There are some scams out there that at least seem somewhat legitimate, and then there is Profits Infinity. This scam is so plain and obvious that honestly, I am not sure how people are falling for it. Throughout the whole video and website there is absolutely nothing that is even close to believable and they push to sell so hard that I am not sure exactly how it is possible to miss the signs that this is a scam and that they are thieves.

Product Name: Profits Infinity

Niche: Binary Options Software

Official Website:

Minimum Deposit: $250

Verdict: SCAM!

Just like the numerous other scams I have reviewed in the past, this one lacks not only transparency, but truth in general. Just like Underdog Millionaire, the demo proves nothing, and just like Insured Outcome, it uses a paid actor on location rather than from Fiverr for their spokesperson. But that’s not all, I can prove that every word said and claimed in the website and video are lies.

What is the Profits Infinity Software?

This is another binary options software scam. If you want to learn to trade binary options or actually make profits with binary options, this is certainly not the place to do it. In fact, it isn’t more than halfway through the actual 20 minute video that you even find out that it has anything to do with binary options.


Mr. Mark Bromovich does not exist, just like with all other scams. The developers of this website and scam software hide behind an actor with a fake name in order to seem more legitimate. Do a quick search on this guy. Not only does no one by this name exist, but considering his claims, you would think that with that kind of money his name would be familiar.

The Testimonials from Profits Infinity

As with all other scam websites these guys use Fiverr actors. All of them are familiar but I will introduce you to the two most popular and famous in the world of binary scams.


Who he REALLY is.


Visit his Fiverr Profile HERE.


Who he REALLY is.


Visit his Fiverr Profile HERE.

TSI System Scam


Notice the background? It’s a family act, his girlfriend gets in on the action in a testimonial for Profit Insider Pro.


Also seen in Alive in 5 and numerous other scams. This couple is notorious in such scams.

The Fake “Proof”

Now, again similar to other scams they use a number of screenshots from various bank accounts and broker accounts to “prove” how profitable the software is.


Yes, they claim the software has been making money since 2014 but Whois Proves that this is in fact completely untrue. The software has been up since March of 2016. Making many of these screenshots completely irrelevant.


Those that are within the timeframe from when the software has been released, are screenshots from brokers not associated with the software. Currently the software is running through broker Option Rally, their “recommended” and “trusted” broker.


And don’t get me started on the claimed daily profits. With transfers every single day, as presented in one of the screenshots.


They jump their near $4K daily profits drastically and claim that on a daily basis they get transfers of over $10K and near $20K. Seriously, anyone with any sense and experience with binary options and such software knows well enough that this is actually impossible, unless you are VERY lucky and have made an over $5K initial investment. Not to mention that withdrawals are painful, delayed, and very complicated as brokers want to hang on to as much as possible before you withdraw. Daily transfers and withdrawals are highly unlikely.


There are so many inconsistencies with the kind of money you can make with this software that it’s almost impossible to figure out the possibilities with this software. The reason? They don’t even know the kind of profits that are possible because so far no one has made a profit.


Why am I not revealing all of the screenshots? Well, that’s because throughout the video they ALL repeat, over and over, and over again!

In 2 minutes you’ll be given a choice, right, the video is more than 20 minutes long, and you are forced to watch it all without skipping as they want to completely brainwash you before they reveal you have to make a $250 investment.


The claims of a win rate of 96.8% is also completely false and virtually impossible. In fact…


The mere insinuation that a trade can be returned back into your balance if it is below the high percent of 96.8 chance of actually winning is impossible.


Not to mention that there is absolutely NO BROKER out there that will allow you to keep all of the profits. NOT ONE.


So, basically, they claim if the trade is a losing trade it will exit out of the trade and return the invested money back into your account? Do they even know how binary options work?


The sob story that is mean to make this clown look like a decent human being with a real life story…


…is taken way too fare and is so over dramatic that instead of making you trust him more makes you almost want to laugh at how stupid they must think people are to fall for it.


With those types of profits, I mean, seriously, the software would be a household name.


Bonus Claims by Profits Infinity

So, if you sign up you get a $300 bonus.


Only, you get it from the broker, not the company behind this system (which is not mentioned).


Then you return this bonus when you hit $1000.


It will be automatically deducted from your profits. If you have any idea at all how brokers and software work in general you will know very well that not only is this impossible, but any form of bonus you receive from a broker means you are tied down with this broker and your money cannot be withdrawn until you have reached a certain, usually very high, trade volume.


The Demo

Its laughable. There is no real way to confirm any of this is true as there is no chart, no history of trades with their times and rates, nothing. Zero. Just Photoshop and a screenshot of the software. Also, notice the consistent change in brokers in the screenshots of the software throughout the video?

26-profits-infinity-scam-absurd-demo 27-profits-infinity-scam-absurd-demo-2

Then, in the results, the screenshot is cut off and you cannot see the profit, the time, or any other useful information that will allow you to really get proof.


Considering the “generous” bonus, you will NOT be able to withdraw at any time.


You aren’t even given a choice. The bonus is given automatic whether you want it or not.


The interesting thing is that this website, software, and overall setup of the whole scam is very familiar. It is identical to the Lie Detector Software scam. Just take a look. Down to the bonus.


The Profits Infinity Software

The software itself looks very familiar as well don’t you think? Not to mention that there is no way to find out if the signals you will receive are accurate and even if the rates are up to date and consistent with what is really going on in the market.


Lie Detector Millionaire


Free Money Guaranteed System


Daily Trader Club


Virtual Income Scam


Who is Behind the Profit Infinity SCAM Software?

Interestingly enough, there is zero transparency. No information about who is really behind this software. Through some digging through and some in depth research I found the profile behind the videos. It is RBR Marketing. Some of the individuals connected to this seemingly inactive profile connected shortly after the private videos were uploaded (why you cannot see them listed under videos), leading me to believe that they are all working for the same company RBR Marketing.

Similar viral scam sites to avoid:Millionaires CodeRapid Income MethodIce 9 TechnologyHoffman Stein Nexus APPPerpetual Formula


Though some have general names, others are quite specific that can hardly be confused with someone else. Turns out they are all from various parts in Africa.


Now, we come to an interesting point. In the Whois information you are provided with some compromising for them registration data. Initially it seems like the information of the hosting company or a Proxy company, but turns out it is far from the truth.


A quick search revealed that in London, at this very same address, a company RBR Marketing has been registered back in 2012.

Confirm this information HERE.


A quick look at the Officers reveals, just as with Whois, that the director is Michael Clapcott. Who is he? Take a look.


Visit his profile HERE. Also, if you fall for this horrible scam and can’t seem to get in touch with the people behind it. I highly recommend you contact this guy as I am 100% sure he will have YOUR money in his pocket. You can find ALL of his contact information above.

So, like many of the other scams I have reviewed so far, the Profit Infinity Software hide behind lies, fake promises, and actors. There is little difference between this and other scams like Daily Trader, Underdog Millionaire, Insured Outcome, and many more.

Although I highly encourage proper research and for you to be 100% sure of a software before you invest, I have been asked numerous times about which software has given promise. So far, the only one that I feel could be promising is the Copy Buffett Software. This is not only based on information I have found on them, but also on various forums in which I participate and join in discussions where real traders share their experiences. In this case, I am happy to say that there are far more traders sharing proof of a steady profit rather than loss which is a good sign in a sea full of scams. Read my Copy Buffett Review and do some research on your own to decide for yourself, but please, stay away from the Profits Infinity Software if you want to keep your money and your dignity.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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