When it comes to new scams, the Lucrosa scam is top of the line. Though released a while ago, it is new in their approach. So far most of the binary options scams follow one of 3 video schemes. Either they go cheap with an all text and image video with a hired narrator, they spend some money on Fiverr actors for testimonials and as faces of the scam, and lastly, the more expensive production video which is filmed in Portland, Oregon. Rarely do they stray from this until now. With this scam the video is filmed in London with much better quality equipment, but the lies are no different.  It may seem refreshing and the accent may seem trustworthy, but its neither.

Product Name: Lucrosa

Niche: Binary Options Software

OfficialWebsite: www.lucrosa.co

The truth is that even if they change the location and the actors, the fact still stands. They provide no real proof, there is no confirmation of the existence of the company as it cannot be found anywhere, and the identity of the individual claiming to be the CEO is completely fake. Most of all, the fact that the software does not work and you will lose your money still stands.

About the Lucrosa Scam?


Despite the change in approach, this is still a binary options scam that they try to push on you. The software is claimed to be automated and make you the impossible profit of $210,000 per month. The fact that they try and guarantee such high profits is enough to prove that it’s time to hit that X at the top.

Watch the first video with controls.


How can you turn down $600 in cash? Well, when you know you won’t get it in the end of course! It’s just an old trick to keep you listening. If you continue listening you realize that this is in case you actually make any profits at all because this is the profits he claims you’ll make in an hour.


Who is John Lucrosa? Well, no one really. I have searched high and low for anyone by this name that fits this description and aside from the numerous reviews of this scam, there is absolutely no trace of him. He is fictional. Also, there is no company out there by the name Lucrosa Incorporated that fits this description, anywhere! The truth is he is a local hired actor.


If you pay close attention to the screenshots, you will never see any dates or information that can actually be confirmed. This is all made up information.


Anyone ever promising you that you will become a millionaire should not be trusted. There is no magical way out there that will make you a millionaire with zero effort or knowledge. The claims of $2.5 million per year are impossible, regardless how you calculate it.


If you are looking for a real explanation of how the software works, you won’t find it here. There is zero effort put into it, mainly because the people that developed this website have no idea what binary options even are. They are only concerned with robbing you.


Here comes the demo. Investment of $250


The demo offers little to nothing. Though he doesn’t give us a trade history, you do get a list of most recommended signals and the potential profits with investment of $100 (notice its dollars instead of pounds). Remember this screenshot though as it comes up later again.


That was it, the demo ends with this, of course, with different trading history and bids per trade, but who cares, the proof is in the fact that he provides zero hard proof.


The demo is repeated with another local actress.


This is in fact the same screenshot with a different name.


The quick investment has now grown right? No trade history, no information, no full screenshot, and definitely no times or dates. Now, remember the screenshot I told you to remember? Take a look at the recommended trades. This is either a major coincidence or just the exact same screenshot with a changed balance.


You are led to believe the video is live with updates as to how many spots are left as you watch. Just use logic for a moment and try to understand how exactly this is possible. Of course, if you watch the video 5 times, each time it will run these exact same numbers so if you find yourself left out, just restart it!


I guess some people changed their minds as the spots available have gone up to 21, got me worried for a moment there. With that said, making claims that binary options are risk free is a complete lie and very deceiving for those that have zero experience with trading. Also, a quick calculation reveals that the claimed profits point to 7 day trading which is impossible as the markets are closed. This is what I meant when I said that this page and video were created by people that don’t have the slightest idea what binary options are.


Testimonials accompanied by images are also fabricated like the rest of the “proof” in this website.


Just recycled images from numerous other scam websites just like this one.


Or simply stolen from people’s personal accounts like this twitter account.


Here is another recycled image.


This is one that they have used far too many times in numerous scams. The truth is that it’s from a news clipping of a man proposing to his girlfriend on her favorite blog. Read more about it.


My concerns were confirmed. They not only insinuate trading on the weekends, they actually provide trades over the weekends as fake proof of successful trading. Not sure how they manage to achieve such an impossible feat.

Watch the second video and the third video. However, you won’t find anything of use in there except for more lies.


Finally we get a full shot of the scam software that is Lucrosa. If you have had any experience with binary options scam you will find this very familiar as this software is nothing new or original. It is no different from every scam out there. Different promo sites with different logos and names promoting the exact same software that loses your all your money. I have yet to actually come by anyone that has had any success with this scam.

Tanaka-Cargill Group


The Zero Loss Scam


Quick Cash Method Scam


I think you get the picture.


Take a look at the IP.


This same IP has a number of other scams such as the Quick Cash System scam, Consistent Income scam, and more sharing it.


It gets worse with the system domain once you actually enter the software. The people on IP are notorious for their scam schemes.


Proven scams such as Mikes Auto Trader, the 15 Minutes Only Scam, and more are also here.


The thing is, domains that have software, app, or system in front of them followed by a period do not come up on normal IP searches. If you dig real deep though, you will be blown away by how deep these scams go and how they are all connected. They may say all the rest are scams in their promo videos, but the truth is they are all run by the same people! They are all connected. I rest my case.

Do not trust the Lucrosa Scam software, its connection to so many scams is enough to prove that it is no better than they are.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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