Here we are faced with yet another binary options scam Sowelstace Financial. This is just the same as all the rest with very small differences. It starts the same as the rest with a promo video that cannot be controlled, lots of lies, and plenty of false proof that gives you nothing but hope that it could be effective.

Product Name: Sowelstace Financial

Niche: Binary Options Software

Official Website:

You may initially think that it may be different form the rest, but it isn’t really until you start watching and listening that you realize that you’ve been fooled yet again. Unfortunately, this is just another binary options scam that uses a Portland production for its promo video, actors, lies, fake testimonials, lame demo, and a lot of impossible claims.

What is the Sowelstace Financial Scam?

Well, it’s clear that it’s an automated binary options robot scam, the question is whether it’s effective. In short, no. Actually, you don’t have to take it as far as actually testing to know that you will lose your money. If they cannot be honest with you upfront, what makes you believe they will be honest with you once they have your money? I mean, seriously, think about it.


Throughout the website and the video you will see nothing but lies. In fact, there is absolutely zero truth anywhere on this website. Their claims are not worth a minute of your time, still, nothing does the trick like a bit of proof.

Watch the first Sowelstace Financial Scam video with controls.


It begins with a bunch of fake screenshots. Now, considering they are making claims of profits currently (sometimes even in the future and give proof of dates that have yet to come), why would they use screenshots from 2014!? How difficult was it to just change the date!?


Here is another 2014 screenshot. With all the effort they put into trying to seem honest, it could have been the least they could do. Still you can see the difference in font and consistency of the balances they have changed. Don’t get me started on the fact that this same screenshot was recently used in another scam.


This screenshot here is from a recent review I did of the Tesler App scam just last week. Identical. Would have been nice to have at least changed the date when they changed the balance when recycling.


This same account number, 9432, and screenshot seem to be quite popular. It was used for the Fast Cash Biz scam a while back as well. At least they had the right thing in mind when changing the date when recycling it.


So, who is Jimmy Reese? Well, I’ll tell you one thing, he is definitely who he claims to be. This is actually a Portland actor that has appeared in similar scams before.


Meet Marty Beaudet, actor and liar. Seems he can’t get real acting jobs so he has opted to team up with scam artists, make a buck, and be the face of these scams.


Here he is proudly holding his first month check from the Brooks Blueprint scam also filmed in Portland.


So, now that you know that the first thing that came out of his mouth is a lie, how do you feel about the absurd profit claims he is making? Which, may I note are completely impossible.


Well, hello Karen! Don’t you look familiar!? Let’s see.


This is actually CassieGreer, another actor from Portland, Oregon. In her official page you can get your full confirmation as there are plenty of images and confirmation it really is her.


Then there is Ryan Moore that makes more absurd claims.


Now, this is Andrew Bray, again, a Portland actor. Now, his headshot is obviously quite old, but ears don’t change buddy and those give him away big time! Sometimes I really hate to do this to some of these guys because I am sure they are great people, but knowingly participating in this video makes them just as bad as the scam artists behind it as they are the face that fools the people that get scammed.


So, not only does he claim “sure thing” trades (nothing like this exists ever in trading) but he also claims your trading account is like a savings account and you make money off it. Find me a broker that actually does that and gives the traders the money!


Here is the basic claim of 100% win rate which is impossible.


Now, you get a quick demo, if that’s what they call it these days. But first, let’s discuss the software real quick.


It really does look awfully familiar. Actually wait, it is absolutely identical, minus the obvious change in color scheme, to the Royce Code Scam and 10K Every Day app that I reviewed a while back. Now, if this software didn’t work back then and was a proven scam with numerous complaints, what makes you think this time around it will be any different?


Oh, then it gets interesting. He doesn’t show you how the software trades, he actually brings you to the demo to show you that for a few days he had put the software on hold and still made profits even when not trading.


Here he zooms in to give you a better look. Notice anything strange? How pixelated everything else but the balance and the date are? Yup, Photoshop.


Then boom the balance goes up by $500, no change, a nice clean balance, for doing nothing? This is claimed interest, only no broker will allow this!


I am getting confused as to the claimed profits at this point as they change throughout the video. Either way, it doesn’t matter as they are all lies.


So here is Karen’s account after a couple of days. Now, if you have a Citi bank account or have seen a real account screenshot then you will know that this is completely fake. Not only is it obvious that there is a major difference between the balance and name with the rest of the screenshot, but there is a LOT of information missing that should be there, even if blurred out.


My favorite part of the video was the screenshot of her trading account currently. The current date on the software states January 11th, 2017.Today, it’s January 8th, 2017. It’s awesome that they manage to even travel in time!!!


Just confirmation of the current date.


Then there are the claims about the software selling for absurd amounts of money. This will NEVER happen. As with all other similar scams, it never did either.


This seems believable? NOT!


All of the users are horizontally flipped stolen and cropped stock photos.

Watch the second Sowelstace Financial video with controls.


There is always a risk with binary options regardless how tiny the investments are and no broker will give you interest rates on your money, in fact, they take a percent of your winnings.


Though the promo page domain cannot be linked to any scam, you do find some interesting links when looking up the software domain when you do sign up. Just seeing as the Host and I know well enough where things are going.


Taking a look at the websites that share this IP address is obvious enough that this is a scam. I won’t mention who they are all run by and linked to, as I have had an outcry from a number of review sites as I have been exposing them, but I think you are smart enough to put 2 and 2 together as I have mentioned this numerous times in the past. You can confirm this information HERE.

So, if you have been considering the option to sign up with the Sowelstace Financial scam, think again, check and confirm their claims, and don’t fall for their cheap lies.


Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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