There are plenty of binary options software out there that are scams, and Obcasio is one of them. Why, well, there are plenty of reasons and plenty of proof that just about everything said in the video and the official website is a complete lie. The absurd promises, the fake claims, the completely impossible profits are all part of that proof.

Product Name:Obcasio App


Minimum Deposit: $250

There is no truth anywhere in the website, zero transparency, no real information whatsoever. Why would the CEO hide his identity, why would the testimonials all be done by actors, why would the written testimonials feature stolen images, and why would the demo be all a fake and a set-up if this was real. There is no contact information, no real Obcasio company that actually exists run by a man by this name, and zero proof that there is anyone that has actually had any profits with this software. On the contrary, there are people already coming out that they have lost money.

What is the Obcasio Binary Options Scam?

This is a binary options automated software that makes trades on your behalf based on some made up algorithm or system that they claim never loses. Only, it does, mainly because the trades are all made at random and you have a higher chance trying your hand at trading binary options with zero knowledge rather than trusting these guys and the shady brokers they work with.


Systems like these are developed with only one goal in mind, get a referral fee form the broker they link to. The system does not work, all they do is create a promo site for a system that has been used time and again with numerous other promo sites. Once you are lured and invest at least $250 with their broker, you cannot withdraw your money again. The broker pays the developers of this promo site for the new trader they have delivered, and you are stuck with a software that loses your money.

Watch the First Obcasio Video

The video is very repetitive, provides zero information, features actors, and proves absolutely nothing.


This software did no such thing in 2014 and will do no such thing in 2016. You can look it up and see for yourself that this is a lie.


This guy is not Michael Watson, this is a fictitious name of a fictitious company. This company is not registered anywhere in the US, and as this video is filmed in Portland, Oregon (if you seen enough of these scam videos you come to recognize this immediately), I cannot imagine it being registered anywhere outside of the US. Still, I searched for companies called Obcasio, and none that match this description exist.


The truth is, Michael Watson is played by a local Portland actor Miah Washburn. He seems to have a lot going for him as an actor and going down this road can only ruin him because people are going to hate him for being the face of this scam.


The first keyword here is guarantee.


The second is the absurd amount of $2K per day that he guarantees. Seriously, and promo site such as this guaranteeing any sort of sum is obviously lying to you because this is impossible. With binary options there is nothing guaranteed.


So, he is the CEO, but he does not know WHY there are 3 countries that cannot use this software.


This list is no proof at all. It’s nothing more than a random list of names with random numbers on it that can easily be created using the simplest of software.


He goes on to guarantee $14K in a week, at $2K a day, that is 7 days of trading which, if you know anything about binary options you will know that this is impossible as markets are closed over the weekend.


The demo doesn’t get any better. See the time, 9 o’clock.


Of course, everyone else participating in this video is also an actor.


She is also a local actress from Portland, Eleanor O’Brien.


Now, remember the time, 9 o’clock? Take a look at the chart, it seems to be well past 12:00. Also, from the looks of it, the current balance is $25, it is impossible to make just a $25 investment with any broker, the minimum is usually between $200 and $300.


Just 20 minutes later.


Take a look at the Winners list, the latest time is 13:25, not to mention that they have not changed since the last screenshot. He claims that this is based on one trade, yet with a $25 Trade Volume it’s impossible to make such a profit.


The next screenshot is at 2 o’clock, yet the Winners list has not changed in the least bit. Neither have the signals at the top left.


At 6 o’clock nothing but the balance has changed. Basically, these screenshots were taken seconds apart where only the balance was tweaked to suit their needs for the video. This is not a demo, this is a complete lie.


Unlike most similar videos, this promotional video for the Obcasio scam software uses local actors from Portland for their testimonials.


We have seen this guy in at least one other promo video for scam software not too long ago.


This is Adam Davis that also played a beta tester in the Snap Cash Binary Scam.


She is also a local actress, though I have found that the heavy makeup has made it nearly impossible for me to actually confirm her identity 100%.


This guy, on the other hand, I did find.


This is actually Gary Powell, another Portland actor that has been in at least one other similar scam.


Here he is as the CFO of the Nesdek Scam.


The question is where is he getting that 1% markup on top of your profits, and who is giving it to him?

If you want to watch the second video with controls go ahead, but there is no useful information in it.


The written testimonials are no better than the video testimonials in the Obcasio scam software promo page.


They are all either stock photos such as this one, or stolen images.


This guy’s image was stolen from his LinkedIn profile.


They have used a popular widget for the promo site that spits out random “Live Trades” which usually continue over the weekend. In this case I was unable to go back to see whether this is the case here, but there is no proof that these re live trades form this specific software.


The software itself is useless. Once I did manage to log in I realized that you couldn’t click on any of the menu items without making an investment. Also, I confirmed that you cannot explore the chart to change the time you are viewing (confirming the inconsistency in time in the demo), also, confirmed that the times in the list of “Winners” are also the most current where the one at the top is to the minute at the time of opening the software. This further proves that the demo is a lie and a fake.


The last thing I discovered is the fact that the Obcasio Scam Software promo page is actually hosted by DWD Technologies LLC who are known to host exclusively scam software websites. At this point, the moment I see this hosting company I know well enough that whatever the website is promoting, it’s a scam. Avoid the Obcasio Scam Software if you want to protect your hard-earned money.

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