If you have had some experience with online scams in the past then perhaps the Sydney System may actually be familiar. The whole website, video, and in general scam is based on the Aussie Method. Not only this, turns out they have been busy, there is also another absolutely identical website, the Toronto System. Overall, beyond a doubt, this is nothing more than another scam.

Product Name: Sydney System

Founder & Chairman: Jack Flynn

Official Website: sydneysystem.co

Broker: Option Stars

Potential Profit: $30,000-$60,000 every month

Minimum Deposit: $250

I mean, just look at the profits they are advertising, I mean seriously! Overall, obviously, they are targeting those that have minimal experience with such scams and are desperate go make some money or else they wouldn’t have landed on the website. The website is advertised by means of 3rd party affiliates that are paid for every person they convince to sign up. This is done through email marketing, posts in groups, fake reviews, and numerous other ways of tricking people into signing up.

What is the Sydney System

Actually, if you go and read my Aussie Method Review you will be able to get a very easy and quick idea of what this is. It is nothing more than a scam. Nowhere in the video does he mention exactly what the system is, how it works, how it makes you money, what you have to do, nothing.


There is no mention about anything at all but the constant repetition of how you will make tens of thousands in the next few days.


…and hundreds of thousands in the next month. I mean, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE! Even knowing binary options I know well enough that this is impossible. Unfortunately, the poor souls that end up on this page most likely have no idea what this is about.


He even claims that if you do not make these kinds of profits (not very specific) he will actually give you $10,000 out of his pocket. Interesting how that works. I tried to find more information on how exactly he is going to back this and guarantee this, but found no information.

The Sydney System Video

Well, we touched upon the beginning of the video which basically sums up the information about the software. I highly recommend you don’t waste your time watching the first video. It is 23 and a half minutes long. Seriously, especially considering he says absolutely nothing about the software it’s a lot of lost time.

It continues with a number of very badly put together marketing schemes such as showing you a bunch of random accounts from various brokers with a lot of Photoshopped money in them.


I love how each image is from a different broker…


Yet, they work with Option Stars and none of the screenshots are of this broker. Not to mention that these exact same screenshots were used in a number of other scams, of course the Aussie Method being the main one.

Then they go into showing withdrawals from bank accounts/broker accounts.


Only, one snapshot is dated from 2015 and the other as far back as 2014.


Which is odd considering that the software went live in January of 2016.


And just look at those withdrawals. Are they serious with those numbers? Of course, this is all backed by his very confident confirmation that you will be a millionaire in a few months. Right.


Of course, there is also the guarantee, repeated over and over again.

Then he opens up a new account with a broker that is unknown and certainly not the broker they are trying to sign you up with. He shows how you start with $250.


Then BOOM its $41,500 after several intervals with the money going up drastically.


This is a result of 5 days of trading. Or so he claims.


Then you are provided with a quick look back at his trades over the last five days which have earned him this grand total amount.


Can you please explain to me how he came up with number like $11,000 payout!?  How much is he investing per trade with a $250 deposit!? A minimum of $6000 is necessary considering the percent the broker is going to keep. Just stop for a second and think about this. If you have experience with binary options you will see it immediately, but any newbie would fall for this easy.

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Who is Jack Flynn?

The video is copied almost word for word. They did not use the exact same video, but changed a word here and there to make it seem slightly different. One of the things they changed is the name of the man behind the video, Jack Flynn.


He is nobody technically because he doesn’t exist. He claims to have no education or real knowledge of the stock market, yet he is behind this software. He says he just found a way to make money on the stock market. Now, how exactly is this possible? There is no mention of how the software was set up, what the software is, or how he came about it. Just that he is an ordinary guy that hit it big and wants to share it with you.

Obviously, my search online for a Jack Flynn in connection to binary options aside from reviews of the website came up empty handed. He is a ghost.

The Rest of the Sydney System Website

So, I continued scrolling after wasting nearly a half hour going through the completely useless video only to come to his success stories. I won’t waste too much time on this.


All images are stolen from people’s accounts, blogs, and as it turns out….news. HORRIBLE news.



The woman from the bottom left of the Success Stories is actually a Jennifer Alfonso who was brutally murdered by her husband in 2013. Obviously, she hasn’t been trading, but that is far from the point. Scams will be scams, but please this is a disgusting and disturbing way to advertise your scam. Read the story Here.

I think it’s needless to also say that their social feedback widget is also completely fake. The images of the individuals are stolen, the comments are pre-fed and rotated. No need for further detail here.


How it works video is just a YouTube video advertising a car. Innocent mistake I guess or lack of real explanation of how it really works!


The last thing from the website that I want to share is their Members Winning Trades section. This widget had me rolling on the ground laughing. I mean take a look.


So, the investment is $1,000.00 (first off, this type of investment per trade is suicide unless you like playing with fire and you have a lot of money to lose) gives a profit of $1,001.00??? Wait, I am confused. Now, broker stake anywhere between say 75%-95% depending on the trade and the broker. In this case though, no, you will actually get a 101% return? Or something like that because the numbers are inconsistent? I mean seriously!? Please, if you are not familiar with binary options, this is the time that you need to research them and gain as much knowledge about them so you can at least know a bit more about them than the developers of such sites.

Who is Behind the Sydney System

I will keep this short. The guys behind this call themselves AdvertFly on Vimeo. This is an advertising agency/platform and from the looks of it, a rather bad one because they do not pay attention to detail, they steal information from other websites, and have absolutely no creative mind whatsoever.  Even their website doesn’t seem to work properly. Obviously, there isn’t a direct contact between the two, just searched AdvertFly and these guys popped up doing the exact same types of scams. Even if it isn’t the same AdvertFly these guys basically create the scams for shady brokers.

You can visit the AdvertFly profile in Vimeo HERE. They have uploaded a number of similar scam videos. Even the name of the video is Aussie clone rev! I mean, seriously talk about lack of creativity! I actually recently did a review on another one of their scams Virtual Income. I would like to direct your attention to some of the stills from the video there and some of the ones from the video in the Sydney System. They recycle, reuse, and are generally lazy and uncreative when it comes to making videos. I would definitely be disappointed if I had hired them.

To conclude, I want to point out their amazing creativity. Below is the Sydney System website with a few lines said by the narrator.


The next, the exact same part of the video in the Toronto System:


Now, the reason the videos, and the website in general, are absolutely identical is because if you do some research behind the scenes of the website you will see that both the videos lead you back to the same Vimeo profile: AdvertFly. Actually, it’s the exact same video, no changes whatsoever. This is also the reason why the testimonials (which are stolen from numerous other videos) never mention the name Jack Flynn or the name of the software which they got rich off.

Lastly, the original (though they’ve done their share of stealing) The Aussie Method:


Wording is just slightly different so you cannot say its identical, but more or less, it is. The whole website setup is identical, the video is identical (except for a few thrown in words here and there), and the scam is more or less the same but dome with much less care.

Overall, the Sydney system is a scam and if the provided information does not convince you of it I would love to read about how trading went after you signed up because I don’t think there is even a software by this or the Toronto System out there.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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