Here we go again, the Self Made Millionaire Bizs is a rather old scam that has been done over and over again by the same guys, following more or less the same script. They provide zero real information as to how they actually achieve this marvelous feat, yet  people still fall for it. You can easily recognize this scam by its homepage. They seem to always use the exact same color scheme and website template, and the videos are usually more or less the same. They invest a lot of money into Fiverr actors and hope that it is enough to prove their point. It is not.

Name of Software: Self Made Millionaire Bizs

Niche: Binary Options Software Scam

Official Website:

In reality, they actually put in very little effort to create the website or provide you with information. The only effort that is actually applied in creating the promo website is to write up the scripts for the Fiverr actors and the voice-over actor and write a couple of marketing slogans. There are no screenshots, no demos, no viable or real information that can actually give you some sort of inkling that this could possibly  deliver on their promises.


The first step of the Self Made Millionaire Biz binary options scam is this. That’s it. They have forgone all efforts and just skipped it over, who needs it anyway. At least they are 100% certain that they will get your email to add to the mailing list that will soon fill your mailbox with so much spam that you end up having to ditch it and create a new one.


So, what is this scam? Well, it’s definitely not a new one. It has been around for quite some time, sometimes gaining momentum, sometimes disappearing, but always managing to scam more and more people. This is a binary options automated software scam that in the first video claims that it’s a signals software, while in the second it claims that it is automated. Surely, they probably don’t even know the kind of software that is attached to it, all they care about is the money that rolls in from the broker referral fees.


If you follow the link in the LIKE button on the page you are taken to their Facebook. From the looks of it the page has a bit over 300 likes, though there are only several posts and zero actual activity from visitors to the page. They provide some information in the info, but there is no way to confirm the address as there is no street number, so it’s just as useless if it wasn’t even there.

The Quick and Useless Testimonials

Before I continue, click HERE to watch the first video with controls.

The only thing that they go by in the promo videos are their fake Fiverr testimonials. They offer absolutely nothing but cheap actors reading a script. As it seems the video was done a while back, some of the video testimonial actors are no longer on Fiverr, but I managed to find enough to prove that the testimonials are fake.


Emily Benjamin is actually…


…using the username Gferdi which she shares with another actor in this video.


This one is actually quite popular on these scam videos.


Dclover1 has been in numerous other promo scam videos with her testimonials.


This is the husband, I am guessing, of the first of the revealed Fiverr actors in this article.


Gferdi is far more popular than his wife is.


This guy was a mission to find, but got him.


If you look through swerkl’s gigs you will find some example videos sitting in that same place.


I have got to say that one of the most popular guys on Fiverr seems to be this guy.


Strangely enough, oldmansteve he is also one of the worst Fiverr actors as well. Being an adorable old man is keeping him in the top ranks.


The video continues to introduce you to Jacob Adams. This isn’t Jacob Adams, and considering how general his name is, I believe it’s a made up name accompanied by a stock photo to make the website seem more personal. There is no such company, and there is no such person that owns a company by this name.


In all honesty, the first video provides you with zero information. I honestly got a headache watching it. It was so disorganized with words flying everywhere that it was difficult to follow. All in all, it repeats the same thing over and over again about the profits, but no means of how you actually make the.

Watch the Second Video.

What I found interesting in the second video is he claims to be the same person but it is so obvious that someone else is narrating it.

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Another inconsistency is the fact that in the first video he says that the system is a signals system where you are given the signals and then you place the trades yourself. In the second video he claims it’s an automated system that does the trades for you. It’s the latter. It loses your money for you without even moving a finger.


This is the software. We have seen it before in different color schemes a number of times. I tried looking up the number to see if it is associated with a company of some sort, but none could be found. In fact, I got zero search results on it.


Lastly, if you look at the IPaddress of the Self Made Millionaire Biz scam and the websites that share it you will see that there are 2 other similar scams on there. If you take a look at them you will find numerous similarities with this scam. Though in any other case, considering that there are a number of other websites on the same IP one may say it’s a coincidence, but a quick look at each reveals that they are obviously developed by the same people.

There is a whole lot you will find online about this scam and the numerous people scammed by them. They provide zero proof of any of their claims and aside from lies I found nothing else on the promo website of the Self Made Millionaire Biz scam.

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