Though they claim that this is the second beta tester group for the Spectrum 7 Scam, a quick search reveals that this is the first that it’s been released. There were no previous beta testers, and if there were, they probably would have lost all of their investment as are those in the second group. Unfortunately, this is just another binary options scam full of lies.

Product Name: Spectrum 7

Niche: Binary Options Software


With plenty of promises, inconsistent profit claims, and absurd excuses for proof, they are trying to pull off this scam. They have pulled all the stops and are going for the kill, but it won’t work out. As long as people are researching, and I hope at this point they have learned to, they can avoid getting scammed.

What is the Spectrum 7 Scam?

This is a binary options automated robot scam that is claimed to make you up to $1,560.72 (a very specific number) daily. They don’t promise you’ll become a millionaire and really underline that, but simple math reveals that they are contradicting themselves the whole time. That is the goal. To seem very direct and honest, claiming they are not like the other scams, but all the while doing exactly just that.


You can watch the first Spectrum 7 Scam video with controls here.


You are introduced to a voice actor that claims is called Derek Folsom. He is not the CEO of Spectrum7 Technology as no such company dealing with binary options and automated systems exists. He is a fictitious personality made up to make this system seem more believable.


You may recognize his voice as he most likely has voiced a number of other similar scams. His name you may recognize, but it is not him, the real Derek Folsom has nothing to do with this scam.


He claims that in 2015 Spectrum 7 was released to its first round of beta testers, only there are no traces of ever existing in 2015.


Of course, the beta testers from 2015 are all Fiverr actors paid to do these testimonials, so I am not sure exactly how they were verified.


While we are on the topic of verification. I decided to look up Trader Verify. It does not exist. There is no such thing.


The testimonials ARE faked and so are the results, but nice try.


They should have stuck to a more reasonable amount as in their imaginary 2015 round of beta testers, may have gained more trust.


Though these are high expectations for a scam software that obviously does not work, I am having a hard time understanding how we went from $1,500 daily to $10K-$20K monthly. They can’t seem to make up their mind!


That extra is coming from the broker, it’s called a broker bonus trap where you will be stuck trading even when you want to withdraw as you need to reach a certain trading threshold before you can see your money again. By then, your money is all gone.


He claims that after this set of Beta Testers is done, the software will sell for $36,000 per year! Seriously, no one will ever buy this scam because it will never even make it as far as selling. That is not their goal, they want to grab the affiliate commission and run.


The Fiverr actors were a nice touch, only if they haven’t appeared in a bunch of other scam videos.


See, this here is Simonbaldock. He has the bad habit of using his promo videos that he was hired to do to promote his own gig. You can check out the gig that this video was purchased from and this same clip posted about 2 months ago. The scam artist behind the Spectrum 7 scam is a good player and gave him a nice review, revealing their profile: Joreed3.



This cute little couple is also full of lies.


They are actually Thetaoshard, and quite popular on Fiverr. Unfortunately, the review by Joreed3 is so far back that it is no longer visible as they have really took off.


The rest of the trader accounts are also fake and generated by an widget on the website that randomly puts various usernames and stolen images to match.


This I found rather amusing! Yes, they DO RECEIVE COMMISSIONS! Do not be fooled by this as they are not regulated or licensed by anything or anyone in order to actually lose such license or regulation. They receive a nice fat compensation for every new trader they deliver to the brokers they are linked to. This is the reason they don’t care about you once you have invested and move onto the next victim.

Watch the Second Spectrum 7 Scam Video.


Ok, again, inconsistencies with the possible profits. From daily of $1,500 to $2,500 weekly. Either they have no idea or they just like to keep visitors confused.


This section was also rather amusing. I want to reassure you that there is no Trader Verify and no law that actually protects you or any other trader against scam software such as this. There are regulations for brokers, but even they cannot protect you from shady brokers. All in all, you are on your own. This is all a lie meant to pure you further into their clutches so you lose $250.


Once you finally make it past the second step you expect to see this magical software that they hide throughout the promo website. From the looks of it, no such software even exists. You keep waiting for that email after you have invested your hard earned money, chances are, you’ll never see the software or hear from them. The broker will turn their back on you and say that they have nothing to do with this scam software (regardless that they paid them a fat referral fee) and you will just trade away your money unless you know what you are doing with binary options.

Though they have played their hand well and used some new tricks to make themselves look more trustworthy, they have a long way to go before they can actually be trusted. This software is already taking a lot of victims, don’t be one of them. Avoid the Spectrum 7 Scam and keep searching for a binary options software that can really give you some results.

Anna Georgieva

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