If you have read my Aussie Method and my London System review then you have more than enough information to know that the Kiwi Method is a scam. This software is absolutely identical to the Aussie Method Software, and the whole thought process and idea behind it is the same. In fact, the video is simply recycled, as they do not mention the name of the software they are promoting anywhere in it, they have used it over and over again for various software.

Product Name: The Kiwi Method

Founder & Chairman: Jake Mason

Official Website: kiwimethod.co

Broker: Option Rally

Potential Profit: $800 – $1000 daily with minimum deposit

Minimum Deposit: €250


Now, if you feel that The Kiwi Method looks familiar, you are absolutely correct. In fact, this is an absolutely identical website to several other “methods” out there. The scheme is the same, the website is the same, and even the video is identical.

What are Binary Options and what does The Kiwi Method have to do with Them?

This is a binary options software scam. The idea is that you sign up with their software and use it for free while signing up with their “preferred” broker. This broker is not carefully selected due to their quality services and security, but rather based on the referral fee that they give. Hence, why brokers usually change. In this case, the software is developed in order to make you a lot of money, or so they say. The idea is that they have a special “algorithm” that tracks the way the stock market will go, and gives you “quality” signals via their software. These signals you can either take and use on your own or apply the automated trading option in the software.


Binary options are very similar to standard trading in the stock market, only there are a few key differences. In comparison to the stock market, you know exactly how much you are getting into and how much you will get out of a trade based on the turnout. Binary options are based on a simple decision, whether a certain asset will go up or down during a specific given timeframe of the contract. There are three possible results. Either the stock does go up and you double your profits (minus the broker fee %) or predict wrong and the asset goes the opposite direction. When this happens you lose the invested money (usually a minimum of $25 with most brokers). The third option is when the given asset does not go up or down and closes at the exact same rate during the given timeframe. In this case you get your invested money back and you are even. Though technically trading binary options is relatively simple, it does pose some serious risks. Binary options are based on the stock market and you need to have knowledge of the stock market and trading. It is based very much on predicting how the market will go and whether an asset will go up or down. This is why there are so many scam software out there because even though trading binary options is relatively simple, the required knowledge and experience is not so easy to get by. So, software such as The Kiwi Method offer software that is based on “special” algorithms and 3rd party signals that are supposed to give you high profits and predict the future accurately.

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Unfortunately, this is not the case with most of these systems and software. They make excessive claims that are absurd and impossible with high win rates and unachievable profits. Many fall for these scams and lose their money before they even get a chance to understand what they are getting themselves into. In most cases unapproved bonuses are automatically added to their accounts by the brokers, which in turn takes their money as hostage until they have reached a certain number of completed trades, usually meaning that they’ve lost all of their money by then.

About The Kiwi Method

As mentioned above, this is one of those websites prompting you to sign up for a scam software claimed to make you a lot of money. They do this by grabbing your attention with a number of testimonials. Only these exact testimonials, in fact, this exact video, has been used numerous times already for numerous other similar scams. Check out the Aussie Method (one of the first), the London Method, and many more similar “methods”. Not only is the website identical, but so is the promo video.

They use a number of screenshots from bank accounts and broker accounts. All of these screenshots are identical to many others you will find online in various other videos. The screenshots are carefully put together and Photoshopped to keep dates out of view and save themselves the trouble of actually having to change them every time they reuse the screenshot.


When they do forget to change the dates or remove them altogether, the results are as far back as June 1st of 2015 long before this website was even up, let alone making these kinds of profits.


The examples continue with more screenshots from various other brokers (when a software usually works with just one, or different ones based on the location). This one again is from June 2015.


Once again, more screenshots without any way to actually confirm the information.


These all accompany testimonials of The Kiwi Method. These testimonials, as I mentioned earlier, are taken directly (in fact, the video for the most part is simply taken) from numerous other websites that offer special “methods” to making easy money.

These actors though, they are notorious for their testimonial videos. As these testimonials are actually rather old, as the original video came out quite a while ago, some of them are no longer on Fiverr, but I was able to find some information on them.


This guy of course is straight out of The Aussie Method.


…and The Canuck Method along with a number of other scam testimonials.


This lovely lady though. She has been quite popular in testimonials in the past. Again, these guys were very active back in the day, but have actually called it quits a while back so finding their active profiles is impossible.


