With so many inconsistencies, the fact that its 100% identical script to another scam, and numerous recycled “proof” the Omnia App scam is an obvious one. All you have to do is take a look at my Tesler App scam review and you’ve seen it all. They have recycled nearly everything from this scam and added some extra recycled video testimonials from other scams they’ve released. Yup, this is another DWD Technologies, notorious for the numerous scams that they host. Now, they’ve obviously paid attention to some of the reviews and realized that they are a dead giveaway and have gotten smart in covering their tracks. The fact that all of the recycled information on this website all comes from websites they’ve hosted and the obvious similarity between this and the other scams is proof enough, even if I cannot provide a direct link to them through the domain information as I have in the past.

Name of Software: Omnia App

Niche: Binary Options Software Scam

Official Website: www.OmniaApp.co

All in all, this is a scam, there is no doubt about it.

What is the Omnia Scam?

A typical binary options robot scam. The system is even recycled and used in numerous other scams. They claim they’ll make you $5700 a day and over a million less than 6 months. The profits are all over the place in the website and are very inconsistent, not to mention completely impossible. This is not just exaggeration, these are lies because you will lose every penny you invest.

The scam is a typical one, if you’ve seen a binary options scam, you’ve seen this. The typical Portland production video that claims in a few minutes you’ll become a millionaire, only the video is 40 minutes long and gives you no real proof or information that is truthful. You cannot control it, so no skipping over any of the steps, to get him to shut up, you have to just move onto the next step.

Watch the first Omnia Scam video with controls.

It starts with a house visit to a new trader. Both are Portland actors. I will not waste any time actually searching for them because the proof I will provide will be more than enough to convince you that this is a scam.

Oh boy, oh boy! She’s just made her first $5700! How exciting. No, actually, she probably made $100 to make that face. If not less, considering these are very low paid actors that obviously cannot find work anywhere else so they sell their souls to these scam artists.

Meet Matthew Hammersmith, or is he?

He was also Richard Heffner from Satellite Trader Scam (GPS Trader scam) and numerous other scams. Interesting. So, obviously, an actor if his poor acting didn’t give it away.

He is actually Patrick Green, a Portland actor.

The next thing are the absurd profit claims. Unless you invest a LOT of money into a high quality trading software and actually have real knowledge of binary options, it is impossible to make $5700in a day with an automated system.

Let alone the completely laughable $1 million he claims in 6 months.

As I mentioned earlier, this scam has a nearly 100% identical script as the proven Tesler Scam.

Actually, there is a LOT of risk involved with binary options. Even with some of the leading systems out there and some of the best traders out there, there will be risk. The mere fact that he claims that there is no risk only proves he has no idea what binary options are.

Now, before I continue, the date on the top left is there to tell you how this is the very last day that you can sign up for this scam, yet, here we are 10 days later and they are still luring people in. Also, the video is nearly 40 minutes long, not 4 minutes, you will be stuck watching it for a very long time.

How does he make money he says? With a $28 commission! The truth is, he will already have made his commission (well over $100 per each new trader depending on broker), no one will ever make any profit with this and he knows it. The sole goal is to get you to sign up with the broker and ditch you.

Sounds like a good guy doing good right? Nope. Just a Fiverr actor making money telling lies.

Here he is in the Auto Money Generator scam.

The rest of the testimonials are no different. Actually, they are directly recycled from other scams.

Oh how thankful they are, if only they did make that kind of money, they’d probably stop selling lies for pocket change.

Though, you probably won’t find them on Fiverr, they are most certainly actors.

Even though I don’t have their profiles to share, I have made the mistake in the past and not shared stills of such actor’s lives and exposed their faces. Even if I do not have their Fiverr or actor profiles to share, I am certain they will come up again (such as this guy who I am 100% certain was in a recent scam with this same testimonial).

No such company, Omnia Investments, exists. Look it up.

This guy, and his scam Omnia app, were never featured in any financial magazines or media.

Continuing with the script, the images are recycled along with the stories.

The Tesler App exact copy.

This is just a stock photo, same guy just different pose and glasses .

They even recycled the Members history.

Here what I found totally amusing in the Tesler App, something they obviously overlooked yet again, is the fact that there are trades and profits over the weekends when the markets are closed.

Here is where they really screwed up. See, I knew I’ve seen this all before but couldn’t recall the scam that they are recycling from. Then they made this horrible typo, they forgot to remove Tesler from the script!

Furthermore, in Angela’s bank account, if you look at the username right under Welcome Back, you will see that it clearly says steven.tesler234. Oops. The Omnia app scam is nothing more than a Tesler copy.

The fake screenshots, from a live login to an image screenshot.

Once again, of course, 100% identical. This continues with the rest of the bank account “proof” he provides.

So, the win rate is 93% but actually 97%? Either way, that is an impossible win rate.

Then the website goes in a totally different direction claiming $1350 fake daily profits. Which is it?

Watch the second Omnia Scam video with controls.

Then there is the all convincing demo.

Which, of course, is identical to the Tesler demo. Notice how the logo is carefully cropped in theOmnia screenshot?

Of course, the wins from a single trade are also impressive, impressively fake! How is it possible, with a $250 balance, to make $508.88!? Considering the broker keeps a commission from your profits, how is it possible to make more than double of what you can invest? Some idiot that really has no idea what binary options are created this.

Just take a look at my Tesler app review and you will see for yourself that this is just another binary options scam that is so poorly made that it really would be a shame to lose your money with them.  The Omnia app is a scam, and one that should be avoided if you want to see your money again.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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