We have seen plenty of binary options systems, but few with such an absurd theory such as the Profit Ball System Scam. Now, to an extent, the idea behind it could be possible, only, in this case, it is a proven fact that it will not be profitable and that all of the signals are random and likely will throw your money to the wind before you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into. The scam artists behind this system are plain and simple, just like with all the rest of the similar scams out there.

Product Name: My Profit Ball Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software

OfficialWebsite: www.profitball.co/lp.php

The My Profit Ball scam is based on a theory that cannot in any way possibly work with binary options. The entire scam scheme has been designed specifically to lure unsuspecting individuals that are looking to make a quick buck online in desperation, and doing a good job of it. The idea is to grab those that have no idea what binary options are, sports fanatics, and hopefully, desperate enough to throw $250 in the wind in hopes of earning big bucks overnight. Unfortunately, anyone that has any idea what binary options are knows well enough that it’s not as easy as that, and certainly not as profitable with such a small investment.

With claims such as $1000 a day, $7000 in a week with a mere $250 investment is where we first get the idea that this really is a scam that should be avoided. There is absolutely no possible way that anyone can make that kind of profit with a mere $250 investment, especially with a scam system such as this. Even though they claim a 100% win rate, which is impossible, such profits are near impossible.

What is the My Profit Ball Scam System?

You are greeted with the same scheme that every other binary options scam greets you. An auto play video that cannot be controlled, that is too long for comfort forcing you to ignore it and skip over to the next step.

The idea behind this entire system is that it relies on a sports psychology strategy in order to get signals and thus make automatic trades. The system is an automated binary options robot scam where the signals are random as it’s impossible to apply sports psychology strategy to binary options. Although it can be applied to an extent to trade stocks, it does not apply to currency pairs, basically what binary options is generally traded in. The theory altogether is absurd and thought up solely to sure sports fans that want to make a buck online. Sports psychology basically has nothing to do with binary options trading.

The men behind this scam software are claimed to be Terry Mason and Joshua. They are claimed to be the developers of this system, and to be famous in their fields. Only, a quick search reveals that no such individuals exist and have never been mentioned in the fields they claim to have fame in. In fact, this is just another Portland production as with the many other scams out there. The individuals claimed to be the developers are nothing more than cheap and bad actors that are paid to read a script and everything else is a rented space for the video. The person behind this scam would never reveal their face for I am sure that there are plenty of people out there looking to get their money back after being so badly scammed.

Another part of the lie is the fact that they claim that this is a 100% guaranteed win rate system. Now, if you have any experience with binary options at all, you will know well enough that there is no such thing in existence. It is impossible. Though there are some great traders out there that get very good results due to their experience and knowledge, and quite a bit of luck, a win rate of 100% is impossible. The most that I have ever seen a system ever achieve is 75%-80%, and that is far fetched and short-lived as well. There is no way to predict binary options regardless what algorithm you apply and how fast the system is. Period.

Once you do decide to go through the rest of the steps to sign up for the system you quickly realize that perhaps there isn’t even a system to begin with. In fact, you are automatically redirected to the broker page where you will be asked to invest a minimum of $250 in order to even see it. As I don’t have $250 to just throw away for a mere glimpse of this scam system, I have absolutely no idea if it even exists. From the looks of it though, it doesn’t seem that anyone has even seen it as there are no screenshots of it anywhere online. This leads me to believe that you are simply forced to use the broker’s automated system and you never again hear from these guys again until they’ve created a new scam system and start sending you mass spam emails to lure you into their newest scheme.

All in all, I think at first glance it’s more than clear that this is a scam system. There is no need to dig deeper, prove actors, or try and provide you with extensive information on the people behind it. It’s more than enough to see that what they are claiming is the “logic” behind this system is completely impossible with binary options to understand that your money will be wasted if you invest it with them. The rest is pretty obvious, it doesn’t take a lot to see through their lies, push marketing, and absurd claims.

There are plenty of ways to make money online, but one this is a fact, trying to make money online through binary options by means of the My Profit Ball scam will get you nowhere fast and waste your money.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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