Honestly, initially the Millionaire’s Code scam seems interesting. Of course, the whole setup of the website, the way the videos progresses, the use of Fiverr actors, and the software itself are all very familiar. With simple and small changes, they are trying to pull off this scam as something different from all the rest.

Product Name: Millionaire’s Code

Niche: Binary Options Software

Spokesperson: Matt Daniel

Official Website: millionaires-code.com

Minimum Deposit: $250

What is the Millionaire’s Code Scam?

Well, obviously, as all other popular scams these days, it’s a binary options software scam. It comes with the same made up sob story about a guy that wants to help people and, being big hearted and all, has created a scam software to make them millionaires. All they have to do is invest with their preferred broker and they will wake up rich. Of course, not a single word said or written in the whole promo website is true.


The lies begin in the first 5 seconds.


Anyone can fall for, and invest with, this scam. They just have to have the money to invest and lose.


This guy does not exist. He is an actor.


A cheap one at that. You can view his Fiverr profile HERE.


I love how he discusses other scams as if this one is legitimate. Seriously, at least don’t contradict yourselves when making these videos!


Yes, the 87% win rate is more believable than most, but it is still far from achievable, especially by a scam software such as this. Not one realistic proof is given to actually confirm that it is really possible to make money with this software.


Wait, so multiply the daily profit by 30 and you make $204,900 a month. Not only do the calculations not add up, but you do not trade 30 days of the month because binary options are not traded over the weekend.


Surprised that he didn’t calculate it up to a billion.


He has $4 million in his account after purchasing a couple of cars, his home, and a couple of other things. Right.

The testimonials seem very heartwarming don’t they? I mean, before they were sad, now they are rich and happy. Only, they are actors. Cheap, Fiverr actors. Want proof?


Visit her Fiverr Profile HERE. The other two are no different, I’m just not going to waste time on them. When one is a fake, what makes you believe the rest may be real.


So, they try to make this scam seem legit by putting a price on it.


The first 2 months free and then $200 per month.


Only, you won’t make it to the second month.


Basically says you won’t have to make an investment with this statement. But…you DO!


Yes, until you lose your money and then they magically disappear.


Offer is not exclusive, you won’t make it past the first week because you will lose your money, access is free because you will invest minimum $250 and they will make a nice profit from you, support is nonexistent once you lose your money, their 87% win rate is impossible and unproven, and this is DEFINITELY NOT a trusted brand of ANY year not only because it’s a scam but because this isn’t even a brand! Did I miss anything?


There is not ONE word that is true in this statement. He is an actor, he has never been an attorney, and he did not develop this or any other software.


Ok, I think this is by far the biggest fail I have ever seen. No matter how many times I read through this, I cannot find logic in it. You place trades of $10 each and the win amount of each trade is $80? Does this guy even know how binary options work? He is basically saying that when you win, placing $10 trades, you make $80 while when you lose, you lose only $10. Am I missing something? This of course puts their entire calculation COMPLETELY OFF! Obviously they are targeting people that have never even heard of binary options before.


Stock photos.










Then you see the Millionaire’s Code scam software and you quickly realize that you have wasted too much time on this website. It is IDENTICAL to numerous other scam software.

Globe Traders


Alive in 5


Referral Project


And many more…

Who is Behind the Millionaire’s Code Scam?

It’s interesting. Unlike other scams I have reviewed such as the Ice9 Technology, Perpetual Formula, and the Hedge Formula Group, these guys actually did not use a proxy software. They didn’t use it for their main promo domain or their software domain.


Although I am having a hard time actually believing that this is the real contact information for the individuals behind this scam software, it’s certainly a good start.


What I found interesting was the information in Whois for the software domain once you pass the promo page. It is registered under the name and address of Andrew Reynolds.

Who is Andrew Reynolds? Well, this is a self-made millionaire selling get rich quick DVD’s and doing seminars. About 5% of the people that bought into it actually made money, and I highly doubt that they were real or that they made the kind of money that he claims they could have made. This guy was a big hit back in the day and it seems as if he has died down and is looking for a new way to steal people’s money.

Obviously, a binary options scam is the answer. Just search Andrew Reynolds and read into the numerous complaints about how his get rich quick system has given many people hope, took their money for it and seminars, and then left them disappointed and broke. Whether the person registering this website really is Andrew Reynolds or they are simply using his name in hopes to attract attention, regardless it’s a bad sign.

Just like recent scam software I have reviewed the Millionaire’s Code Scam is nothing more than a website filled with lies trying to convince you to sign up with their broker so they can get a nice referral bonus. Though it is certainly not as intricately done as scam such as the NEO2 software or as  absurd as the Trio Profit Machine, but the Millionaire’s Code scam has the exact same goal, to lie in order to push you to invest.

Anna Georgieva

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