If you landed on the Profit Trigger Scam website you may think, as with many other scams, that you have hit the jackpot. They certainly make it seem that way especially with the grand opening of the video. Only, there is very little truth to their words.

Product Name: Profit Trigger

Niche: Binary Options Software

Spokesperson: N/A

Official Website: profit-trigger.com

Minimum Deposit: $250

What is the Profit Trigger Scam?

Well, this is nothing more than another binary options scam software just like many others I have reviewed in the past. Similar to the Free Money Guaranteed, Lie Detector Millionaire, and Binary Interceptor, the idea is to sign up with their preferred broker and trade binary options. Only, the software they are trying to get you to use and the broker are both not only  untrustworthy, but losing your money will become a fact.


In the video they discuss how 5.3 Trillion Dollars are made through trading every day.


Though this may be true.


The claims that he basically “steals” a small percent of that money daily is absurd, and if it’s true, illegal.


Just think about that. How exactly would he be able to take .0000000001% from all corporations around the world?


The reason he does it? Because he doesn’t want to suddenly get that much money in his account. What!? Is it legal or illegal? So far nothing has made any sense.


So, he created a legal and registered program (ITS NOT REGISTERED) in order to steal money? What idiot came up with the script!?


Now we get to the bottom of it, you will be trading. Ok, thought so. All the information you get is that it generates trades. Interesting.


Then the money from the trades will be distributed evenly. Do these people have any idea what binary options are and how they work.


Trust me, there are far more spots available than 33. In fact, the more the happier they will be because they will get more money from the broker.


So, the money you will make is made through binary options or through stealing a small percent of the billions of dollars traded by big corporations? I’m confused. I really shouldn’t be, it’s another crap story and explanation with the sole goal to get people with zero experience in binary options to fall for signing up with their broker.


You get a whole year to try this. I guarantee that it will take no longer than a whole week, if you are even given access to the software itself, before you lose all your invested money.


In a year this website and this software will no longer even be up. They will shortly disappear when it gets enough complaints.


Just another widget that anyone can add into their website.

Second Step of the Profit Trigger Scam


Known to many, really? Accessed by very limited few? I doubt it.


I just want to underline here again, the program or company is NOT Registered!


Oh they look so happy and wealthy now right? Not! Take a look at who they really are. Stock photos!







The Profit Trigger Scam Software

See, when you are not even given a quick insight into the software, what makes you think that one actually exists?


I am curious as to what this software is and how it works, but when one isn’t even shown how do you even know one exists? There is zero transparency, no company, no name, no real contact information (in fact, no contact information period). They are a ghost!


Of course, you have to first put your money down in order to even get a glimpse into what you are investing with. So, if nothing happens beyond you making the investment what happens? Your money simply disappears into oblivion. Are you willing to trust them? You aren’t even taken to the real broker website to make your investment! What guarantees security when you are entering your credit card number? Not only are you giving them $250, no questions asked, but you are also providing them with your personal and financial information!


Observe the IP Address,


Now observe the IP of the 10 sites above. Each website is on the exact same IP. Some of these I have even reviewed before. Of course, all have hidden Whois information, all but one.

The Airporfitbot.com doesn’t have the Whois Protection that the rest do. An oversight I am sure, back when it was originally registered they rarely did that kind of thing. My search revealed the following:


A bit more research revealed that there are several other websites registered with this address and phone, all of which Ryan Zoellick as the owner under the company Smart Trade Holdings/Media. In fact, there are several trading websites some of which are scams that are registered with company Smart Trade Holdings/Media. Only, no such company really exists. A quick look at the LinkedIn profile of Mr. Zoellick reveals some more information.

He no longer works with them, in fact, not since October 2015, actually around the time this Profit Trigger website was actually registered.


What I find interesting, is it was around that time that the company seems to have dissipated. The website is no longer up, and they have simply disappeared. In fact, there is no trace that this company actually existed. This leads me to believe that Mr. Zoellick is behind it all and making some extra money on the side. Visit his LinkedIn profile HERE and see if perhaps you can find more answers than I have.

Interesting what his position with the company was. Perhaps he took work home when he left? Perhaps not. The fact is, behind this software and the numerous other scam websites. Though for now I have not found connection to the BO not BS, Drexel Code, Super Simple Bot, and other scams I have reviewed, the idea is the same. Rob hard working people of their money. The Profit Trigger website and software are a scam with the sole goal of getting you to lose at least $250.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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