Surely, you’ve seen the Rubix Project scam by now, it’s been everywhere you turn these days. This scam makes such absurd claims and shows such lame proof of these claims that I won’t waste time even trying to find the actors as its more than obvious that they are far from who they claim to be. The whole website is a complete lie and from what I am finding out about them online, it goes far deeper than that.

Now, there are many scams out there, and this one is no different from the rest. What I did see is that they are using rather unknown actors to me as they are neither recognizable from Fiverr or Portland.

One thing I am certain of is that they are actors and that they were all filmed by the same people and most likely in the same studio. All, including the CEO, are filmed in front of a green screen, an obvious one at that. Not to mention the horrible lighting. The video consists of nothing but this guy talking, several fake screenshots that are all outdated, a couple of actors, and absurd proof of a system actually existing.

So, this guy is claiming to be Mr. Brian Morgan, founder and CEO of Rubix Project Group. First off, no such person that fits this description exists because this is an actor. Second, Rubix Project Group does not exist. He goes to claim that Rubix Project Group consists of experienced brokers with over 10 years’ experience on Wall Street. Only, there is zero information on him, his system or group, or the brokers that he claims work with him. It’s a ghost company that doesn’t exist, and he is a ghost that is completely fictitious.

Now, the only proof, if that’s what you call it, that he gives, are a number of screenshots that flash by of various bank statements.

Obviously, plenty of information has been changed in order to suit their needs, but when you look at the details you see that it’s the same recycled screenshot. The account number that has been blurred out features three numbers that are identical, the 3, 8, and 9. Could be a coincidence, but how often have you actually seen a coincidence with scams like these?

Here we have James Collins. This is a actor being filmed in front of a green screen.

Here is his statement. He never mentions his name in the video, but I assume this is who he is meant to represent. This statement is claimed to be from his current winnings.  Only, the screenshot is dated 2015.

Take a look for yourself, they always overlook a small detail that gives them away. The date and time are 100% identical. This screenshot is from the Quantum Cash Machine scam, there are several other similar bank statements with the exact same time and date used in other scams.

After that lovely testimonial we jump back to the joker that continues to lie. He actually claims that 87% of all trading around the world in 2015 was done by Rubix Project Group, seriously. What lies.

Of course, what’s a scam video without a look at how the system works!? In this case, it’s claimed that this is the core of the system. Technically, you never see the actual system anywhere in the video or the website. In reality, this here is just a part of a clip stolen off the internet. There are thousands of these all over the place and one can easily be downloaded and cut for this particular video. Obviously, considering so far there has been zero truth, I don’t see any reason why this should be real.

Another local actress, which you can obviously see is filmed in the same studio as the other testimonial in front of a green screen.

Again, another 2015 screenshot of a profit claim that is supposed to be current.

Now, this guy claims that in the past 3 years they have made over $680 Million in profits. Only, this software has not been around for more than several months.

Then you are led to believe that the reason he is giving this software away to 50 people is because he will earn 3.5% off your profits every 30 days. If this were the case, surely they would mention it in their Terms & Conditions. No such thing is mentioned anywhere. Want to know why? Because you WON’T be making any profits! To add to that, he also makes an absurd claim that the software has been approved by the very serious sounding FXCA Financial Organization. Look it up! IT DOESN’T EXIST!

Though mentioned in the video, I wanted to get it somewhere visually. They make the absurd claim of an impossible 98.6% win rate!

I really would love to read more about their guaranteed zero risk policy! This would be interesting. Surely, they mention nothing in the Terms. In fact, they clearly state that trading binary options is VERY RISKY!

The written testimonials and profiles of traders aren’t any better.

This guy is a stock photo.

This girl is a stock photo as well. Actually, all of them are either cropped stock photos or stolen images.

In the second video you are finally told that you WILL have to invest at least$250, though he does repeat several times that investing more is to your benefit. He even claims you can withdraw this money 24/7 as it’s yours and the broker is very trustworthy. Only, he never mentions the brokers name and based on what I’ve seen and the policy of most brokers, you CANNOT withdraw your money anytime.

Here we have yet another video testimonial done by an actor in the same studio with the same crap lighting in front of a green screen.

His screenshot is no better than the others.

With a quick change in name and they think they’ve got themselves a new and original screenshot. Then, you take a closer look at the balance in all the accounts, all of the account numbers, and the date and time and realize it’s just another recycled bank statement screenshot. This one I picked up from the AgloMaster System Scam.

She looks innocent enough right? NOPE! Another actor, same studio, same lighting, and same green screen.

This is her bank screenshot.

This here, is a screenshot from the first video of another user called Frank Miles. Notice there is yet another coincidence of the exposed numbers from the account numbers matching perfectly once again? The date hasn’t been changed either.

Now, after this lovely testimonial the CEO of the Rubix Project scam encourages you to sign up for the software even if you DO NOT have the money to invest. Of course, even if you don’t have $250 provide your information so that the broker they sell your information to can harass you into investing every penny you’ve got. Trust me, they are good. You’ll pay them just to leave you alone! Of course, should you actually have the money to invest, you will find yourself in a broker bonus trap as there is an automatic welcome bonus of up to $250.

Need I say that this is a complete lie and the Rubix Project scam has never been in the press?

The way I see it, there has been zero truth in the whole website and video, what makes you think that you will actually be able to make money with this scam? They have given no solid proof, no real information, and there is zero transparency. Don’t waste your time and money on the Rubix Project scam.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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