Everyone is allowed mistakes every once in a while, and my initial review of the NEO2 scam certainly was one of them. I was led on by several usually trusted forums and review websites and although I was not 100% certain that it would work, I may have mentioned that it could and that was probably more than enough to send people in the wrong direction. I apologize to anyone that may have been led on by my initial review and hope that I can in some way fix my mistake with this update, at least by helping in the prevention of more people falling for it.

Product Name: NEO2

Founder & Chairman: Dr. Jack Piers, PhD –  but someone more sinister is behind it, Michael Freeman

Broker: TitanTrade

Potential Profit: $4,000 Weekly

Minimum Deposit: $250

So, why the change of heart? Well, aside from getting numerous complaints and after following the development of this website online and finally seeing some real testimonials, I realized my mistake. This in turn led me to pay more attention to my review and research, which I admit that in the case of this software I may have overlooked. Rather than spending 1-2 days on the review, with this update I have spent several days researching into the depths and heart of this scam.

What are Binary Options?

As always, I want to begin my review with a quick look at what binary options are. Before I continue, I want to underline that binary options are risky business. They are NOT risk free, and the chance of actually making money are slim. Once you do get the hang of it or find a quality software you really can make a decent profit, but the search will be grueling.

Binary options are basically a simplified form of standard trading. It has a lot to do with prediction but it’s a lot simpler to actually trade them. You have to predict whether an asset will go up or down. You place a bid on your prediction and when the contract time is up you either double your bid, lose it, or get it back. If you predict correctly you double your money minus broker fees, if you guess incorrectly you lose your investment, and if there is no change in the rate of an asset you simply get your money back.

Why is NEO2 a Scam?

Why? Well, I’ll tell you why! This scam is based on how weather affects the markets. Seems legit right? True. Only, so far how often has the weatherman actually predicted the weather to point accurately? Just like the markets, weather is more or less just as unpredictable. Now, you cannot fully trust your local weather man on whether or not to take an umbrella as you head out the door, would you trust these guys and their “calculations” to accurately make predictions and put your money on the line? I wouldn’t either.


The website is definitely made to look believable. It even looks like a real website rather than a software promo. It has what seems like links, has paid local actors, the quality of the video and sound is very good, and they have avoided some of the most red flags that reveal that it’s a scam. But, in this review I will reveal that it really is a SCAM with PROOF.


They have made mistakes though in their attempts to make it seem legitimate. Starting with the first 5 seconds of the video and the lies they spewed. Major media outlets like The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have NEVER mentioned anything about this scam software!


Do a quick search in either of these major media outlets and see for yourself  that there is no mention of this scam.


You are first introduced to Dr. Jack Piers, PhD. He claims to be a weather enthusiast but his knowledge of weather and binary options ends there. There are no credentials and there is definitely no individual named Dr. Jack Piers, PhD connected with NEO2 anywhere online except for the numerous reviews of the software. He is not an alumni in any university or college, he has no social media profile or professional profile, and there is not one image of him anywhere online except for screenshots from the video. Someone with such “high standing” would be somewhere, anywhere, especially considering he is CEO of the company (which, mind you, does not exist). Conclusion, he is definitely not a Fiverr actor, but he is most certainly one hired locally.


They reveal that they are located in Los Angeles, California. A quick search in their registry reveals that there is no company named NEO2 or any other form of the name registered anywhere in California. I extended my search for the entire US and the results were the same. So, a company making millions is not an official company and is represented by an obvious actor. In fact, the next individual they reveal in the video in fact is located near LA.


So, who does the video reveal next? Meet Michael Freeman. He claims that this software is “awesomely” cool (couldn’t resist)! This guy may look awfully familiar. He actually runs a vlog, numerous blogs, and of course, has his own narcissistic scam named after him. Mike’s Auto Trader (not giving you a link here because I refuse to further promote this scam) is nothing more than another binary options scam.


Of course, this scam, is one of the promoted software with a positive review in the Binary Options Watchdog. Why? I’ll tell you why!

The reason for this positive review, as well as numerous other positive reviews of obvious scams, is because Michael Freeman is also behind the Binary Options Watchdog and several other binary options review websites.


A zoom into his LinkedIn profile in his summary and you quickly see the numerous websites he is also connected with, but he doesn’t reveal all. There are numerous scams that he is behind and you can easily see which ones. The moment you read a positive review on Binary Options Watchdog you realize exactly which scams are either paying him well to promote or he personally has developed. Other positive reviews on his scam website include also BinaDroid, Virtnext, Cash Camp, Trade Forecast, Auto Binary Signals, Forex Paradise LTD, and many more. After my latest research on Binary Options Watchdog and their promotion of the Copy Buffett Software also worries me and shortly I will be doing an update after more research.


You are also introduced to Amit Gupta, who is claimed to be a programming mastermind. Not sure what kind of mastermind he is, but one thing I am 100% certain is that this guy does not exist. He is a ghost and an actor just like the CEO. He is a local hired actor and nothing more.


Which screenshots of the software give you an interesting feeling of seeing something familiar with slight changes.


The most important point is the fact that there is little to no real information provided anywhere in the actual software and signals. No asset information, no information on the open and close rates, and no time. Basically, you cannot confirm ANYTHING.


Another actor. Need I say more? He does not exist. He discusses how the NEO2 scam will soon have its own Kickstarter where people can sign up at the skyrocket price of $8K. Trust me, not only are there no plans of a Kickstarter, but I guarantee you that the moment the one year domain registration of this software expires, the website will disappear along with the software and the money people have invested in it. This software will not go beyond this stage as it is only at this stage that Michael Freeman and whoever else is in on it will be able to make money and their aggressive marketing  further confirms my claims.


