Only, over the last couple of years this website seems to appear, then disappear, then appear again on a different address. The moment enough complaints accumulate, they disappear for a few months only to appear again shortly after.


Need I note that regardless how fast the computer program is, once you have set your trade and made your investment, it doesn’t matter how quickly they predict or calculate your trade. There is no turning back.


There is a LOT of fraud when it comes to Virtnext. If the figures were checked by accountants and lawyers, and submitted to Securities  authority of the US and Japan Stock Exchanges, then why does the search on Virtnext in the websites and databases reveal nothing? Check the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), and Securities Commission Exchange (SEC) and see for yourself.


Virtnext Investments LTD is NOT a real company. In fact, in depth research reveals that aside from the numerous reviews of the software (primarily paid fake positive reviews) there is zero information on this company. Also, if they really were a real company don’t you think they would have been transparent about their address, phone numbers, who is really behind it, and general contact information?

I will not go into detail about all the lies and absurd claims they spew throughout the video. Basically, none of it is true.


Who’s prospectus? None of this information can be confirmed or found ANYWHERE except for the official Virtnext website and the numerous fake reviews. There is no real information because this company does not exist.


Which basically means that this is nothing more than lies.


This as well. This non-existent company cannot possibly employ 170 workers as it is not registered anywhere and exists only in the various domains that it appears in every couple of months.


Only, no IPO for Virtnext exists.


Yes, Vincent Bollore does exist. Only, he has absolutely NO CONNECTION TO VIRTNEXT. Actually, most likely the reason these guys keep disappearing and re-appearing on a different domain is because this guy keeps taking them down for using his name. Highly doubt he appreciates his name being associated with this scam.


Really? Who are they?


Now, interesting that they mention this.


Because they spelled their own “officers” name wrong if they are really referring to the CEO of the NY Stock Exchange during this timeframe. The correct spelling is William R. JOHNSTON and he is also NOT ASSOCIATED WITH VIRTNEXT. You see where I am going with this right? So far no truth has been told here.


Honestly, not ever sure what Anglo-Trading is. I have been dealing with binary options for a while now, and even tried to research it. If anyone can enlighten me, someone with more experience perhaps, please do so.


Interesting that even though the timer was at zero…I STILL SIGNED UP!


So, the Facebook feed. I LOVED tearing this on apart. To start with the stock photos:








Couple more to go.






When you zoom into their “Facebook Page” you realize that its nothing more than a Photoshop lie. This profile is actually of 24option.com. If you search Virtnext in Facebook there are numerous pages and none of them have more than 100-200 followers, none of them are official, and most have negative comments and complaints.


Though all of the video testimonials are done by Fiverr actors from quite a while back, none of the videos are actually available as they were deleted from the source.


You cannot call it a company as it was never established and was never registered, therefore the Net income is imaginary.


The badges, stamps, and logos with various certificates and binary options review websites are also a lie. None can be confirmed and none add up when you research. The only review website that is actually linked is the Judge Binary Options website, which is known for selling out reviews.

I decided to take them up on their offer.


Please read the Disclosure Statement carefully. Continue reading HERE. In fact, ignore EVERYTHING you see and read on the website except for the Disclosure and ask yourself is this really something you want to invest your hard earned money in?

Second Step of Virtnext Scam Website

My dissection of the Virtnext Binary Options scam continues.


You will actually be considered lucky if you close the website, clear your history and cookies, and never visit it again.


Here I want to direct your attention to the special bonus.


NEVER accept any bonus from any software or broker. The bonuses come with special terms that basically keep your money hostage until you have completed a certain number of trades, preventing you from withdrawing your money until you have lost it all. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW AT ANY TIME!

They have even put in effort to Photoshop news articles about themselves.


Don’t get me started on how simple it is to Photoshop a fake news article. A simple search in any of these famous media websites reveals that none of these news articles really exist.


The detailed reporting? Nothing more than another Photoshop image using stock photos. Here are a few.





The Virtnext Scam Software

If you’ve made it as far as the software page of the website then you may recognize it. After closing the TitanTrade deposit window you will get a glimpse at the software that will make you millions. Only, this software has been used by some of the most popular scams out there. In fact, Virtnext was one of the first to actually use this software, and many have followed since.


Here are a couple examples of other scams using the same Virtnext Scam Software:

Drexel Code Scam


Golden Paradigm Scam


Profit Insider Pro Scam


Binary Brain Scam


Trade X Confidential Scam


TrianaSoft Scam


And many more.

Who is Behind Virtnext?

Well, though I cannot reveal exactly WHO is behind the software. I can definitely tell you that this scam is associated with a number of other scams.


The official website and IP are associated with a number of other scam websites.


Remember Citidel and Tuaribot? Perhaps the Quick Cash System rings a bell?

The software page trade.virtnextapp.com complicates things even more for them.


Keep an eye on the IP.


This same IP has been used NUMEROUS times for other online scam websites and their online software pages. In fact, the only websites on this IP and throughout the history of this IP have ALL been SCAMS.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you really willing to put down your hard earned money with complete strangers that expect you to invest a minimum of $250 with their “recommended” broker using their “magical” software yet reveal absolutely nothing about themselves? Are you willing to invest your money based on a video and some Photoshop images, stolen stock photos, and actual confirmation through their Disclaimer that you will most likely lose said money? Don’t take my word for it, but certainly, do not believe the positive reviews either. Do your own research, contact them and ask them for their address or phone number, ask them for their company registration number. I am certain that their answer will be more than enough to convince you that they are nothing more than crooks.

Now, I want to underline before I continue with my next few sentences. Always research what you invest in. I had been following the Copy Buffet software for some time, and even initially wrote a negative review on it. Still, it intrigued me and I kept an eye on it. It wasn’t until recently that I actually decided to invest. This was after following a forum discussion between several traders that had been using it, and decided that I had been too harsh on them and did further research into the software. It has been several weeks since I first invested and am getting slow and steady profits. Now like they claim, that’s for sure, but I have not lost my money which is a light at the end of the long and painful tunnel of dealing with binary options scams. You can read my Copy Buffet Software review, check out the comments, look into strategies, and tread carefully and perhaps you too will finally make a profit with binary options.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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