To some the Turnbine XO scam is easy to see through, but to the untrained eye it seems like a goldmine. Unfortunately, it is exactly those people that they target and seek out. Many fall for these types of scams because they get overexcited with the opportunities and fail to see the obvious facts that are missing or are completely omitted in the promo website.

Product Name:Turbine XO

Niche: Binary Options Software


Minimum Deposit: $250

It is painful to even think about the number of people that have given over their billing information and have lost at least $250 with this scam. From the looks of it, not only are these guys seeking out to get people to sign up with their broker so as to get a nice fat referral fee, but they are also stealing their personal and billing information. Which may easily result in far more losses than the minimum investment.

About the Turbine XO Scam

This is an automated binary options robot that is claimed to make you profits with minimum investment, zero experience, and no effort. This, my friends, is rather impossible, especially when you look at the promised profits. Though there are some available software that have been promising out there, they are very few, and the profits are certainly not as outrageous.


Not only that, they are so inconsistent with their promises in their website and video that its difficult not to catch their lies.


If you click on the YouTube icon in the video on the homepage you will be redirected to the YouTubevideo that you have full control over. If you see the profile that has uploaded the video you will notice that it is uploaded by ClickTradeLTD, another binary options scam. Thus, confirming that this scam is connected to the ClickTrade Scam that I reviewed over the summer. They share several dead giveaways: Fiverr actors, empty promises, lies, and the same software.


Now, we start with the CEO of TurbineXo, Andrew Fisher. He is an annoying 20 something wannabe actor that makes it painful to watch through the whole video as this is obviously not his strongest talent.


This is in fact Sbproductions, a Fiverr actor that is easily one of the worst Fiverr actors I have had to endure for nearly a half an hour.


This is basically the explanation of how it works. Its powered by wall street traders. That’s it. Does that even mean anything?


Now, he claims profits of $1500 to $5500 profits per day, but this will change throughout the video.


His demo basically consists of him showing you a screenshot of his profile.


I am not sure exactly what he meant by a withdrawal of two times, but he later completely contradicts himself.


The software has been around since the summer, not since 2015. Again, the Wall Street algorithm means absolutely nothing.


The use of Fiverr testimonial actors continues.


Here is Willakana, yet another Fiverr actor. In fact, if you click on the 3rd gig and scroll through his example videos you will find his debut in the TurbineXo scam!


Interesting, the software has been around for a LONG time and has been used by some of the most notorious scams out there robbing people on a daily basis.


So, what happened to the $1500 to $5000? Now it’s at least $5000 per day? Also, if there are over 1000 beta testers, why does he need more? If it’s so successful we would have heard about it already.


The success rate of 94% is impossible, no one has been able to achieve this high of a success rate mainly because it is, well, IMPOSSIBLE! The yearly promised profits just don’t seem to add up, but hey, we are in an imaginary world here at the Turbine XO homepage.


Actually, this is exactly that, a binary options scam. In fact, many of options out there that provide training and actually cost money have a much higher chance to give you some real results.


Another Fiverr actor.


Visit Andycollingwood’s Fiverr profile.


A quick search reveals that the user Medelbou from Morocco is the one that is actually hiring these Fiverr actors.


A quick search reveals that he has also left reviews for testimonials in Joeelliott’s profile and you can see the video example of his word in the gig.

Last video proves that this same user has hired this guy to make a testimonial for Pump Trades scam as well. Another review given by the same user was also given to Pjimprov who also did a video testimonial for Pump Trades. If you look through the videos (about the 6th image as you scroll) you can see medelbou’s review on the video. I think that proves further connection to another scam, the Pump Trades binary options scam, also previously reviewed by me.


Please tell me which broker does daily withdrawals, especially ones over the weekend! Getting a withdrawal from a broker is difficult enough when you are not requesting daily withdrawals. Not to mention the fact that this software didn’t even exist in January of this year.


So wait, the profits were $1500 to $5000 and now the average jumped to $5K-$5.5K!? Not to mention that if you take this average, 5 days a week, for a full year, the total potential yearly profits are a bit off.

Best Binary Options Auto Trading Software – Highly Recommended


Transparent? HAH!


I am very interested to find out exactly how this happens.


From $5K a day it jumped down to $10K a month all the way up to $100K  a month.


Again inconsistency, from 94% success rate to 100% success rate. I am having a hard time following their lies.


Interesting, the software that is in the screenshot is completely different from the software you end up trading with.


These are all fake and accompanied by free stock photos.


The first stock photo.


Another Stock Photo.

WatchSecond Video, but you won’t find anything useful there either.


The account updates are there, but trading over the weekend.


Wait, wasn’t it 7 days to pay in the previous video? Now it’s 5.


Notice how they never name the broker in any of these scam videos? That’s because the broker changes constantly and there are usually more than one brokers.


No you can’t, the withdrawal process, especially the first time around, is a very long and painful experience. That is, if you make any profits, something that I highly doubt.


Trading over the weekend.


I was doing the review on a Sunday. Obviously, the markets are closed, how are trades still coming in? You can check what markets are open at what time here with this live map.


Interesting! No, you do not pay for the software, but they are actually asking you to put in your billing information direct on their website rather than with the broker.


This is becoming more and more popular lately, but it’s still just as dangerous as ever.


The website has zero protection. So you are basically putting your credit card information out there and the chances of you ending up with far more than $250 in losses are very high.


Now, if you add inaccurate information in the billing form in the previous page, you are still redirected to the software. This is the same software that has been used in numerous other scams.

Such as the Shepard SDP Scam and many more.


Further look into the website’s IP address reveals more.


The website shares the same IP with the Click Trade app scam.

Overall, the TurbineXo scam is a complete fake filled with numerous lies and zero truth, it is connected to a number of other scams, and obviously they are in the business of robbing people and stealing their personal information.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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