There are scams, and then there is the Profits Eternity scam. What sets this scam apart from many of the rest is that it actually seems believable and I can see people really falling for it. It really is a horrid piece of work that is bound to rob a whole lot of innocent people. Of course, it consists of nothing but lies, but to someone new to scams or binary options this could really seem like the opportunity of a lifetime.

Name of Software: Profits Eternity

Niche: Binary Options Software Scam

Official Website:

Though scams like these are pretty common these days, most of the videos feature a male actor and a more professional and somewhat aggressive approach. By using a woman they have softened it up a bit as well as made it far more appealing to women, thus increasing their potential. The problem is that nothing is real and you will lose your investment, regardless how many times she repeats her lies.

What is the Profits Eternity Scam?

This is a binary options robot scam that is portrayed as unique and original, only it isn’t, it has been used time and again to lie to so many others. The scam is developed with the sole purpose to gather your personal and billing information as well as get a nice fat referral fee from the broker once you sign up as a new trader. The software trades at random, and in fact, it has been claimed time and again that it is set to actually lose your trades rather than win them. This way they can push for even more investments claiming it was something you did wrong.


The truth is that there is no truth here. You will not make upwards of $6K a day, an impossible feat with a binary options software, and trust me, there are plenty of spaces when it comes to them making money. As long as their site doesn’t get taken down for being a scam, they will keep gathering new traders for their shady broker.


You were not specially selected. Mailing lists are sold and thousands of emails are sent. The pyramid of this scam goes down to the person sending you the invitation email and they all profit except for you.


I am going to show just one of the screenshots. I just want to underline here that these are all fake screenshots, ones that are not from the software or from use of the software. The same goes for the rest. Just looking at the absurd amounts she is claiming per day is enough to convince me that this is a scam.


It’s interesting how honest they try and make her look and how she speaks as if she really thinks she is a millionaire. The problem is that no woman by the name of Jane Creswell that looks like this exists. Actually, there is no official owner of a software called Profits Eternity as no such company exists.


See, the truth is, she is nothing more than a cheap commercials actress from Portland, Oregon, called Jan Brehm. Don’t mind this shot of her, she most certainly does not look like that, just like the scam website, so are her headshots with plenty of Photoshop and touching up.


See, she took part in another scam video for another scam software called Auto Mobile Code with another popular face in the scam industry. In fact, take a look at her whole collection of cheesy videos in her YouTube channel. I may seem a bit brutal, but if that’s what it takes to get these actors to start actually acting rather than scamming people, I’m up for it.


See, she didn’t make nearly $10 million in one year, I mean, think about that for a moment. She hasn’t made anything. The owners of this scam that are hiding behind her face haven’t made that much either, even after scamming so many people, though I am sure they are close. One thing is for sure, they didn’t make it with binary options.


Actually, Forex trading is in fact very risky, even when you know what you are doing.


Zero, nothing, nada.


Only, she wastes a LOT of time repeating the same useless promises for a half an hour, yet cannot provide a tiny bit of real proof of how effective the software really is.


Perhaps some high quality software that really works really does cost money and require upwards of $5 million to invest, but this certainly is not it.


And flashing a bunch of famous faces should not convince you otherwise. There is zero connection between the famous individuals in the videos and this scam. Trust me.


I mean, seriously, she claims Brad Pitt and such stars are among her client list yet, interestingly enough the trading community just now hears of it? Sure.


Here she basically claims that the win rate of the software is 98.8%, though she also claims it never loses. Only, that win rate is impossible.


So many systems claim this, yet with all of my experience with binary options I have yet to actually see any of them achieve this. Considering that this is actually a well known software with only a different name, I am 100% certain that no such thing exists here.


Oh no, she doesn’t claim that at all.


….scammed by people like you.


The truth is, this is actually a $300 broker bonus, and it all depends on how much you invest and in general the broker terms. If she were giving you $300 she should simply pay you the initial investment and give you a head start like that. If that were the case I’d believe that this is not a scam. Only, the only thing you get is lured into a broker bonus that prevents you from ever withdrawing your money again.


Her demo is outrageous. You get nothing but two separate screenshots.


Not only that, but she claims a lapse of 1 day when there are in fact 2 days between the two screenshots. There are only 22 won trades at the trade amount of $25 per trade. Not sure how good you are at math, but I think it’s a rather simple answer. It’s simply impossible.


Though the second video holds nothing of value, I thought it was interesting that she claims it’s a download area when it’s an online based software.


The only two testimonials provided in this scam website reveal that in fact there are no testimonials. Both are well known Fiverr actors.


Of course, once you pass the 2nd step you think you are in. But, you are stuck again. You are actually asked for your credit card information right on this unsecure and unsafe website. This is basically walking down the street and handing your credit card over to the first passerby and hope for the best. Seriously, nothing safe about this at all.


I managed to get past the clutches of the identity theft page and reached the software. Surprise, surprise, it’s the same as the numerous scams out there.


See, nearly every scam that I have reviewed over the last year uses this exact same software. There are no special algorithms, no special trader signals, no security trades that prevent you from losing money. You lose it all, period. I have seen this software fail time and again, and I doubt it will be any different with the Profits Eternity scam.


Though they can claim the promo website has been around since recently, they cannot say the same of the system page. See, just like the promo website, it has been around since the beginning of October of this year. How is it possible for it to have already made the profits she claims over the time frame she claims for so many people when the software has been up for just over a month? Check more information HERE.


Lastly, a quick search in the code of the official website reveals that the video was uploaded as unlisted in Vimeo by user 4014133, RBR Marketing. They have gotten smarter since I started revealing that they release scam videos, but I take care to leave a trace of their nasty little habit. Check out their now completely clean profile HERE.


In my Profits Infinity scam review you will see that it was none-other than RBR Marketing that released their promo video as well.

All in all, the Profits Eternity System provides plenty of information that there is no way that you will NOT be profitable using their software, you just need to read between the lines, do your research, and always question their claims.

Anna Georgieva

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