I have received several requests to review the Profit Insider Pro because it seems to offer plenty but doesn’t really give much information. Many people are getting lured by this scam and are asking if it really is worth the investment. I will continue as I have in the past and provide you with a review that is honest and informative. I will provide you with as much information as can be found on this software, the man behind it, the company, and in general whether it really is worth your money.

Product Name: Profit Insider Pro

Founder & Chairman: Daniel Thompson

Official Website: profitinsiderpro.com

Broker: TitanTrade

Potential Profit: €10,826 in 5 months

Minimum Deposit: €250

Now, as with other scams out there, this one is focused on individuals that have no idea what binary options are and in general, those with little to no experience with scams. He mentions how this is the ideal software if you are tired of scams but certainly, the contradicts himself every step of the way revealing that this software and this website is nothing more than another scam.

About Profit Insider Pro

This is a software developed by Daniel Thompson, or so he says in his very eloquent and attention grabbing video. He pushes on the point about how this is not like other software out there and that it is so different from the scams you have seen before. This is a binary options software that does the trading for you. In the video he offers to double your money, out of his pocket, but if you know anything about binary options and brokers it’s not out of his pocket but through the broker. The broker gives you an option of a 100% bonus and pushes you to invest far more than the minimum. Not only that, this bonus comes with plenty of unspoken terms such as a certain turnover before you can withdraw your money. So, basically, you make an investment and your money is held hostage until you have reinvested it a set number of times before you can actually see your profit in your bank account. Obviously though, you don’t need to worry about this as you will not be making any profit.


Overall, there is very little transparency in the website, they don’t even have a disclaimer or terms and conditions, there is no contact information, no company information, and no address. There is no way to confirm if this is really a real company, to contact anyone real, and no way to confirm if this really is a reliable software unless you dig deep and look into the small details that reveal all.

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The Profit Insider Pro Video

Of course, like all similar scams, the website is based on a video. There is absolutely no other information in the website except 2 videos that cannot be controlled in any way. You cannot skip over the bogus marketing crap and cannot rewind to hear something that you may have missed. You can watch the video for yourself and see how many times this guy contradicts himself.


There is no legitimate binary options software out there that can make such guarantees. This is not only impossible, but it is so painfully obvious that only someone with absolutely no experience with binary options would fall for it. You would have to make a major initial investment, make hundreds of trades a day, and win every single one in order to make even a portion of this let alone on a small €250 investment.


Again, this is focused on those with little to no experience with binary options. Yes, the software really is free but you WILL have to take out your Wallet and Credit Card because you DO have to make a minimum investment in order to actually start seeing these profits.


Totally different, right, and I am Santa Claus. He IS trying to get you to part with your cash and he is desperate! If he wasn’t he would have made this very intricate video filled with various push marketing schemes.


You know how I mentioned the contradictions in the video and website? Here we go. This desperate guy is pushing anyone to jump on the bandwagon and throw their money at him so he can desert the website, close it down, and leave you stranded without a penny left of your investment.


This is probably the only logical thing he has said throughout the video. In fact, only legitimate software and brokers actually allow you to set up a dummy account where you can use it for a certain period of time not only free, but without investing. This way you can see if the software really works.


We will certainly discuss this later. He claims that there are already numerous people making money with this software yet he doesn’t have one real testimonial anywhere in his video.


No, he will not tell you a lame “rags to riches” story, he will do something even better. His wife had a baby and he wanted to spend time with them, spent a lot of money to get the software developed (software that is already used in numerous other scams) and then became super rich and spends time with his family. Half of his video is his lame story.

The Profit Insider Pro Software

So, in the video he does a quick demo of the softwaer. Obviously, its impossible to actually see much because the video is of horrible quality. Of course, if you know what you are looking for you can easily see how completely bogus it is. Fist he does about 10 different trades (in the video he says they are 12 but whatever, he must not be good with numbers I guess) and loses 2 of them. He stops the video and then shows you the results. He claims to have made over €1700 during this set of trading yet if you take a closer look the trades are no more than €100 investment per trade. Considering that brokers, especially TitanTrade, do not offer more than 75%-80% return rate on wins these numbers are in fact completely impossible!


Of course, actually catching this is nearly impossible as you cannot go back in the video to take a closer look and he does it very quickly. Considering the trade amounts he has showed us, even with 50-100 trades a day it is impossible to get the results he is claiming.