Of course, there are testimonials, but not just any testimonials. They have actually had the audacity to connect them to real companies and websites. Only, research of these websites reveals that not only do these guys NOT work for them or represent them, but there is no mention of this scam software in the websites.


Would have been a nice touch, considering Freemans “influence”, if they had actually had real companies behind them. On a side note – Can anyone tell me who this girl is!? I have seen her I am 100% certain that I have either seen her in another scam, in a video somewhere, or even a picture of her. If someone recognizes her please share because it’s driving me crazy.


Only they don’t. There is no one behind this software except the developers, aka Michael Freeman, and the poor people they trick into investing with it only to lose their money. I am not one to make fun of people, but SERIOUSLY! If you will pay for an actor at least get your money’s worth, this guy is horrible.


So, they claim that over the last three months this software has made millions. Mind you, this is claimed from day one when the software was released, NOT as of now. At this time the software has actually been up 3 months as it was initially released in February of this year. Not sure how exactly it has really made money prior to that. Not to mention exactly how they plan on filing taxes on it considering that there is no real company behind the software. Just saying.


As I said, the website is made to look legitimate with About Us, Blog, and numerous other what seem to be links. Only ALL of them lead back to the homepage. It is all a ruse.


The quick screenshot of the grand profits with the software further reveal that there is zero real information to confirm whether the numbers are correct.


With a claimed win rate of 87%, the software seems even more fake. Such high win rates are impossible even with REAL geniuses behind them. In this case, the only genius behind this software is a well-known scam artist that makes piles of money on peoples hopes and dreams.


So, what do they want in return? Testimonials. Interesting, considering the software has been up for about 3 months now one would think they would have already received piles of testimonials with how effective their software is. Not to mention, all the spots would be filled if the software really does work as they claim.

Fake Reviews on Binary Options Watchdog

Of course, Michael Freeman takes advantage of his numerous review sites, one of which had a lot of popularity until he started promoting scam websites.


I won’t share all of his positive reviews of this and other scams, but he has shared a YouTube video by a reviewer, who is obviously paid. In this video he shows the software and then his history in the broker.


A zoom into one of his trades reveals the Expiry Rate and Expiry Time.


Went into the first legitimate chart that I could find and pulled up the close rate for the particular asset for that day and time.


A quick zoom shows that the close rate is far from what is shown in his history, further revealing that this is nothing more than another fake review revealing fake profits.

The NEO2 Videos

So, I noticed something interesting when visiting the profiles from which the videos were posted. The first video was posted under the name of Drones TV (user 51372591). Though I found nothing odd with the first profile under which the first video was uploaded, things with the second video were slightly different. The second video is under the profile CowgirldivasTV (user 49202187).


Here is proof of the user ID and its connection to the profile.


Only, the profile does not only have videos of NEO2 Binary Scam uploaded. The second two videos out of the 4 are for Tauribot! That’s right! How do videos of two different scams end up being uploaded under one profile? They are developed by the same person!

Now, as I am 100% certain that Mr. Freeman will realize his mistake and remove these videos or hide them the moment he reads this review (and I am certain he will read it) I want to give you the links and a quick snapshot proving my claims.


Video One – video number: 163718448


Video Two – video number 163722816

So, in fact, this scam is connected to numerous other scams, further connecting Mike Freeman with more scams aside from the ones that were obvious. Check out the review of Tauribot in the Binary Options Watchdog website, positive, of course!

Considering how much experience Michael has with binary options scams he should have been able to cover his tracks better and not narcissistically flaunt openly that he is a scam artist and automatically assume that people are stupid. He has given positive reviews to several PROVEN scams in his shady Binary Options Watchdog website. These reviews are very deceiving because they only have positive comments, only that is fully controlled. I have had numerous signals that people have tried to leave a negative comment on one of his positive reviews revealing their experience with the scam software that he is pushing, only to realize that their comments were blocked or not approved. EVERYTHING you read in the Binary Options Watchdog website is a lie. It is carefully calculated and controlled by Mike Freeman, a scam artist and a liar.

Behind the Scenes of NEO2

Now, to a quick glimpse into the registration of the NEO2  Software Scam domain registration.


Notice the IP address and the shady Hosting Company. Just to underline here, if you have read any of my previous reviews revealing some inside information DWD Technologies LLC you will see that this hosting company hosts scams exclusively. Now, the coincidence of all the scam artists agreeing on using this one hosting company among the thousands out there? Nah. Actually, I am more leaning towards there being one individual (Mike Freeman seems like a good start) or several individuals working together being behind all the scams.


Just in this IP range there are two more scams, if you check ALL of the sites hosted by this company you will see many more familiar names well known for being popular scams.

In short, Michael Freeman (if that’s his real name) is a scam artist that has done very well in making himself seem honest and legitimate gaining a major following online only to lie to every single one of his followers. The numerous scams that he is connected with and the Binary Options Watchdog review website are ALL putting money in his pockets and he is living off the hopes and dreams of people looking to change their lives for the better. He basically takes peoples trust and stops on it the moment he is sure they are ready to follow him blindly.

The NEO2 Binary Options Scam Software is nothing more than another one of Freeman’s scams with a LOT of marketing and lies behind it with hopes that one day he will slowly, but surely, drain all of his trusted followers dry.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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