It’s interesting how you can easily connect scams such as the Multiplexer System with other scams released by the same liars. A quick research reveals not only that everything that they say is a lie, but that they have done it over and over again, scamming numerous people into investing their hard-earned money into a software that simply does not deliver.

Product Name:Multiplexer

Niche: Binary Options Software


Minimum Deposit: $250

At this point, they have set aside all effort and just reuse and recycle scripts, templates, software, and promises. It’s so frustrating to see people fall for these scams because a quick research could have saved them the humiliation and funds that they end up losing.

What is the Multiplexer Binary Options Scam?

Well, the explanation behind it is long and painful, not to mention completely absurd, so in short, it’s a binary options automated software. They claim that it’s the speed that makes the winning trades, but the truth is, though speed is important, quality signals is what makes the winning trades. Regardless how fast the software is, if you don’t have the knowledge or a quality signal behind the trade, chances are, you are most likely going to lose most of the trades.


With wild claims of 100% accuracy and absurd profits with absolutely zero proof I think more or less that’s enough to convince anyone that this is a scam. Only, it doesn’t. So, here I will share some of my findings and some of the reasons why the Multiplexer software should not be trusted.

Watch the first video HERE.


To start with, the intro of the video where he is talking about the many people that he’s made rich (implying that those in the video are those people), are all either stock videos or stock photos.


Find this stock video footage HERE.


Another Stock video footage.




A collection of stock photos.


Considering they consist of the same models and shots, I don’t think it’s necessary to provide proof for each. You can see proof of this one and the rest HERE.


Another stock video.


Proof HERE.

Now onto the juicy bits.


He basically claims you will be able to make $850 in just one hour. What I want to bring your attention to is the video itself because I think it’s pretty clear that those types of profits are impossible.


If you click the link above you can confirm this. This video was uploaded by username GPS Trader in YouTube. I reached this video by clicking the YouTube logo in the official website. The GPS Trader scam is no different than this one, in fact, it is so similar that the script is nearly identical. Same promises, same lies, and same thieves.


Not only is $850 an hour a long shot, but $20K in 24 hours is completely absurd. This is a completely impossible feat regardless how magical their software is.


First, the profits are impossible, second, need I remind them that it’s impossible to trade every day?


Who is Richard Ewing? Well, he is certainly not the guy standing in between the green screen and camera. He is actually a very cheap bad Fiverr actor that has been around for quite some time. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that I did a review of another scam he was the CEO of.


He was Mark Bromovich of the Profits Infinity Scam not too long ago. Not to mention the fact that there is no company out there called Multiplexer, so he is the CEO of NOTHING.


In fact, he is actually an actor from Portland, Oregon called Glen Baggerly. A quick search on his name and you will find plenty of videos that confirm this.


It is impossible to have a 100% strike rate. Period.


The so-called report of the users proves absolutely nothing. This can be set up in 10 minutes and completely fabricated.


The software and demo that he gives is no better. Jumping ahead, below are the results of this demo and single trade.


Now, this is the second screenshot of the demo where he shows you how the software makes money. He claims that an automatic trade was made 47 seconds ago and made him a net profit of $398.73. First, there is no clock on this software to confirm the time that has passed, but I think that is completely unnecessary. There are two inconsistencies, although the time changes for the assets from screenshot to screenshot, the list of assets, percentages, and actions are identical. Another interesting point is the Winners list. Though the names and profits have changed, the time is identical, not to mention that they missed adding a name in the end on the second screenshot. They have put in some effort, but they need to pay closer attention to detail.


I really cannot see there really being 55 trades, not to mention all of them winning.


I have skipped over his long and boring story, as well as how this scam software works, but I thought this was an interesting claim. Considering that this scam really won’t make anyone any money, I am surprised that no one has heard of this amazing feat.


Actually, regardless what he says, chances are you will lose it all. I don’t care what kind of special guarantee he gives you, what he is claiming is impossible.


Now, here is where they lose me completely. As you invest your money with the broker, absolutely no one has access to your funds except for you. I don’t see exactly how they make up that difference and how it is paid out to you. It looks all pretty on this fake report, but it cannot be further from the truth.


Yup, that has nothing to do with binary options or trading.


What I don’t understand is how exactly and where from he will be getting that 10%? Who pays him this money? Just think about it for a moment. Where is the money coming from. They didn’t think this through very well. Do you know when they make money? The moment you invest your money with the broker. They get a nice referral fee and disappear.


That makes absolutely no sense.


Ok, this is actually getting a bit old. This is perhaps the 4th similar scam that uses this exact same screenshot for a fake website where they will be selling their so-called software for absurd amounts of money. Notice how the address is blurred out?


The same screenshot was used for the Terabit Trader scam.


As well as the Fast Cash Club scam.


I have had this scam on the burner for a few days now, it still hasn’t gone for sale, and never will. It’s just a push tactic to get you to sign up without researching properly.



Wait, so the broker takes only 0.01% of your net profits? Right. What broker does that?


What I found interesting is that the little screen that seems to show the software at work (which may I add actually doesn’t even exist) is in fact showing a software for mobile advertising, tapdaq.

Watch the Second Video HERE.


Bad acting combined with even worse script results in this. He has nothing in his ear, and while he is doing the video he gives you an update. I mean, seriously, who falls for this!


The update? Well, today, and today only you can make a LOT more. What kind of bull is this? It’s insulting that they think that the people that are watching this video are that stupid. Honestly though, I doubt anyone made it that far into the video.


Need I say how absurd this is?


Ok, do some quick math. Obviously this guy, and the people that wrote the script, know nothing about binary options. With average profits of about $20K it does add up to $150K, but if you trade 7 days a week which is impossible as the markets are closed over the weekend.


My favorite part of all of this is that this website is hosted by non-other than DWD Technologies LLC, who are notorious for hosting such scam websites. In fact, 90% of the websites they host are scams, all interconnected. No legitimate hosting company deals with scams and usually, after the first complaint they no longer work with the user.


A quick look at the other websites on the IP range reveals that there are 3 more scam websites, all proven. If you look up all websites hosted by DWD Technologies you will find many more.

Overall, I think it’s pretty clear that there is not one honest word said or written anywhere in this website. The software does not exist, the profits are impossible, and the absurd explanation of how it’s supposed to work is laughable. The Multiplexer System is nothing more than the latest scam.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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