The seemingly trustworthy promo website for the Signal Snipe scam has tricked a lot of people. Unlike most scams out there these days, they don’t claim to have a software, but rather send you signals to your inbox for a monthly fee of $60. Of course, with the way they present this offer, I can understand how many people are willing to risk this small sum to give it a shot. Unfortunately, they will not only waste the $60, but they will lose their money, and perhaps much more once they realize that their card has been sucked dry. Considering there is zero security of your billing and personal information on this website, you risk a lot more than a mere $60 a month.

Product Name: Signal Snipe Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software


Though not too popular just yet, this website has been gradually building a very bad reputation among traders. Because they have definitely put in some effort to make their promo website seem trustworthy, more and more people are falling for it. It is catered to those that have an idea of how to trade binary options and are interested in improving their results, with a mere $60 they claim they will get quality signals and make a profit. Unfortunately, none of it is true.

About the Signal Snipe Scam

They claim to be a team of experienced professionals with over 25 years’ experience, but unfortunately the results from the signals clearly state otherwise. Though there aren’t a lot of people speaking up about this scam, there are more than enough discussions online by real traders that were fooled by this scam and the results are disappointing. Though a mere $60 doesn’t seem like a big deal to lose in order to test a signal provider, considering the amount of people that are falling for this scam, these guys are getting rich off of your losses.

Unfortunately, using these signals, the only thing you will learn is not to trust scams like these. The signals are random, at best, and you will most likely have better luck flipping a coin to decide how to trade, at least it won’t cost you $60 a month.

They keep repeating throughout the website how they are a team of experienced professionals, but nowhere on there will you find detailed information about the traders that will be sending you signals, their success, and experience. Successful traders leave a trace and you can easily find out more about them if you are given enough information. Considering there is zero information provided, you are out of luck. I doubt there is even a team behind this, or even someone knowledgeable of binary options and trading.

Though they do offer a fact sheet of the history and track record of the signals they provide, I highly doubt there is anything truthful in there. Information like this is easily created and easily faked.

Of course, what great scam is made to seem more trustworthy without quality fake testimonials that give absolutely no proof of real success!

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There are a total of 3 testimonials in the Signal Snipe scam site, they repeat throughout the website. Each of the three testimonials are 100% fake with fake names and stolen images from various website or free stock photo libraries online. The images of these individuals have been used numerous times in various other websites as testimonials.

Still, I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and see how far I can get with the signup process before I get asked for my billing information. It didn’t take long, of course. There was no video or in depth marketing, just random and useless information that finally leads you to the payment page where you sign up for their $60 membership. After providing your personal information and setting your password, you are asked to provide your billing information. Now, if you have ever shopped online, you should know that providing your billing information to a website you don’t trust 100% is very risky. For the most part, websites pay a license to protect your information and keep it from prying eyes and protect it from identity theft. In this case though, you are entering your billing information in a website that has absolutely zero security. Considering they have put in zero effort to protect your identity and billing information, I am led to believe that they don’t care much about actually keeping any of their traders long-term. From what I read online, it seems no one gets past the initial $60 membership fee before they cancel it. Either way, if you do insist on signing up and giving the Signal Snipe scam a shot, make sure you either ruse a pre-paid card or one that has just enough funds to cover this charge because you risk getting your card completely sucked dry.

You will lose a lot more than just $60 with this scam. The many traders that have been burnt by them already have shared their experience and given more than enough proof that this is a scam that relies on a trickle of $60 from each new member rather than pushing them to invest with brokers and wasting time on fake promo videos and money on marketing. Just seeming trustworthy enough seems to be enough to lure traders to maintain their scam without attracting too much attention by review websites.

There are many scams out there, this being the worst kind there is because they seem trustworthy enough and different from the typical binary options scams you see these days. Unfortunately, just like all the rest, this is just a means for one person to gain wealth by means of trickery and lies. There is no team of professional traders, there are no quality signals, there are just lies and a potential to lose far more than $60 a month and your investment with the broker. Don’t waste your money with the Signal Snipe scam, you’ll only regret it in the end.

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