I am so tired of scams like the Shepard SDP scam. They seem to be everywhere and new ones keep popping up. At this point, the moment I see this kind of setup in a website I am already discouraged and almost 100% certain that it’s a scam. Still, I give them the benefit of the doubt and do the full research. From the looks of it though, people are already complaining that it’s simply not delivering, not to mention the absurd claims and the long and painful video of repetitive marketing lines and very bad acting.

Product Name:Shepard SDP Binary Options Software

Official Website:shepard-sdp.co

Minimum Deposit: $250

This, of course, is another Portland, Oregon production. They have put in a LOT of money in making the video with luxury rentals such as a luxury home, cars, helicopter, and a lot of paid local actors. Obviously, they are expecting a huge return on it, so let’s see if we can stop them before they even take off.

What is the Shepard SDP Scam?

Well, of course, this is a binary options scam, not that you will realize this immediately from the website or video. There is plenty of going around the topic until they’ve got you fully hooked. From that point on, you won’t care how, as long as you can live the life that he offers. Only, it’s all a lie and everything is completely fake in the video. Unfortunately, there is no chance to make that kind of money magically using this software, ever.


These guys have pulled out all the stops in getting this thing making them money, only, they overlooked some important points.


This same house is actually quite famous. It has been recycled numerous times in marketing videos such as this for other binary options scams.


It was used in the FreeMoney Guaranteed System Scam.


It was also used in the Fast Cash Biz Scam Software among many more.


So, he claims his name is Perry Shepard and runs Shepard SDP (Systemized Digital Profits). Only, there is no company by that name that is registered and THIS guy is nothing more than a local Portland actor.


It’s very sad that these days’ actors just can’t get any legitimate gigs where they don’t have to lie to people and help these scam artists just get richer. With that said, meet David Loftus, Portland actor.


Remember this list of trades, it will come up again. Just note that there are no dates or times on it.


The Skype scheme has been used in at least 2 other videos released by this same Vimeo profile. Before I continue, I just want to underline that this is a local Portland actor as well, but as he has changed his look a bit the proof I have found with his profile is not convincing enough.


The Quantum Code Scam also used the Skype scheme (where they are obviously reading a script).


The Perpetual Formula Scam also did the same Skype scheme with two local Portland actors. We are expecting to see this more and more.


They Facetime chat was a new twist but again, local actress, a very bad one may I add, reading off a script.


So wait, remember that list of trades I wanted you to keep in mind. Go back up and take a look. Here he is talking to one of his tech guys about the latest trades, before he was talking about trade history in general. Don’t forget it, it will pop up again.


Here comes the unconvincing demo.


He offers proof of date, though, in the end, the date is cut off from view in the demo. Regardless, we are in October right now, how are there still spots available if this video was made in June? Forget the fact that the software wasn’t even released until July, so how is it even possible for there to be people actually even sending success stories I don’t know.


First off, the software that he is giving a demo of is complete crap. It has been proven to be completely useless as it is used by nearly every single scam out there right now. It’s only meant to make it look like there is a legitimate software when they are only out to get your money.


Also, remember that big deal he made about proving that he is doing it on “todays” date, showing you a Google search and a newspaper clipping? Well, the software is off by 10 days!


Still, he’s deposited his money so let’s see what will happen.


Here is his automatic bonus (never ever sign up if there is a bonus as it’s a trap) and wait, what is this? The date magically changed to the 27th in a matter of seconds!


Four hours later and he’s going to give us the fake proof.


He pans in and out numerous times as he points out the profits, but never does he pan out enough to see the exact time, thus allowing us to confirm the time frame. Either way, the trades are fake and so are the profits. The sole goal is to get you to sign up.


Remember how I told you to remember that trade history. Well, after the demo he decided to scroll through the history of his latest trades that made him that $10K. Take a closer look, don’t they look familiar? Reuse, recycle, repeat. The same trade history he has been flashing throughout the whole video referencing to different trading altogether.

I don’t think it’s necessary to underline that this software was never featured in any of these.


So, in order to prove to you the user that has uploaded this software, take a look above. This is the video information and the user that it was uploaded by.


This is the popular Vimeo profile of Mark Doherty (50190197). See, after realizing that I am exposing their profile and proving that they release these marketing videos, thus linking them to numerous other scams they release, they started making the videos unlisted. The good thing is that I still have these video links and screenshots of what the profile looked like.


Yup, they have released scams such as the Drexel Code scam, the Azure Method scam, PerpetualFormula Scam, the Quantum Code Scam, and many more.


Don’t count on security here, these logos and stamps mean nothing.


All fake.


This image is downloaded from HERE.


Here is the second one.


So, take a look at the time and date. Here they are giving you “live” trades. This is over the weekend, take a look at your calendar.


However, you can easily check HERE when the markets are closed, and at this time, they ARE. This means that it is impossible to trade binary options as it is the weekend.


I was hoping to get to the software, but whatever you do, you always end up redirected to the broker. I was assigned Sigma Option, a very shady broker.

Overall, the Shepard SDP software is a complete scam and should be avoided. I do not recommend it at all.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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