The Profit4Patriots binary options scam is the latest among numerous other scams on the market today offering big profits and delivering big losses. This is one of those typical scams that has numerous inconsistencies, uses actors, and provides zero proof of real profits. The long auto-play video provides you no real information about the actual software and you don’t see the software at work anywhere throughout the website. This leads me to believe that perhaps, no such software really even exists.

Product Name: Profit4Patriots

Niche: Binary Options Software

The scam itself follows more or less the same guidelines as the numerous other scams out there. The auto-play video is long and useless, the testimonials are lies with stolen images, the trade historyproves nothing more than that the trades are all fake, and there is no software demo or real information. Don’t get me started on the bad acting and the typical glorified life that they promise.

What is the Profit 4 Patriots Binary Options Software Scam?

This is a binary options automatic trading software that does all the trading for you, in short, losing all of your money. Though they mention that they will train you and provide you with tools to grow as a trader, no such proof was found. After going through the whole registration process I discovered that there isn’t even a software. All you are led to is a shady broker they encourage you to invest with.


From the looks of it, the sole reason this website is up is to convince you to sign up with the broker they send you to. They will deliver nothing. You get stuck with a shady broker and hope for the best.


After what feels like an hour-long intro you are introduced to Douglas Ward. Now, if he really was a successful trader and the developer of this software you would think that this guy would be somewhere, anywhere, else aside from this promotional scam video. After a long and painful search for him in all of the social media and business websites I came up with absolutely nothing. This guy simply does not exist. I think it’s pretty clear that the man sitting in that chair is nothing more than an actor.


Again, if he has been in the industry for so long and has had the success he claims I guarantee you will read about him somewhere. Whether it’s a LinkedIn profile or a trader’s forum, he’ll show up. Today no one exists without at least a small trace online. In the case of Douglas Ward, there is zero information anywhere about him except for this scam website and the numerous negative reviews and fake positive reviews.


So, there is no algorithm or special famous traders you will be getting your signals from. You will be getting the signals, strategies, forecasts, and tactics from this guy right here. The guy that has absolutely zero history and no proof whether he has even traded before in his life. Ready to trust him?


The first thing that became apparent while watching the video was the fact that there are major inconsistencies with the possible profits using this so-called software. First he claims $1,500 a day in 15 minutes, continue reading to see how many times the potential profits will change.


Just a few seconds later he repeats the possible profits, but this time they’ve dropped down to $1,200 a day with 15 minutes of work. The inconsistencies will continue so keep reading.


The tone of the whole video is very rude and aggressive. I think he could have driven the point home without pointing out how the whole software is against Americans and Russians. It’s a little extreme if you ask me, and though I can guarantee you that it all depends solely on the brokers and not his crap software (that doesn’t seem to exist). He is playing off the hate that many 3rd world countries have for both America and Russia, which is rather disgusting and low.


The rest of the website in the first step provides even more lies. Of course, the monthly profit does not answer to the claimed daily profits AT ALL. When you see that there are UP TO 15 trading signals per day, I am sure you can do simple math and see that such profits are absurd. Another thing that is noted is 76% of the winning trades, again, this is based solely on the broker, not the software. With scams like these, you will find that they work with several different brokers so as to cover as many locations as possible as not all brokers work with everyone.


The solid proof that I have found that shows that not only is there no software and that there are no real trades being made or won, is their trading history widget they have on the website. Here you can scroll back to the last weekend and see the absurd number of trades. If you have a basic knowledge of binary options you will know well enough that the markets are closed over the weekend and it’s impossible to trade binary options.


Then there is their wealthy members. All, of course, stolen images of individuals online. These images are heavily cropped so as to make searching for them nearly impossible.


I did manage to find this guy though. He is actually a musician from Kazakhstan named MeirambbekBespaev.


So, not only is there no system to speak of, but he also wants to make sure that you add the spam email you will receive to your address book. This means you will receive more and more spam in your email and not only from this website, but from every single scam out there as your email will be sold over and over again.


The second step takes you to another video that almost seems to be talking about a completely different scam. Of course, we jumped from the 76% profit from the winnings to 100%, but hey, don’t worry about it. You won’t have to even think about the kind of percent you will be getting as you will lose your entire investment.


The whole idea behind these statements is that you are making huge investments per trade which is something I do not recommend with software like this.


The inconsistencies with the profits continue. Obviously, they can’t seem to get their story straight. Will it be $30,000 per month trading 15 minutes/seconds per day or $30,000 a month trading half an hour each day? Make up your minds!


The win rate is more reasonable than most, but considering that there are only up to 15 trade signals per day, it really doesn’t seem possible that you will be making the absurd profits they claim.


Seriously, the potential profits are killing me.


Wait what!? From 15 signals per day we jumped to 70!?


Then you take a look at his own trade history and see the absurd investments per trade that he is making! No new trader should ever take such risks.


Finally the potential profits explained in more detail. Where they get that major gap between $6K to $100K with just a small difference of $750 investment I don’t know, but its serious. Whatever you do, if you decide to invest with this scam software do not invest anything more than the absolute minimum until you are 100% sure it’s worth it!


All in all, when you’ve gone through the two painfully long videos and the two sign-up steps, you are thrown straight at the shady broker. That’s it. You don’t see a software, you are given an option to see it, you are not even logged into the Profits 4 Patriots website anymore! You are automatically signed up for the broker and taken to the investment page.

The Profits 4 Patriots scam may be relatively new with very little real feedback from real people that have tried it, but I don’t think it’s necessary. It is very options that this is nothing more than a typical scam that has very little effort put into it and even less thought behind the story.

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