Not only that, does the software seem familiar? If you have ever tried other software or even visited other scam websites and gotten to the point where you see the software you will notice that this is the software of choice by numerous scams.


This is the exact same software used by scams such as Glory Trader, TauriBot, Trade X Confidential, Triana Soft, Golden Paradigm, Binary Brain Trust, and many more.

13-profit-insider-pro-scam-scan-software-used-for-binary-brain-trust 14-profit-insider-pro-scam-scan-software-used-by-other-scams 15-profit-insider-pro-scam-scan-software-used-by-trianasoft 16-profit-insider-pro-scam-scan-software-used-by-tradexconfidential 17-profit-insider-pro-scam-scan-software-used-by-goldenparadigm

About the Developer

So, this guy, Daniel Thompson, is claimed to have developed this software. Unfortunately, wherever you look he cannot be found. There is no social media profile of anyone connected to this software, no LinkedIn account associated with this name and software, and no one with his type of history and current business anywhere online.


Interesting how he doesn’t share any information about his real history. There is no way to confirm anything he says.


He claims that this software, once properly released will cost €995 but he will give it to you for free to do a review of it. Interestingly enough, he already claims that there are many people using his software and making big profits. Unfortunately, all of them are paid testimonial actors which I will get into later.


Of course, the push for time and space is always there. With only 100 spots available you would think that he doesn’t need to try and sell you this software and push you through cheap marketing tactics. If it was really so profitable he would have a hard time keeping people away from it instead.


I mentioned this earlier, he will not double your money, the broker will. At a price. If you accept any of the broker bonuses your money will be held hostage until you have either traded a certain number of times or until you lose it. I am sure you can guess which one will come first.


I just want to underline here that I have been working on this review for the last 2 days and so far the 100 spots have not been filled up. This is because there is no limit to the spots available. They are willing to scam as many people as possible.

Video Testimonials

I left this for last because it’s my favorite part. I don’t understand why they haven’t learned their lesson and started using some original and new Fiverr actors. Plenty to go around. They just keep recycling these guys.


23-profit-insider-pro-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actor-1 24-profit-insider-pro-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actor-1-profile

This is probably the only smart one of the bunch. At least he didn’t upload the video testimonial used in this website to complete my proof that he is nothing more than an actor that has never even seen the software. Check out his profile HERE.


25-profit-insider-pro-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actor-2 26-profit-insider-pro-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actor-2-profile

I love the fact that they don’t even know how to cover their tracks. They actually flaunt what great “actors” they are and upload their fake testimonials. Here is her Fiverr Profile.


27-profit-insider-pro-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actor-3 28-profit-insider-pro-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actor-3-profile

Here is a quick snapshot of the same video in a Fiverr gig she has for doing fake testimonials. Check out her profile HERE.


30-profit-insider-pro-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actor-4-profile 29-profit-insider-pro-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actor-4

If you look through her gigs and her videos you can actually use the video for this software to show how great she is at lying to people. Fiverr Profile HERE.


31-profit-insider-pro-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actor-5 32-profit-insider-pro-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actor-5-profile

What’s great? He also has used the testimonial video from the website to show what a great actor he is. Check out his Fiverr profile HERE and look it over.

One thing I want to underline here is the fact that they all claim to have used the software over the last 60 days. This, in fact, is impossible because the software has been online since the 29th of February, 2016. As the software is online based there is no way that they’ve actually tried it, aside from the fact that they are all paid actors that use the same video from the website to advertise their talents.

Connection to Other Scams

The Profit Insider Pro website is connected to a number of other scam websites. A quick search of its IP reveals that there are actually at least 5 active scams that are not only similar to this, but are directly connected to this website. They have used the same actors, the same schemes, and same IP address along with a number of other websites the people behind this website have obviously done on commission.

Here are some of the scams they are also behind:

  • com
  • net
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • Work-from-home-today.com
  • com

There are also several moneymaking scams directed towards Spanish speakers as they follow the same scheme but everything is in Spanish. After a quick translation you can easily see the connected between the to. They are obviously not a very creative bunch considering the painful similarities between their different schemes. Obviously this is some smartass working as a website developer that though he had a grand idea of scamming people on the side. This is no binary or trading mongrel, no investment genius, just another scam artist looking to steal your money.

In conclusion….

Do not waste your time or money on this scam. There is absolutely nothing real about the website, nothing true in the videos, and no way you will be able to make any profits at all. The Profit Insider Pro is nothing more than the latest scam in a sea of badly made scams looking to rob you of your money.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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