With so many scams out there, it’s easy to miss the release of a notorious one such as the Public Millionaire scam. It has been around for several months now, and not showing any signs of stopping. There are plenty that have already handed over their personal and billing information, and just as many that have lost their investments. This is a typical binary options scam, even if, at first, it seems quite different.

Product Name: Public Millionaire Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software

OfficialWebsite: www.public-millionaire.com

At first it may seem like something quite different, but a closer look reveals how typical it really is. Not to mention, anything mentioning “millionaire” in it, is a sure scam. If they feel the need to “sell” you these fortunes, then obviously they will be gaining far more than you in the end.

What is the Public Millionaire App Scam?

Well, it’s pretty clear what it is, isn’t it? This is a binary options scam that allows you to either select signals and trade them manually through the system or to trade on auto mode where their system does all the work for you. It seems fair and innocent enough, but it’s far from it. Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of people making money from this, and the only ones that are losing are the traders being promised millions.

Heavily marketed, this system has lured a lot of traders. With false positive articles written left and right luring desperate individuals looking to make money online, every day more and more lose their money while they gain a fat referral fee from the broker. They have put quite a bit into this scam, and have a slightly different approach that has been their success in luring traders.

Following the first step you are taken to what seems to really be the main page. Here you are greeted with the typical scam homepage that we are accustomed to. The auto play video with no controls, the fake “As Seen On” lies claiming this system has been very popular on the media, and the push for spots gradually counting down as you watch the video. All the signs are there. To make it clear, no, this scam has never been on any of these media outlets, there are PLENTY of spots left as they will take anyone that is willing to hand over at least $250 to become a millionaire, and you can watch the video in full at the link below with controls.

Watch the Public Millionaire App scam video with controls.

The good thing is that the video is actually rather short, in comparison to the many others that have always been far too long and boring. On the other hand, it does have the similarity of that it features a paid actor reading a script and claiming to be someone he is not. Though he does look familiar from another scam, I cannot say for sure. I am certain that this is not filmed in Portland, so it’s definitely not one of the actors I have exposed in the past. Either way, he is an actor and his claims are all false.

Among all the other lies he says, he does mention that this system is 100% free of charge for the first 6 months. Nowhere in the website does he ever mention this again or the terms past the 6 months. The reason for this is the fact that no one will be making it past 6 days, let alone 6 months. Your money will be long gone, so why even bother to try and think of a price for it so far into the future.

From what I gather from the video, the system works by following the trades of leading traders, also further calculating the quality of the trades. Sounds good, but I can tell you one thing right now, no successful trader or firm will ever just hand over signals just like that, and surely, not to a system such as this. Though there are some very successful traders out there, I can assure you that none of them are associated with the Public Millionaire scam in any way.

The system of course, looks rather familiar. With many nearly identical systems out there already being pushed and used to rob people of their money. Here he uses this screenshot to share the kind of money he has made with the system. This I find rather odd considering that anyone that has invested any sort of funds with binary options would perhaps keep a fat sum in their balance to continue to grow it, but would surely withdraw. For sure, I highly doubt they’d keep over a million dollars in there.

The video testimonials are no better either. This famous Fiverr actor has appeared in numerous other similar scams.

Klevitt70 is well known for his shady job of fake testimonials and selling his soul to make a buck while lying to people.

They’ve gone as far as to make a screenshot of his absurd profits. Again, well over a million dollars yet he keeps it in there without withdrawing? Considering the kind of profits he claims he has made, I wonder why he still sells his services for $5 on Fiverr?

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Considering our man up top, I think it’s pretty clear she is another Fiverr sellout. She must be rather new as I don’t remember seeing her in any of the other binary options scams, but surely we’ll be seeing more of her unless her conscience has gotten the better of her.

Of course, he’s got his own little testimonial box as well.

They’ve gotten creative and used a variety of sources for their fake testimonials.

Here they have used a stolen image from this woman’s personal profile.

Now, I want to make it perfectly clear that just claiming you are approved and verified is NOT enough. This can easily be said about anything, but for this to actually have any weight you MUST provide the information on the 3rd party and the official findings of this 3rd party. Just claiming its approved and verified is just as believable as me claiming I am an astronaut and expecting you to believe it.

I would like to make it very clear as well that profits such as these are not just excessive, but impossible with a mere $250 investment when it comes to binary options. The win rate that would require this to be actually possible is in fact impossible. Making it a very false statement.

In the second video, which does have controls available, you get a demo. Though all seems pretty decent with the demo at first glance, attention to detail is what they lack and what ultimately gave them away. Take a look at the top right corner of the system, here you will find the date Wednesday,November 23 2016.

Although in the end they have put in a lot of effort to make this as believable as possible, they have overlooked one tiny detail. If you take a look at the date up top when he is going through the actual trade history of the recent trades that have made him the claimed profits, you will notice that at the top the date is once again Wednesday, November 23 2016. Yet, this is supposed to be from the following morning, and there are even expired trades from the 24th. Time travel much? Thus, making this entire demo and the profits that come with it completely false.

The claimed win rate of 81% is impossible while the claimed monthly income of $35K is only a dream, especially considering that you will get only 5 trading signals per day.

It is clear as day that the Public Millionaire App is nothing more than another binary options scam looking for easy targets desperate enough to fall for it.

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