So, another Portland Production with the Plenitude Formula scam. This is nothing more than another one of those binary option scams that claim to be anything but a scam but are nothing more but one. I find it disgusting that these actors can actually sit and read these scripts with a straight face over and over again, knowing they are the face of these scams, and continue to do it. With that said, as many of the actors in this video have been the face of numerous other scams, I will do my best to expose them to the fullest as the real culprits behind the scam will perhaps never be known. The only way to hurt them is to discourage these actors from partaking in future scam videos.

Product Name:Plenitude Formula scam


Minimum Deposit:$250

I think it’s needless to say that everything you will see and hear on this website is a complete lie. There are no real testimonials, the CEO and creator is an actor with a fake name, the numerous screenshots are tampered with and have nothing to do with this software, and the results, well, you can imagine. You will lose your investment using the Plenitude Formula scam.

What is the Plenitude Formula Scam?

This is a typical binary options scam that claims that a one of a kind software has been developed to trade binary options for you automatically. On top of that, it claims that it will not just make you profits, but it will make you filthy rich. Of course, none of this is true and the sole goal of this promotional website is to convince you to sign up and invest your money with their recommended broker. This is because the brokers give very fat referral fees for every new trader that signs up with them and invests their money. In reality, this software is developed not really to actually make you profits, but to at least look presentable and good enough to convince you to sign up. Once you have signed up and realized that there is no way for you to really make any profits you also realize that you never got any real form of contact. With promises that they will be contacting you, you never think about how to contact them back. Look through the entire website, the only way to contact them is through an email that is most likely rarely checked, if at all.


The website greets you with a video that cannot be controlled. I was able to tweak the code a bit s I can get the play bar, but their goal is to keep you listening and eventually get bored enough to skip over to the next step. They don’t want you to have time to really think this through.


So, who is George Ackerman? No one. The guy in the video is an actor and there is no George Ackermanthat exists that is the CEO of the non-existent company Plenitude Formula. Basically, with the first sentence you are given a whole lot of lies.


This guy is actually actor EricNewsomefrom Portland, Oregon. Now, as he is the face of this software, he claims to be the CEO, if you have had trouble with it try contacting him via his Facebook, but I am sure that his talent agency will know how to contact him.


Why am I being so direct and, well, pure evil? Well, it seems that Mr. New some feels no shame to scam people and be the face of these scams. Perhaps he needs to hear from people that have lost their money for him to actually understand the damage he is doing. This is not a movie, these are lies that could change people’s lives.


I am not going to show you all of the screenshots. I will only say this, ALL of the screenshots that are made in the system are seconds apart. A slight change in the balance and the name and they claim it’s a new user. The truth?


If you pause at the right time and take a look a little closer, you will see that the Current rate changes ever so slightly. It goes up and down slightly with each new screenshot. Though this doesn’t necessarily prove that they are lies, but it does put a couple of things in question. How exactly were these screenshots taken? How quickly were they signing in and signing out of accounts? I mean, seriously, I may be nitpicking here, but doesn’t it seem odd? If you ask me, a quick change to the code in the name and the balance is more than enough to get them the screenshot they need.


Really, a DAY! Can this get any more absurd!?


Yes, it can. This IS one of those SCAM videos and if you invest with this scam then you ARE falling for that CRAP. The fact that he repeats several times how this is not a scam and how he is super honest is enough to make one want to gag.


This is the first and only time that he mentions this. This bet of $5K is not mentioned in the Terms. Oh wait, there are not Terms & Conditions. In fact, the Terms & Conditions and the Disclaimer both consist entirely of the U.S. Government Required Disclaimer, nothing more. So, don’t expect much.


Every day, are you sure? Though you are not limited to trade binary options after-hours, you cannot trade over the weekend.


The use of Fiverr actors is popular with scam videos such as this. In this case, the Fiverr actor even used the clip he was paid for to advertise his services. You can see it here in the reel of his examples.


This is actually jordan831 who I actually have been searching for a while now as he was one of the Fiverr actors in the Aussie System Scam and other “system” scam website videos.


I think it was THIS statement that encouraged me to recommend you contact him and really send him hate mail if you have lost your money with this system.


What happened to $10K a day, now its $33!? The absurd profits that are claimed in this video can never be reached with a software such as this.


Here we have ourselves another Fiverr actor.


Andy collingwood also uses this clip to promote his gig.


Actually, it doesn’t, you can check and see that it doesn’t even exist.


Yet another Fiverr actor.


Here is Fabiolaarieta’s Fiverr profile.


One more Fiverr actor making a fake testimonial.


Take a luck at Mistamor’s Fiverr profile.


You got that right, this useless scrip does not work.

Second Step and Second Video of the Plenitude Formula Scam

The video doesn’t really provide much added information, but does have another Fiverr actress and some more lies.


The Fiverr testimonial actress.


Juliezzz Fiverr gig that uses this same testimonial video to promote herself.


I wanted to show this because it’s important to understand that you will automatically receive a $500 bonus, though I believe that it will be a 100% bonus at most, it’s still a broker bonus trap that you need to read into before investing.


First off, the software was never and never will be $997, this is just a push tactic. Second, the average people are making with this software seems to have changed completely! From $10K – $30K to $1.7K – $7.6K, it seems they cannot even be consistent about their lies.


I did some research and found that all of the Fiverr actors were hired by someone called wshaw007 on Fiverr. I found further connections that provide contact information but as I cannot confirm 100% that this is the same individual I don’t want share them (should I confirm this I will update the review).

What I did find though, was that this same person hired Fiverr actors for the Automata Formula scam as well. So if you end up visiting that promo site, know that it is also just as fake as this one.

Do not trust the Plenitude Formula Scam, the lies are the same, the actors are there, and there is no software that can give you the results and win rates that they claim, especially not this software.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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