There is more than enough proof that the Profits Perpetual System is a scam without even having to too much into it, but for those convinced it’s the thing to invest in, here we go. To start, the profits claimed are absolutely impossible with a system like this. In the video he says that they are made by means of many small investments per trade, when in fact, considering the number of trades per day in the history of live trades, its obvious that this is a lie. From fake screenshots to use of actors and zero transparency and information, it’s a done deal. Nothing to see here move on.

Product Name:Profits Perpetual System

Niche: Binary Options Software

Official Website:

Official System Login Page:


There are plenty of ways to catch liars in their tracks, and I this case you can do it every step of the way. There is no truth anywhere in this website or the promo video provided.


Notice the “As Seen On” to the right of the video? Trust me, this scam has not been featured in anyof the media outletslisted. These are just uploaded images with no links to proof, that’s all. A quick search proves it all wrong. And if you think that the page or website is security protected or safe in any way, you are gravely mistaken.


What I want to point out first is the fact that the promo video was uploaded by Vimeo User RBRMarketing. This can be checked when you look at the code of the page and dig into the information of the video. It was a while ago that I did a review of another scam called the Profits Infinity scam, who also had their video uploaded by the same user. Since then though, the profile has been made private and no further information can be gathered. The fact still stands, the same user is behind both scams.


In the video you will see one of several screenshots. He refers to this one numerous times making it seem as if it’s something different due to the speed.


The same screenshot with obvious changes was used for the Profits Infinity Scam.


Not only that, you immediately get a contradiction in profits when you see what was “being transferred” into the account monthly and the daily profit claims. Need I say that this is just another one of those stolen screenshots that has been used time and again in various scams?


This guy claims he is Frederic Morton, but he is nothing more than an actor. He was actually a beta tester in a recent scam called the Rubix Project


Of course, that proves nothing, so here is his actor profile, his name is John Zoller. Look him up and you will find videos of him acting, there is no doubt it’s the same guy.


This is nothing more than a cheap Fiverr actor.


If you open up craigpmason’s Best Seller gig, you will find this very testimonial used to promote his talents. This also reveals who hired him for this.


This is improper85, the profile that hired him and a number of other actors that they seem to have used in other scams.


What I found even more interesting is that there is still a trace from before the Vimeo profile RBRMarketing went private on Google. When you search this username, it is linked as the real user behind that profile. We went full circle and revealed that, in fact, the entire video is a lie.


Of course, what’s a scam without an impossible 91% win rate!?


This, he claims is a profit in a single day. Seriously.


This is actually a broker bonus trap that I recommend you stay away from regardless the software or broker.


Then we get another glimpse of the Profits Perpetual scam software through a screenshot that keeps popping up over and over again in the video. It’s the exact same screenshot with the only difference of balance and total trades changed.


Then we jump to the impossible 100% win rate.


Then we have a demo. Here he demonstrates the date and balance, which are both cut off though they do get zoomed in. This software actually shows the time as well, but it was conveniently cut out. The fact that the software is identical to the many scams we’ve seen out there is also enough to turn anyone away as it’s proven to lose money.


Then, magically, just 24 hours later he claims that the software made over $15K in a single day. This is impossible. Not to mention that the live trades further prove that it cannot reach over 200 trades a day, even if they were profitable. Which, I want to underline, are NOT.


Again, don’t fall for the broker bonus trap. You will never be able to withdraw your money if you agree to it.


If you take a look here, the 15th of January is actually a Sunday, a day that the markets are closed for trading. Thus, the trades that are claimed to have been made on this day are fake, which basically makes ALL of the trades in this list fake. Actually, going even further, if you count all of the trades made on any given day they barely add up to 100, let alone more than 250. Which further shows that they are lying and that these are impossible profits.


The satisfied users are just another lie.


They are nothing but stolenimages from various profiles.


Or stockphotos that they’ve stolen from websites.


Once you take it past the second step and want to see what the software really is, you are actually asked to provide your billing information right on the website. You are not told what broker you are assigned, there are no Terms to agree to, nothing. Just enter your payment information in an unsecure website that has zero safety implemented to protect your personal and billing information. Please, do not enter your information here as this is how identity theft happens and your bank account gets completely drained. If you DID already enter your information, cancel the card and hope for the best.

The Profits Perpetual scam is nothing more than another copy promo page promoting a software that has been promoted numerous times in the past. The software has been proven time and again that it is not profitable and makes random trades, are you willing to risk it just because they changed the name to Profits Perpetual?

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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