Today there are so many scams that when you end up landing on the My First Online Payday website you feel like you may have hit the jackpot. It has a completely different look to it and seems a lot more legitimate than any other out there at the moment. The website is made to look as if it’s a news website with numerous links, articles, videos, etc. Who would spend that much time and effort if it wasn’t worth it? Of course, looks can be deceiving, and so is the case with this website.


Product Name: My First Online Payday

Niche: Binary Options Software

CEO: Jeremy Mathews

Official Website:

Minimum Deposit: $250

The video starts immediately and you are instantly caught up in the lie of this software. The mere thought that you could be making money sitting at home, free, and with little to no effort is just too appealing. If you have had no experience with scams or are not acquainted with binary options I highly recommend you don’t stop here, but continue researching and reading before considering this or any other software out there.

What is the My First Online Payday Software?

This is nothing more than another binary options software. This software is claimed to be the super easy alternative to all other binary options software. They focus on simplicity and basically taking all thinking, research, and even understanding how the money is “made” out of your hands. They have turned binary options into a game very similar to gambling.

In order to make it seem more reliable they have dropped the daily earnings to anywhere between $320-750 but I guarantee you that you will not see such results.


Of course, once he says that he goes on to say that that’s the minimum and you will most likely make much more and twice as much a day after about a week or so. They claim that they are accepting only 500 applicants to make money using this system for free.

In fact, there is something he claims he gets out of it. He claims money is made via the advertising (there is no advertising up) and once you start making profits he will make 3.5% which is unheard of in the binary options world because only the broker can keep a percent while the company has no right or ability to do so as your money is, or should be, invested with the broker and they cannot give it to anyone else.

Overall, it’s a website filled with lies, bad marketing, fake testimonials, and a fake CEO. The truth though, is revealed when you realize that the same people behind this website are behind many more scams.

The Lies of My First Online Payday

I don’t even know where to start. None of the tabs in the menu are clickable, at least none that would provide more information, there is no Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/etc. page and certainly there aren’t 2172 shares. This guy has absolutely no connection with CNBC, there are no news articles or videos that link this software to any reliable media outlet as it is portrayed in the website, and all those Facebook comments are a complete lie. Here is more.

The Testimonials:

Every single face you see in this video is a paid actor. Regardless how realistic they try to make it look, these people have sold their soul for $5. Each individual, including the CEO himself, is an actor. Take a look at a few of them.

Each of them has been linked to one or several other proven online scam.


Fiverr Profile





Fiverr Profile





Fiverr Profile

myfirstonlinepayday5 myfirstonlinepayday6

Fiverr Profile


The My First Online Payday CEO:

I am surprised they are still recycling this guy. Honestly, I do think he does a great job in doing these videos, but I think he has been in nearly every single scam that I’ve done research on. I think after a while people will get suspicious don’t you? This Fiverr actor has proven to be both a multi-million dollar CEO of major companies as well as a poor college kid that has made millions through binary option scams. I am getting confused as to how he got his millions and why he is still working selling videos?


As seen in his Fiverr Profile


He is one of the most sought after testimonial actors I have seen with the most reviews and customers. It is actually quite impressive regardless that he too has sold his soul, but in his case, certainly not $5 as I am sure his price has gone up.

Also seen in:

Here he was one of those poor souls that was looking for a means to make money and Midas Touch saved him and made him a millionaire.


In the Certified Income scam he was actually Anthony Cahill, the CEO. Lost track? So did I!

Proof this is Nothing More than a SCAM!

I will not go into detail of their game or how the money is “made”. Not going to even go into the “free” $50 that you are supposedly going to get because, well, you aren’t until you make a deposit. Once you make a deposit and accept this bonus you are stuck with this software until you lose all your money without the right to withdraw until you have passed a certain trade volume which is not revealed anywhere in the website.

No, I want to dig deeper.

I have found that this website, as many other scams, has used a protector to prevent anyone that is looking them up through from finding out the individual behind the scam. Though I admit I was unable to find the company, or at least not prove that this is the exact company. I did find some information about the IP of the website, who runs it, and where it is located. Along with several other scam websites that are under the same IP.


Although I cannot confirm for a fact that Dwt Technologies Llc is behind this website, I can reveal that under this exact same server are several other scam websites. Also, if you take a closer look and do some research, you will see that the official My First Online Payday website has several other links leading to it: – IP Address – IP Address

All 36 domain neighbors are scams. Look them up!

myfirstonlinepayday12 – IP Address – all 36 domain neighbors to this website are scams – – This IP I found to be great because not only did it show that there are hundreds of scam websites registered to it, but some of the leading scam websites today such as Midas Touch (where our CEO claims to have made his money in their testimonial), CopyBufett,  Elite Millionaires Society, and more. Click HERE and enter “ “ and see the first 100 domains listed. – – –


Unfortunately, they have managed to cover their tracks well enough so I cannot confirm the exact company behind them, but the mere fact that they all show up together on the same IP address together with numerous other scam websites is rather unnerving considering that there is not one legitimate website anywhere in these lists. You can easily look all of this up, domain by domain and see for yourself. They all use protection which in itself is proof that they do not want you to know who is behind it all because then they can be linked to the numerous other scams they are behind.

Similar viral scam sites to avoid:Ice 9 TechnologyRapid Income MethodMillionaires Code98% SuccessProfit Trigger

Stay away from the My First Online Payday and the numerous websites leading to it. Come to think of it, stay away from all of the websites listed in the screenshots above.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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