Here we are again with another Terabit Trader scam copy, this time by the name of Tera App. Of course, this alone should be more than enough to convince you that this is a complete scam and a waste of time and money. The 30 minute video is not worth watching either, especially if you have already looked into the Terabit Trader scam in the past, its 100% identical. Not just identical, it’s the actual Terabit Trader video.

Product Name: Tera App Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software


The first paragraph of the review should be more than enough to convince you that you should not waste your time. There is very little more than I can add to it considering that there is plenty of information out there on the Terabit Trader scam, and this is 100% identical.

What is the Tera App Scam?

Well, it’s clear this is an automated binary options robot. As per the Terabit Trader scam video that is in this website, the reason it’s so successful is because of the speed of the software. Though speed is good and with quality signals is essential so you get trades out there on time, it’s not something that will determine whether you will win or lose a trade. This is something they keep pushing lately, but without a knowledgeable trader behind the system, it’s completely useless. These robots, whatever the algorithm or “system” they use to determine the outcome, they simply do not have the expert trader touch and knowledge.

Still, this is something so far beyond this system that it’s useless to waste time even discussing it. Considering that the software does nothing more than feeds you random trades (most of which are losing) until you’ve lost your investment only to get harassed by the broker to invest more.

The sole goal of websites like these is not to get you to use their system. They don’t care if you use their system, they know well enough that its useless. The goal is to get you to sign up with their “preferred” broker. This is because they receive a fat referral fee for each new trader they send them. Once you are in the brokers hands, they are done with you. There is no real contact information, you will not speak with anyone representing the system once you have signed up, you are useless to them once you have invested your money and they are out for their next victim.

Watch the first Tera App scam video with controls.

This particular scam, the Tera App scam, really annoys me. For the most part, at least some sort of effort is put into creating a scam. It makes it worthwhile reviewing. Makes it interesting and requires research and time. In this case, it’s very simple. A typical scam website with an auto start video that cannot be controlled, a well-known Portland actor in the world of scams, and a recycled video from another scam.

If you have not watched the Terabit Trader scam video before, I apologize, I won’t go into serious detail because it would be a waste of time. The important thing that you should look out for is his opening words about how he has made people millionaires in 3 months. This alone should be enough to send you running.

I mean, who actually believes that it’s even possible to make $850 per hour!? Not to mention that this profit changes throughout the website, so, quite a few inconsistencies if you ignore the fact that the name of the software does not match that of the promo video.

Wait! It gets even better! So, at $850 per hour, trading 23 hours a day, you get the ultimate $20K a day! I mean, unbelievable right!? For sure. Now, this is presuming that you sign up, invest your minimum with the broker, click on auto trade, and ditch the system and let it  do its thing. Either way, considering that there is no such possible win rate (proclaimed over 90% as you will see later on) that could give you such results, I cannot see anyone profiting so much with the minimum investment.

So, finally we learn who this guy is. This is Richard Heffner, supposedly, and he claims to be the CEO of the Terabit Trader which is a non-existent company. Look it up. He doesn’t exist either! He is actually a Portland actor that has been in numerous other similar scam.

He was recently in the Omnia Scam.

He played Richard Heffner in another scam called the GPS Trader. Guess he’s warmed up to the name.

The truth? His real name is Patrick Green, an unfortunate Portland actor that can’t seem to get a break outside of the scam world and continues to sell his soul to these thieves by helping them rob people.

Aside from this, I don’t think it’s necessary to go into further detail with the video, we’ve seen it before and if you want a more detailed rundown of the video you can read my TerabitTrader scam review.

Further down in the website you will see an Online Results section where you are introduced to several traders that are making profits, and keep repeating over and over and over again. Not so sure about the whole live part.

Of course, they are all random stolen images from the internet. Originally most likely stock photos that have been used and reused in various websites for their testimonials and marketing.

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As the photos are heavily cropped, it’s near impossible to find their originals to prove that these are not people that are using this system, but rather just stolen images.

From $850 per hour, they took a dive to $1350 per day, yet the impossible win rate of 93% still stands. Not sure why it is so hard for some of these scams to stick to one story.

Don’t get fooled by the security badges on the website, they are there to calm you and lure you, but are completely useless as there is zero security on this website.

Once you take it to the next stage of the sign-up process, you realize that the profit promises have changed once again, no jumping up to $1800 per day. Still, a disappointing drop from the original $20K per day he promised, though, far more believable.

Watch the second Tera App scam video with controls.

The second video is yet another Terabit Trader scam video and it’s a waste of time to go into detail with it. It is more than clear that this is just a copy scam of another rather popular and proven scam. Perhaps if the scam artists behind the Tera App scam had put in a bit more effort into the creation of this lame promo page, they would at least get points for effort.

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