You can guess what my findings for Midnight Money Machine will be. It is a scam. There is not one honest word anywhere in the promo website. With the typical lies, the typical tactics, and of course, the typical goal of robbing you of your money, this website and the software behind it are nothing more than a scam looking to take advantage of unsuspecting visitors.

Product Name: Midnight Money Machine

Niche: Binary Options Software

Spokesperson: Jeff Farrell

Official Website:

Minimum Deposit: $250

So, what is the Midnight Money Machine?

This is another binary options software scam just like the Profit Trigger Scam98% Success Scam,  and the Super Simple Bot scam Scam that I have recently reviewed. They promote an imaginary and badly developed software that is linked to various brokers. Once they have convinced you that this crap software will make you money and you sign up with the broker they recommend and make an investment, they take a nice referral fee. They do not want to help you, they don’t care if you make money, and they have not developed a special software to do so.


As the videos cannot be controlled, as usual, I have attached links to the uploaded videos where you can watch and listen at ease with the power to rewind and fast forward.

Video 1

Video 2


They discuss that they want to make something that is not like other scam websites. Do not fall for this, every single scam website says this.


This guy? Jeff Farrell? Seems like a legit guy right? Let’s start with JF Media. A quick search reveals several companies with this name. Of course, none have a CEO named Jeff Farrell. My selection of options are either the photographer that works baby showers and weddings, some guy with a YouTube channel that hasn’t been updated in 4 years, another YouTube channel with videos of games, a production company in Kenya, and a guy in Vimeo with not one video uploaded. Certainly there are more, but considering they flaunt this to be a major company one would think they would come up as first page results right? Honestly, I am not going to go through over 20 pages answering to the search JF Media. My findings, it does not exist. There was one company called JF Media LLC which dissolved a couple of years ago and their websites are for sale, perhaps this could be it?


The only partially legitimate website that I found this image is in what seems to be a dating site. Meet Rudd. (Please note the website has been translated from Dutch using Chrome translate option).


Their office seems quite impressive too right? I mean, how can you not trust a company with such an office.


Only there are hundreds of pages with this image. From interior design ideas, to office blogs, and this, downloadable office backgrounds ideal for editing and adding your company name. Just grab the image and search in Google to see the numerous results and the any places it appears LONG before this website was even conceived let alone released.


You don’t need an invite to get scammed.


Now, that’s hard to believe. This is impossible with the minimum investment of $250 and bids that are reasonable.


With which company? The non-existent, unregistered, and completely imaginary company?


Witten like that it seems to have logic right? Only, no. It simply doesn’t make sense. Regardless whether you trade during the day or at night, the risk is the same and it’s just as difficult to predict.


All they want are testimonials in return.


This should be interesting…


There is no date, and no real proof that this is actually a real email written from a real user. I mean, seriously, if someone falls for this because of this proof they probably need to get burned once to learn.


The Midnight Money Machine scam testimonials with images are no better. Each is a stolen image from someone’s blog or personal profile. These people have no idea that their faces are plastered on this scam website.


Here is our Geezer, as he kindly refers to himself, from Tall Clover Farm.


The social media posts are a complete joke. There is no Facebook and certainly no Twitter account.


My search of Midnight Money Machine revealed several tweets in Twitter. All reviews. Some paid, some genuine. You can tell the difference by the ones that show the truth that it’s a scam.


The same goes with the Yahoo questions.


A quick search in Yahoo answers reveals that this too is bull. They could have at least had one genuine thing on here. A little effort is all I ask, so we can make this research worth it!

The Midnight Money Machine Software

Now, you are not given the opportunity to really see the software without actually investing with their recommended broker.


I did manage to override the popup though and give us a glimpse into the scam. First off, there is no auto-trade option as claimed, which means you WILL NOT be making money while you sleep as you will have to be doing the trades manually. Aside from telling you the broker, by when you must trade, and the option to set an investment amount per trade, you are not provided with any information on what you are actually trading. Thus, making it impossible to actually confirm this information anywhere.


They mentioned that this phase of the testing has recently begun, if I am not mistaken it was either the 15th or 18th of May was when the previous phase ended. Only, this website and this software wasn’t even up for the previous phase of testing. How interesting is that?


If you are wondering if perhaps only the promo website may not have been up, then you are quite mistaken. The software domain, where the software actually does its “magic” wasn’t even up prior to May 19th.


The one thing that got me though was the Hosting Company behind the software domain. The all-time popular DWD Technologies LLC. Yup, you read correctly. The same ones behind a plethora of other scams out there. In fact, out of the 150 or so websites they host approximately 95% are scams. Finding out who is behind DWD Technologies is finding out who is behind the scams. If you have complaints, contact them, I have a feeling they are a lot closer to the developers than we are lead to believe.


You can find their contact information above.

Also, a quick note to any rep from DWD Technologies LLC looking to send threatening emails to sue me. Please note that this is public information. If you are not the ones behind this and the numerous other scams you host, then you should really reconsider who you associate yourself with because it gives you a bad name. The chances of someone actually winning a lawsuit against you are much higher than the other way around considering the kind of work you are involved in.


The Regal Wealth Scam seem familiar? I doubt it’s a coincidence that it is on the exact same IP as this scam.


Just in the IP range of the Midnight Money Machine scam there are 6 other scam websites that I have recently reviewed.

Are you really willing to lay your money down in the same place that has claimed numerous times that they will make people money only to be revealed as a scam? I think not. Just like with the BO not BS Scam, Drexel Code Scam, and the all-time popular Safe Income Scam, the Midnight Money Machine is also a SCAM.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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