Here we go again with another typical binary options scam promo page, the Tesler App scam has all of the typical signs that it’s nothing more than another one of the binary options scams. It offers nothing more and nothing less than the rest, the only difference are the actors, the name, and the domain, but the presentation is identical. In fact, they have reused the script so many times at this point that I know word for word what they will say.

Name of Software: Tesler App scam

Niche: Binary Options Software Scam

Official Website:

I will not analyze the system itself, as from the looks of it, it seems to be down right now (though I am sure it will be up before we know it), but rather prove that there is not one truth anywhere in the promises they make. If it really is effective, they would not have to lie so much, or repeat Guaranteed and Free every 2 words.

What is the Tesler App Scam?

This is a binary options automated software scam. It is connected to several brokers that offer referral fees to new traders. There are plenty of promises, but their only goal is to get you to sign up and invest your $250 so they can get their referral fee. From that point on, you are on your own with a software that does not deliver. You will lose your money, and will have no one to turn to because there is zero contact information and no real information to connect them to a physical identity or company.


It’s just a scam, period, there is nothing more to it. Invest your money and you’ll lose it.


The first sign that this is a sca4-tesler-app-scam-uploaded-by-software-info-other-scamsm comes when you open the video at its originating link address. It is uploaded by the YouTube user Software Info who have been known to upload a number of scam software promo videos connected to some of the most notorious scams out there. From the looks of it, they have created a number of videos to link to with every day in order to make themselves seem more legitimate. The fact that this video was uploaded on the 26th of December, yet they claim that it is uploaded that same day, the 28th of December and even show news clippings from the 28th further proves that it’s all a lie.


This same YouTube user, Software Info uploaded the video for the Satellite Trader App scam.

Watch the first video with controls.


Once again, the video claiming its uploaded today, the 28th of December, yet it was uploaded on the 26th. To add to it, I guarantee you that 7 minutes is a far cry from the nearly 45 minutes you will waste watching lame videos until you finally sign up.


The screenshot is a cheap Photoshop copy from another scam. They’ve changed the name and the totals, but the rest is the same.


A quick look back at the Quick Cash System scam you will see that this is a recycled screenshot, which if I dug deep enough, I would probably find in several others as well. Yes, the balance and names may be different, but the coincidence of the account numbers being the same is a bit much. Again, they have put in some effort to cover their tracks but once again left out key information that gives them away.


Then you finally get the introduction. Steve Abrahams is a fictitious name and the person representing him is an actor. There is no company by the name of Tesler Investments dealing with trading registered ANYWHERE and there is no such individual that is connected to such registered or unregistered company elsewhere except for this scam promo site or the reviews of it.


This is actually John San Nicolas, actor from Portland, Oregon. All in all, nothing new.


He promises a minimum of $5700 in your account today. Considering that so far he has not said one thing that is true, what makes you believe that this could even be close to the truth? Forget the fact that it’s an impossible feat.


It’s the moment he throws this curveball that gets all those looking for quick and easy cash. It’s also the moment you should close the website because this gives the scam away 100%.


Since you do not see how long is left in the video in the promo website, you think, hey, I’ll hang on another 5 minutes. Only, there are another LONG nearly 30 minutes left.


So, for 41 days the software is free, after that, and after you make the impossible profits he claims, he will keep a $28 commission. Which, may I add is interesting considering that I don’t understand exactly how it will happen as technically they do not have access to your funds.  Still, with that said, its nowhere in the Terms, if you can find them.

Following this there are several video testimonials. Honestly, I admit, that I did not put forth the necessary effort in order to provide you with proof that each is an actor, though some seem familiar. From quite a different place than you may think though. These are not Fiverr actors, they are meant to look that way, but are actually local Portland actors. At least two of them I have seen in other scams and are familiar from my searches in the past. Considering it’s pretty clear that the creator of this scam won’t show his face and uses an actor, it’s pretty clear that the testimonials are by actors as well. If you are in doubt, follow their eyes in the videos.


I don’t know who’s personal company it is, but it a ghost as it does not exist, let alone being valued at $673 Million.


A quick search shows that his claims that he has been in CNN Business, Forbes, or World Finance  reveals that it’s just another lie. Why lie about this unless it’s with the sole goal to lure someone into your scam?


All of the sob stories he tells us about the lives he’s changed are all lies.


This guy is just a stock photo. Nothing more.


Now, this rundown of the daily winnings and transfers also gives them away quite a bit. Now, in the video he is smart enough to mention that they trade only 5 days a week how it’s supposed to be. Only, he contradicts himself when he shows you the trader’s daily trades and transfers with averages over the weekends when the markets are closed. This, is proof enough that this is a scam and ALL of the figures in this list are a lie.


Then he goes into a number of accounts to prove they are real. Only, the only real-time thing you see him doing is acting like he is logging into a number of bank websites. From that point on you are given a screenshot of that bank account which has been edited in Photoshop.

Best Binary Options Auto Trading Software – Highly Recommended


The first one has obvious tampering with the account balances as well as the dates. You can clearly see the difference in the font and how the edited bits are much clearer.


Here is a closer look, it’s so obvious that anyone can see the difference.


Here is another recycled screenshot that has obvious issues. The fact that the last time this account was logged in was back in 2014 is enough, still here is some proof.


For the Fast Cash Biz scam this same screenshot was used with Photoshop edits. What gives it away? Another coincidence with the account number, 9432, being identical. I found other coincidences with the rest of the screenshots they are trying to pull off as real.


Here is another inconsistency in their scheme. See, he claims that the software is set to trade only a set amount of up to $85 USD per trade, yet in the examples of trades and the list of trades per day that he provided earlier the average trade was well over $200 per trade. Not only that, the claimed profits also further confirm that this is a lie. In all of his examples he continues to prove that all of his statements are lies.


He also claims that the win rate is the impossible 98%. Anyone with experience with binary options and software for such, knows well enough that this is impossible, period.


On top of that, he claims he will pay the difference if you don’t reach the claimed daily profit of $5,700. It is not mentioned anywhere in the Terms. He is just continuing to lure you considering that you are still watching and haven’t already jumped at this scam opportunity.


He can’t seem to decide the claimed win rate. Now it jumped down to 97%.


ALL of these are stolen images. I will give you 3 examples as this is getting too long.


A public shot uploaded and stolen.


Image stolen from laptop review where the guy shows the quality of the camera.


Image stolen from Deviant Art website.


A quick search reveals that there is no Tesler Android or Apple software. Just more lies to seem more legitimate.

Watch the second video with controls.


You get a quick look at the software in the demo. Observe the time above.


Not only has MUCH less passed since the actual start of the demo than he makes you believe, but in a single trade he has made a profit of $258.88. What would that be on a single trade? How is it possible to make over $250 profit from a single trade when your start balance is $250!? Considering the return at most is 90% with brokers (rarely), the trade profit is physically impossible. Debunking the entire demo.


They haven’t updated their current trades in quite some time as they are stuck on November 30th.


To top it all off, the domain of the promo site is hosted by the notorious DWD Technologies LLC Hosting Company that technically does not exist and does not sell hosting. They are there for the sole purpose of releasing scam after scam. Just the connection to this scam hosting company is enough to turn anyone off the software.

With that said, I think I’ve provided more than enough to prove that this is a scam software. You decide whether you want to take it to heart and continue your research before investing. I personally would never invest with the Tesler App scam because it has everything going against it.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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