There are a number of scams to watch out for and the Market Filter scam is one of them. Though not very convincing, it seems it is already gaining momentum, which could be a major problem for many looking to make an extra buck online. They target people with little to no experience with binary options and online scams in general, which is why they have not put a lot of effort into actually covering their tracks. This is why I am here, to give you the facts you didn’t think about when you first visited their page.

This scam features a lame scam video that gives zero proof, contradicts themselves numerous times in the video and the website, and has obvious connections to other scams. The information is outdated, and the software that they claim you will be using is far from the truth. The most important thing is that YOU WILL NOT MAKE MONEY! In fact, YOU WILL LOSE MONEY!

What is the Market Filter Scam?

It’s clear that it’s an automated binary options robot that will make automatic trades for you. They claim you will be able to make at least $2000 every day, but are very inconsistent with that number, perhaps because you will not make a penny.

The lies that you will not lose a single trade are also complete lies. In fact, once you do sign up, you will see for yourself that the majority of trades are lost and realize that it won’t be long till your initial investment of $250 will be gone.

Of course, from $2000 per day they jump to the possibility of earning tens of thousands of dollars per day. Now, they do state that this won’t happen immediately, but you do understand that by the time you are supposed to be making that kind of money you won’t have any more to trade with right?

This is what he claims is the software, or as he calls it, the main interface. This is the software that you are supposed to be trading with. In the end. You realize that this is in fact NOT the software that you end up signing up to.  Of course, as there is no actual time on the software, there is no way to really see what goes on and where. One thing I DO see is that this demo is from September 9, 2015. Considering we are halfway through January of 2017, I dare to say that this is a bit outdated. Especially considering that the demo was made before the software domain was even registered! All in all, the demo gives absolutely zero proof, especially considering that it is such bad quality that you can barely make out some of the figures.

I highly doubt this, and had they actually given such proof by means of a trade history of their live trades, perhaps they could prove me wrong.

Now, they did make a big mistake in their demo by zooming into the blurred demo where you can clearly see the domain of the software. First, clearly, this is NOT the same system they are discussing in this demo, and second, this is far from the system domain that you end up landing on when you actually go through all the steps. Protected Profits is a scam that plagued the internet in 2015. Obviously, these guys have decided to recycle this scams demo and try and pull it off again. You can easily look up the name and see some of the reviews of it yourself and compare the systems. Martin Foster doesn’t exist, it’s a fictitious character created for this scam. He never won any awards and never worked at Wall Street.

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So, from $2,000 to tens of thousands, and now down to $1000 a day.

Well then, I guess we are in luck! A bit outdated if you ask me! I must be catching onto this scam a little late perhaps?

Obviously, I have caught onto this scam a bit late, though it seems that it is now that they are gaining a lot of popularity. Need I say that the logos of these media outlets mean absolutely nothing added here?

Now, these guys look honest and real right?

Though they are real people, the truth is that they are not real users. They are directly copied  from another similar scam called Make Your First Dollar all the way back from 2010.

Of course, when you click each individual you can see their profit journal. Seems legit right? NOPE! You cannot open any of the screenshots and if you do open the images in another window they are such low quality that you cannot read anything. Though it looks pretty spiffy, it really provides zero information or proof.

They must be having some problems with their amazing software because I sat there for at least a half an hour waiting for this thing to spit out a trade. I want to note that this was BEFORE the markets were closed for the weekend, so there is no argument there. Their proof has gone down the toilet.

This takes me to their FAQ question. So, if the system is not giving any live results, does that mean that his trading account is inactive?

The next page you land on consists solely of a registration form. Nothing more.

It isn’t until you have signed up that you are sent over to the next step. Here it gets interesting. You are redirected from the system domain and taken to a new site called Full Options where you are requested to make an investment in an page that has zero security!

So, who are Full Options and why is the system NOTHING like what they claimed in the promo website? Well, they are the broker that is paying the referral fee to the scum that created the promo site. There is no magic system! You are taken to their trading platform and asked to make an investment. That’s it! You’ve been fooled!

Who are Full Options? Well, they claim to be founded in 2012 but their domain gives different proof. The domain for this broker was registered in July of 2016. They are not licensed, and I found zero information on them. Either they have been inactive up until now or they actually just now started marketing themselves. Either way, a broker with zero history is always a bad sign, especially if they are not licensed and linked to scams.

Check out the domain IP for the Market Filter scam.

This scam shares the same IP with two other online scams set out to rob people of their money. Confirm this information

Forget any of their claims and the fact that the demo and all given proof is from 2015, this domain was not registered until March of 2016.

Even better, they have overlooked Protection of the domain which leads us to the person that has registered this scam domain and the organization they work for. Feel free to call them and email them direct if you have been scammed by them already.

The Market Filter scam is pretty obvious, but if you feel I have been harsh in my judgement no one is standing in your way to try it out, just be sure to share your experience in the comments as I would love to hear about it.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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