If you are looking for proof that the Nasdaq Inside Trader is a scam, you’ve come to the right place. I won’t be analyzing the software itself, as I believe that if the people promoting it are honest, then the software should do what they say. Only, with this scam, as with the many others I have reviewed, they have proven to be liars. Not only that, but lazy liars at that. They have made it far too easy to prove that nothing said in the promo video or seen in the promo website is real.

Name of Software: Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software Scam

Official Website: http://nasdaqinsidetrader.com/

You will find absolutely zero real information or proof that this software works. There are a lot of inconsistencies, plenty of lies, and impossible profits.


The software itself is nothing more than the same crap software that similar scams have been pushing, not to mention the lack of effort put into covering their lies. All in all, this is just another scam.

Watch the first video with controls.


Not only is the start claimed profits completely absurd, but throughout the video they are inconsistent and as they get desperate for you to sign up, gradually grow up to a million a month.


Of course, if you do your math, the claimed profits really do add up to over 2 million, if only it were true.


Actually, the one thing he doesn’t mention that you WILL lose is your $250 investment. Not to mention that once you do invest, the harassing phone calls from the broker that eventually push you to invest far more than that.


Now, if you do your math right, at $6K a day at 30 days trading it does add up to $180K a month, only, that’s impossible as the markets are closed over the weekend thus making trading impossible. This is not something a real trader would overlook, this is something an idiot that has probably never traded in his life would say. Thus, proving that they have absolutely no idea anything about trading, and everything about scamming people.


Now, the starting bonus is an interesting point that seems to grab a lot of people.


This bonus begins at $2K in the first video, but grows quickly to $5K in the second video. Let me reassure you right here that you WILL NOT be getting any bonus, EVER. Perhaps you may get a double of your investment bonus from the broker, which is a far cry from an actual favor as it traps your money and you cannot withdraw.


Now, the testimonials seem believable right? NO! Again, cheap bad Fiverr actors that have been recycled over and over again.


This is actually a couples profile, travelcouple, where both of them get paid to do testimonials either individually or as a couple. How lovely, they are in the business of lying to people together.


This guy is a well known Fiverr actor for doing outdoor videos.


This guy, rsawyer24, has also been in a number of scams.


Now, onto the screenshots as there are plenty. Now, when this screenshot popped up he was discussing how he was making over 6 Million a year before walking away from the Nasdaq Exchange. Seems like they overlooked an important point. The screenshot is from the 18th of November of 2016, yet he claims he walked away in 2008. Not to mention that he contradicts himself later on in the video where he says he made only $800,000 a year plus bonuses (though I am certain they are high, I doubt they’d reach over 6 Million). Just a bunch of made-up lies. Not to mention the fact that you can clearly see the bits that have been  “fixed” in Photoshop, such as the name and the balances.


So, who is Alex Steele? Well, he does not exist ANYWHERE. Plenty of people by that name, but no one that matches the description and his history. Not to mention the stock photo they plastered claiming its him further into the website.


You don’t know him from the financial press because NO ONE knows of him as he doesn’t exist. Just more lies to lure people that don’t take the time to do proper research.


Don’t be fooled by the screenshots with the big numbers in the bank accounts. They are recycled and reused from scam to scam. They change the dates, names, and balances, and you get fooled into thinking you are looking at something that supposed to be proof.


Here we have the exact same screenshot used for the Alive in 5 scam. Now, you say that the date, name, and balance may be different but look closer at the time they last logged on. Both of them are at 12:42. They share this exact time with at least 2-3 other scam profit screenshots. May be a small sign, but an unlikely coincidence if you ask me.


The fact that they claim that the software has not lost a single trade further proves that this is a scam. The funny thing is he contradicts himself once more in the second video where he says that the software has lost only a handful of trades. Which is it?


All he wants is a testimonial when you make a million. Considering the testimonials he is offering from Fiverr actors, it’s pretty obvious no one has made any money with this yet.


Finally, when you scroll down you get an idea of the software. From the looks of it, nothing new. In fact, it’s the exact same software that has been flooding the internet for quite some time now, promoted by fake promo sites like this. They simply change the logo and color scheme and are in business. This software has been proven time and again to be inadequate for trading and that it makes random trades that always lose.


Who are these guys you ask? Well, considering that I could not find the official site for any of the claimed media outlets it’s safe to say they are just more fictitious characters in their scheme.


Their faces have been used numerous times in various websites and pages. There are pages upon pages of results when you do a quick image search. The same goes for each of the three. They do not exist.


The Social Proof is also nothing but lies. A real social media widget would allow you to click names or actually interact with the comments. In this case, when you click you are taken back up to the page. A quick search also reveals that no such individuals or comments exist.


Here we make that major jump from $180K a month to a MILLION a month! I mean, seriously!  That’s a major jump from an already impossible number.

Watch the second video with controls.


From $250 an hour he jumped to a few thousand within the next few minutes. Anyone else following this?


Here is the major jump from $2000 bonus to $5000 bonus. Exactly how that happens, I am not sure as there are no terms and conditions to look into to actually confirm. They know well enough that once you are hooked and give your money it doesn’t matter to them if you get the bonus, as long as they get theirs.


I find it interesting that once you make that much money with just 4000 trades (which will take quite some time may I add), you don’t withdraw it for safe keeping into your personal account but rather keep it with the broker. The same goes with all of the claimed screenshots of the software. It just doesn’t add up.


With the fake 99.7% win rate I think it’s pretty clear that this is a scam.


First off, looking at the live account, you are given further proof that the profits he claims are impossible. Not to mention the fact that his claims of NO LOSS are completely debunked. What got me though, was the fact that there are trades over the weekend on the 25th of December, which I want to add is also a holiday where the markets generally are closed. There may be only a few, but the fact that they exist proves that this is not real history of real trades but random numbers.


They really should have skipped over this bit of information. First off, because there is no company called the Nasdaq Inside Trader. Second, all of these guys are stock photos.


Mr. Alex Steele is a stock photo.


Craig Cornwall is also a stock photo.


Finally, if you are still interested in this scam software and decide to continue with losing your money, you are asked to make a deposit right there in the promo site. First off, considering he is giving a bonus, couldn’t we just skip over the bit about giving money from our pocket?  Anyway, the website is NOT safe and secure, it puts your personal and billing information at risk. This, my friends, is how identity theft happens and how your bank account gets cleared   right under your noses.

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Then, of course, I did a quick search of the IP address of the Nasdaq Inside Trader scam domain.


What I discovered was that on this IP alone there are over 50 websites, where about 90% of them are scams and all hosted by Stone – Artist.com. Here you will find popular scams such as the Pure Profit Payday scam, the Profit Replicator App Scam, and many more. You can say it’s a coincidence that they are all on the same IP and hosted by the same company, but I say that there are far too many coincidences.

When it comes to the Nasdaq Inside Trader, I think it’s pretty clear it’s a scam. Still, don’t take my word for it, research it and see for yourself and share your experience if you decide to lose your money with them.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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