The 6 Figure Method scam provides zero proof that it can really give you the 6 figures income that they claim. In fact, all of the claimed proof that they provide does the exact opposite, proves that they are nothing more than liars. There are already numerous complaints and reactions online about how well this software works, the result, total loss of investment.

Product Name: 6 Figure Method

Niche: Binary Options Software


This scam is no different from the many other scams out there. I has the typical auto-play video with zero controls which means you have no idea how long the video really is and how long you have to endure its repetitive information, the push tactics of spots available, and the numerous lies through hired Fiverr actors for testimonials, stolen images, and absurd claims.

 What is the 6 Figure Method Scam?

This is a binary options automated robot that is claimed to make you profit with zero knowledge of the markets or trading, has zero claimed risk, and requires only a small investment. Though they do repeat over and over how there is zero risk as the software is free, do not forget that you must invest at least $250 in order to actually use the software and start trading. So, you are, in fact, risking your$250 investment. This money is invested with their recommended broker, who in turn gives the developers of this promo site a nice fat referral fee for the provided information and new trader. In turn, once you have made the investment and they’ve received their referral fee, they don’t care whether you make a profit or not. The software makes random trades until it has lost your money, and you are left without the slightest idea who to contact to get answers as there is zero contact information.


All in all, the software is nothing more than a marketing campaign for a broker that you are not even notified of until the very last step. Once you become a new trader with said broker (usually a shady scam broker) the software becomes obsolete and the fact that it is completely useless is now only your problem.


It’s very convenient that the screenshot of the trade history is so blurred and you cannot actually confirm and look up any of the information in the trade history. Also, just at a quick glance, you see very well that the claimed win rate in the video is not reflected in the trade history. Not to mention the fact that the trade amounts are all over $100 from the looks of it, something that I discourage you from trying when it comes to an automated software.


Though in the beginning of the video the $23K a month is actually reasonable in comparison to the numerous other scams out there, it doesn’t make the 6 Figure Method scam any more believable. Not to mention the inconsistencies in profits that they claim throughout the video as this sum seems to change and grow gradually by the end of the promo website.


The use of Fiverr actors is a big thing in the promo video of this scam website.


Here is bradfordjet, a popular Fiverr actress that seems to be on nearly all of the scams I’ve reviewed. She even uses the exact same clip from the promo video to promote the testimonials she offers, further proving that this is a paid testimonial rather than a genuine one.


This guy we’ve seen in several other similar scams before, but it seems he has taken his gigs off of Fiverr for now so I cannot pull up his profile. But the fact that he is already a familiar face to many that have searched for a binary options software is enough to convince me that his testimonial is nothing more than a paid act.


This guy is rather new to me, but I am sure he’s been elsewhere as well, so if you recognize him give me a hint.


So, he claims to be Mr. Ray Fisher, only the image accompanying his introduction is nothing more than a stock photo that has been used in numerous other websites.


I wonder why he didn’t mention he was also an electrician, a boiler salesperson, offers property maintenance, and is an expert at love? His image has been used for so many websites that at this point, he seems to be a universal soldier, all that but a binary options specialist. He is fictitious as are the claimed profits from the 6 Figure Method scam.


You’ve never read about him in Forbes, trust me, because he’s never been in Forbes.


Pulling those emotional strings. They play a very dirty game.


The math doesn’t add up considering the claimed profits, but what does in this scam website?


Here is another Fiverr actor.


He too has used the clip from this video to promote his services of offering natural and believable testimonials with his Fiverrgig.

I think this is also a good time to name and shame the person that actually hired these Fiverr actors.


All of them were hired by this profile, merydcf.


She is actually Maria dellacellaFigueredo. Though I doubt that she is actually the brains behind it all, she is a good start to find them. Could it just be a stolen image and username to create the Fiverr profile? Possible, but unlikely. They barely put in efforts to cover their tracks in creating the promo website. So, if you find yourself having problems with this software once you have lost your money, she is the person to contact. You can also check her Instagram or her other Instagram profile in case she doesn’t answer.


The demo of the software is no better. See, there are 3 won trades, but he doesn’t show you the trade history to actually prove that they happened. Not to mention that with a trade amount of €25 it’s impossible to reach that profit with just 3 trades. Even with the impossible 99.8% accuracy.


Wait, only 13 trades and still, he is trading at €25 per trade. Do the math, how is that even possible? Of course, the yearly profits jump from $100K to $312K, here we go.


What reputation? He doesn’t show his name or his face, he is a ghost! A ghost that knows nothing about binary options because in the video he claims that the system trades 24/7, quite an impossible feat considering markets are closed over the weekend.


The written reviews are no better.


Just more stolen images off the internet.




And more stolen images. Basically proving that none of them are real.


If you provide your real information on the contact form you will receive an email, and another, and a million more which will accompany the constant phone calls harassing you to invest more and more money.


He overlooks the $250 you will be putting at risk.


The software doesn’t really offer much as far as information that proves it works or is even connected to the markets. You are led to a window to invest with their select broker. Upon checking whether it is safe to enter my information I found that the page is not safe or secure.

All in all, there is zero information actually proving that this software works. In fact, for the most part, the so-called proof that they provide actually further confirms that the 6 Figure Income Method is a scam.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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