These days scam developers like the ones behind The Cash Loophole Scam have taken extra precautions so as to prevent people like me from digging too far and revealing too much. Even though they have taken steps to keep the video and username that uploaded it private, there is still plenty that can be dug up. From the looks of it, they took some precautions when it came to developing the site itself, but overlooked some important things such as keeping the IP the same as all of the other scams they have released.

Product Name:The Cash Loophole


Minimum Deposit: $250

They have done some twists and turns as well in order to make it more difficult to get into the website as well. Their goal is to give your heart a bit of a leap thinking that you have missed out on an opportunity. You enter your email in hopes to be notified when one arises, and voilà, magically a spot is opened. You receive a special invitation and end up at the website. This is a great way to make a good first impression and get people all the more excited that they just may have really found what they want. Only, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

What is The Cash Loophole Scam?

This is a binary options automated software scam featuring a software that has been recycled and reused by some of the most notorious promo scam sites that try to lure people into signing up with brokers for a referral fee. That’s it. It has zero difference from the rest of the scams out there except for the way it is marketed and presented to visitors of the websites.


The video is presented as if it is played live. Trust me, it is not. The video has been up for a while now and no, there aren’t that many viewers. There is no chance of you losing the spot.


This made absolutely no sense at all, none of the promises did.


Wait, it was $50K then $1K, then you have to invest in order to get it, or does he give it to you to invest with? I can see why people are falling for this like crazy, it is beyond confusing.


No, this is not true, this is the first time this scam appears and there have never been any successful traders with it.


They have taken the extra step to cover their tracks. Though most other review sites claim these are Fiverr actors, I have done the necessary research and found they are not.


These are local actors. From where, I do not know, but they are local actors.


Each is filmed with what seems like the same equipment and professional lighting.


They are real commercials, not testimonial videos made by regular people.


Either that, or many of them are stolen clips from other videos as there is no sound in any of them and you cannot watch the testimonials in full. Either way, they are fake.


There is no one by the name of Richard Sellers that is in the trading world except for the numerous reviews. Not to mention the fact that he is so open to show his testimonial videos yet he refuses to show his own face, interesting.


The screenshots are very fake. They are manipulated with a different name and the dates changed, that is it.


This exact same screenshot, minus the date and name, in obvious different font, was used by the Zulander Hack back in 2015. Notice that the scam name The Cash Loophole is nowhere on there?


The example of his success is no better at proving anything. He shows no trade history, just a balance that can easily be manipulated.


He claims that The Cash Loophole Scam will be released in January costing $1000. Trust me, no such thing will take place and there is no one that will be willing to pay a penny for this crap software.


Here is another screenshot. Mind you, this screenshot was from 2014. This identical screenshot, with Luis Chapman and his image (stolen) plastered on it, was used by the Mocking Bird Method scam a while back as well. Again, proof debunked.

The video of the old couple where he claims is his 84 year old great uncle is actually stock video footage.


Which, by looking at the price of this stock video, I highly doubt they actually paid for it, most likely it is also stolen.


This is not on air, and the individuals he picks and has a chat on Skype with are voice actors and the whole circus they play out is fake.


He claims that these were his profits on the first day, back in 2014.


Then, claims that these were his profits within the first month. Interesting jump from 2014 to 2016. Either way, it is an absurd amount of money that is impossible with binary options through a software like this.22-the-cash-loophole-scam-screenshot-of-demo-profits-fake


This is the screenshot of one of the Skype calls. Notice that the Amount of Trade is set to $25? Now, there were a total of 11 won trades. I think simple math debunks this fake proof.


This is the trade history of the first one. Notice the expiration date. Its identical to the screenshot below of the second Skype caller. It’s interesting how at the same time identical assets closed at different rates. Another thing I noticed is the total doesn’t seem to add up to the trade history.


Considering that both of them had their settings at $25 per trade, I am having a hard time understanding why they have traded different amounts on different trades when the software is supposed to be trading automatically based on the settings you give it.


The written testimonials are no better. They are also fake and feature a number of stolen images.


Many of them were not only stolen images, they have been used and reused.


All of the comments on the second page are fake. I decided to write a comment of my own, but I was not surprised to see that it never made it to the page.


Taking it to the next step means not only entering your phone and email. They go as far as to ask you for your billing information claiming the page is safe. A quick check reveals that you are entering your personal and billing information in a page that is not secure or protected in any way.


By entering made up information you can move onto the last step, the actual software. The software has been proven time and again to be a scam and completely useless. Many promo sites promoting various scams lead you to a software identical to this with the slight change in name and color scheme. It’s a fake software what does nothing more than loses your money.


The IP address of the scam reveals even more.


Sharing the same IP are several other well-known scams, including the Zulander Hack.


The claim that this guy has done this several times already in 2016 is debunked when you see that this promo site has been up since September, and so has the software itself.

All in all, The Cash Loophole is a scam and a badly made one at that, don’t waste your money.


Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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