She plays a very innocent and airhead kind of girl that magically makes money. Basically telling you that if she can do it, hell, anyone can. Of course, considering that the video is identical she was also in The Aussie Method.


The Canuck Method


Also, the My First Payday.


Though I did find a screenshot of one of her Fiverr gigs, her profile has been down for a while now.


So, what do they Promise in The Kiwi Method Scam?

Actually, the same that they offer in the Aussie Method, London Method, and The Canuck Method. The claims of how you will make Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in the next 30 days just seem a bit absurd, not to mention somewhat erratic.


The claim that you will get $10K out of his pocket is also absurd. If it’s not in the Terms & Conditions, or if the Terms & Conditions simply do not exist, it’s a lie.


Remember how I mentioned that the software was released in April, 2016? Well, their screenshots are a bit off. I don’t even want to get into the numbers. Seriously, half a million every week. Think about how possible this is.


Of course, the only thing that is expected from you in return is a testimonial video at the end of the month. What I can’t understand is why there aren’t any real testimonial videos so far? They show great profits, yet they pay for testimonial videos. If this alone isn’t a dead giveaway, I don’t know what is.


The reason he cannot go into details in the video about how the software works, or even show you a demo of the software, is because THE SOFTWARE DOES NOT EXIST!


Now, before anyone makes a comment on the screenshots and the name of the video “Aussie Homepage”, I want to note that this is the video that is on the homepage and step two of the website. If you play your cards right and stop all Java Script on the website you can search to find the profile and video link in YouTube where you can have full control of it and see who is behind it. The “Aussie Homepage” video, which is linked from The Kiwi Method, is actually under the profile Gary Roberts. Of course, the “Aussie Members” video, which is at the second step, is also by the same profile. Both of these videos are set to private so you cannot see them in the list of videos by this member, but I think his previous videos reveal well enough what kind of scams he dabbles in. I can easily link him to at least 3-4 other scam websites that people are crying out about.


Who is Jake Mason

This person does not exist. You cannot find any social media profile of him, and considering the flaunted success of his software you would think his name would appear somewhere aside from paid reviews of the software. He is a ghost and his photo is a stock photo purchased or stolen from another website.


Their fake success stories? Nothing more than more Photoshop and a direct copy.


Perhaps their Facebook posts are real? Nope. Actually, take a look at the hashtag! They overlooked changing it to #thekiwimethod instead of #theaussiemethod.


The same goes for the live minute by minute updating, only here they did change it. If you can find their Facebook or Twitter account with these posts I take my hat off to you. In fact, you will find these exact same, identical posts in other similar scams where this was stolen from.


Continuing with the signup process you realize that they haven’t even looked at their own screenshots. So, this guy has made a little over a million since he first started. Yet, wasn’t it in the video before that he was reeling in $500K a week back in 2015? Oh, wait, that was Jake Pertu, so he is making more than the founder, interesting.


Need I note that the accounts from customers are all copied direct from other scams, which in turn have stolen the images from various accounts online.


In the Deutsche Methode they have used the EXACT same accounts from customers with different names.


Same member were also used in Aussie Method.


And the Die Swiss Methode


What really frustrates me is the lack of imagination, creativity, and effort put into the scam. I understand, there will be scams out there, but at least they need to be done with some class. This is nothing more than a scam artist copying and stealing from another scam artist. I am almost 100% certain that the guy behind The Kiwi Method has nothing to do with the guys behind the Aussie Method, or at least the original one.

The Final Step towards Losing your Money with The Kiwi Method

So, you have gritted your teeth so far and decided to see how far they will go with their lies. You are taken to the last and final step in hopes of finally getting a glimpse of this magical software that will make you rich.


Only, you don’t.


You cannot go beyond the investment page with the preferred broker, TitanTrade. There is no software in the background, which in fact, makes me question whether it even exists. If it does, I am not willing to put my money on the line to find out. If one of you guys do after all the lies that this website has spewed, I will be more than happy to add your experience onto this review. Share screenshots, give examples, and I will be more than happy to change my review if I have honest and real feedback.

For a software that has given me some hope I highly recommend you read my Copy Buffett Review. It’s certainly not the “through the roof” profits that they claim, but with a gradual and steady profit I can say that it’s the first software that I have had the confidence to invest with and with nearly half a month into my investment I am more or less happy with the results. Not a millionaire yet, and don’t expect to become, but if you are cautious and stick to several techniques you can make an ok profit.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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