There are some badly made scams out there, and the Satellite Trader App is most certainly one of them. They have not only reused the video from a previous scam called the GPS Trader, but have failed in every way to show any proof that there is any way that this binary options software can actually make any winning trades. It’s lies are so see-through that  unless you really have no experience with binary options or online scams, there is no way you would ever fall for it, but still, some do.

Product Name:Global Satellite Trader App


Minimum Deposit: $250

This automated binary options software gives zero proof that it is profitable, has zero transparency, there is no confirmable information, and uses a number of hired actors for its promotion, blatantly lying to anyone that ever shows enough interest to even visit the promo website.


All in all, the software is completely useless and you will lose your money.

Watch the First Global Satellite Trader App Video

You will find zero useful information but it is all you’ve got to go by.


Before I continue onto the details of the video, I want to underline one important point. The Global Satellite Trader App is uploaded by username Software Info on YouTube.


This same user, Software Info, also uploaded the promo video for another binary options scam, the Obcasio Software. This only proves that this is no unique software, but rather another binary options scam.


So, the claim is that with this scam software, Global Satellite Trader App, you can make at least $20K per day for life, EVERY DAY, from the looks of it, even when the markets are closed. Interesting, but quite impossible.


Wait, so, is this the Global Satellite Trader App or the GPS Trader App? From the looks of it, they have put little effort in this promo website as they are using the same video from another scam software called the GPS Trader App that was release earlier this year.


The CEO of this software is claimed to be Richard Heffner, only, no such person exists in connection to either the GPS Trader All or the Global Satellite Trader App. He is nothing more than an actor, and that name is fictitious.


The same name, Richard Heffner, as well as the same actor, were used for the Plenitude Formula. Another well-known scam released earlier this year.


In truth, this is none-other than PatrickGreen, actor from Portland, Oregon.


A random list such as this with made up names and information is a common tactic by all three of these scam apps, as well as many more.


The so-called demo of the software only proves one thing, that its identical to many other scams, and that chances of actually making a profit with it are slim.


His claim is that only when you make a profit does he make a profit as well, only he fails to mention exactly how that is possible and where he gets the money from.


Now, back to the demo. With a single trade he jumped $452.93. There is nothing in the trade history, and you cannot see how much is being bid per trade. Regardless, the amount of profit is more than the amount that was in the account to begin with. It is basically impossible to actually make such a profit off of one trade without the necessary funds to bid. Not to mention, it’s never recommended to bid that high with software such as this.


NO, actually he never worked for Garmin and even if he did, this position would not, in any way, help him with binary options.


His brother “Josh”, as he claims, was a Wall Street binary trader making a lot of money.


This is actually a stockphoto.


The software is based on this, super-fast data. Right.


So, not only does he guarantee you will make this absurd amount per day, but he claims that the system will auto-adjust your balance so at the end of the day if you do not, he will pay you the difference. We’ve heard this bull story several times with other scams.


Here is how the adjustment happens.


This is how it was presented in the Wall Street Focus Group, among many others. Aside from sharing this little bit of information, they also share nearly the same script. Take a look at the Transaction ID, the address, and the “Member for:” sections. Interesting how they are identical.


Don’t get me started on the horrid Photoshop job of this screenshot. Notice how clean and in focus the date, balance, transactions, and Welcome Richard Heffner are? Also, notice that the transaction is from GPS Trader, just to remind you that this is called the Global Satellite Trader, yet they are using a video from another scam.


Of course you don’t need to know how it works, that’s because it doesn’t work.


Another absurd claim, the fact that he claims that it has a 100% win rate is impossible.


Again, this list is fake, just a bunch of names with made up figures next to them. What I want to point out is his claim that he gets 10% on top of the profits. What I am trying to figure out is exactly how that happens? Who pays this 10%?


Now, this is a nice old story. Take a look.


So, he claims the GPS Trader (Global Satellite Trader scam) will be sold for an absurd amount of money, which is a lie.


This same sale website was used for the Multiplexer scam.


The Terabit Trader scam, as well as many more similar scams.


There must have been some issues with communication because the claims are you make $20K guaranteed with this scam, not $12K. Further inconsistencies to further prove that all of this is lies.

If you want to watch the secondvideo, go ahead, but you will find zero useful information there.


Here I will point out only one thing, the live trading continues over the weekend. What makes you think that this software is even working when it seems to continue trading even on the weekends when the markets are closed.


Finally, when you do enter the software you realize they’ve put in even less effort into it than one would expect. The chart does not work, it stays the same, the different menu items do not work either, there is no news or rates, and the only setting you are given is the strength of the signals. You cannot control the amount you bid per trade or anything else. All in all, a scam.


Still what did it for me was the fact that it is hosted by DWD Technologies LLC, the scam hosting company that has released most of the scams you see online today. Avoid the Global Satellite Trader app, it’s a useless binary options software that will only lose your money.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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