Ok, I know I’ve focused solely on binary options scams and brokers, but the Tubeloom scam seems to be going around and people are really falling for it. Their marketing is focused specifically towards stay at home moms that have serious financial burdens and have been fruitlessly searching for a way to make money online. Their marketing is very aggressive both in the official website as well as in the numerous fake reviews.

Product Name: Tubeloom (there are suspicions that it is in fact Easy Tube Commissions under a new name)

Website: www.tubeloom.com

Owner: Charlotte – once in the training you realize it is actually Gerald Soh and Dean Henry

Niche: Youtube/ Affiliate Marketing

Price: $39.95 – Upsells:  1- $67, 2 – $47, 3 – $47

So, what exactly are they selling? Nothing more than some useless training that will get you nowhere fast. All you end up with is a bunch of useless information that will not help you in any way, not to mention after the initial price and 3 following upsells (which they will convincingly present to you), you bank account will be $200 lighter.

What is the Tubeloom Scam?

Well, this is a scam that encourages you to purchase a useless training course on making money by creating YouTube videos. If you continue with the upsells, which lead you to believe are still associated with creating YouTube videos, you will be lured into affiliate marketing and more. The truth though, is that even at the low price of $40, the training course is still not worth it. Most of the information provided you can find online, the kind of money they claim you will make is extremely exaggerated, and, for the most part, with the information you will find in this training course, you will not get nearly enough information to actually make any money at all. They focus on telling you how to create the YouTube videos and find topics to do the videos about, but not how to actually get people to watch these videos. As you all know, in order to actually make money with anything online, it actually has to be seen.


The kind of money promoted in this website and the story behind it is a complete lie. Perhaps if the information you get is realistic and well researched you may have a chance of making some profits, but certainly not the kind of profits they claim.


Need I say that this was never on Forbes or CNN! Though I am sure there are already YouTube videos with fake reviews.


So, she claims she is Charlotte. To the right is a woman with three children that appears to be her, or at least it appears that’s what they want you to think. Reasonable to think it’s her right? Only, she has triplets as we learn from the video.


Of course though, it’s a stockphoto.


The profits that they claim are made (mind you this is from November of 2015 yet this website was registered in April 2016!!)) are an identical screenshot used in at least two other similar scams.


EasyTubeCommissions.com– there are actually concerns that this training system is actually the same thing, only it got a LOT of negative reviews over time so they changed the name and released it again.


BestHostingSearch.com is another one that features this image, not sure what the connection is but I am guessing a copy website from the EasyTubeCommissions page. Either way, both of these screenshots are uploaded before the TubeLoom scam website was even released which leads you to believe that the screenshot was either stolen from these sites or it’s the same developer.


Then we’ve got the “proof” of profits, which may I add, show no proof at all. Just a screenshot that has obviously been heavily Photoshopped and has nothing to do with the images of the people that are plastered on top of the screenshots.


These are actually images of people stolen from various articles.


Here is the second one.

Moving onto the second step of the TubeLoom scam.


Here you are met with a VERY long video that you cannot control but only pause. It is painfully long, very repetitive, and pulls all the stops when it comes to really getting under your skin and trying to convince you to get this training software.


How are you supposed to believe any of their lies if they keep using stock photos or stolen images to represent their users? They didn’t even put any effort into getting rid of the watermark!!!


This is an image no longer available on dreamstime.com but take a look at the original!


Wait, and this is not supposed to be a hyped up bunch of lies about fast and easy cash? Isn’t that exactly what this scam is???


You tell us!


Ok, I think it was here that I completely lost it. You don’t lie about such things and you DEFINITELY do not do it in order to convince moms to sign up for your trash training. This is absolutely disgusting.


So, fast and easy cash being pushed here right? Trust me, in order to get a real YouTube following and really make some money it will take a LOT of effort and a LOT of time. Don’t fall for this!


You have no idea the kind of effort required in order to actually create and upload said video. Perhaps once you get in the rhythm of it after a while it may seem simple, but getting into this is a lot harder than you are led to believe.


Yes, and ClickSure, known to work with and promote such scams, will be very easy to convince to return your money. Though you really can get your money back, the loopholes and hassle of it alone will waste your time and frustrate you.


If you get to the actual emails that are sent in the video you will see that they are all written in the same manner. They are obviously written by the exact same person.


Not to mention that they are, again, all stolen images.


The next one.


More fake testimonials.


Not one is a genuine user, all are stolen from articles or profiles.


Another stolen image.


The last set.


I want to emphasize that there is not one real individual anywhere on this website. All are stolenimages.


Here is the last one.

Once you’ve passed the second step you are taken to a purchase page. The order form doesn’t let you in the fact that you will be upsold another 3 times. Once you have purchased the initial package, you will basically be told that without the second upsell you won’t make the kind of money you want, and the same with the next, and so on.


In fact, it seems you have a better chance just becoming an affiliate to this scam website! They pay pretty good with up to 75% commissions, which explains the numerous fake positive reviews! Ditch ordering this software and just lie for them to lure other poor people into wasting their money.


As I always do, I checked the IP.


There are over 60 websites to this IP and at first I thought that it’s only natural for there to be a mix of different websites when there are that many in one place. Most likely a shared IP right? Actually, from the looks of it, there is a very small handful of websites out of the nearly 60 that are legitimate websites! The rest are various versions of this, other get rich quick scams, shady scam products, and all kinds of lies. It seems these guys are very busy and experiment with all kinds of ways to get your money.

If you ever get an email promoting the TubeLoom scam or by chance land on its page, don’t waste your time, the information they provide in the training can easily be found online for free, you don’t need any of this!

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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