Dealing with online scams means not only dealing with binary options scams, but also scams such as the Instant Income Code. Upon entering the official website you have absolutely no idea what you are getting yourself into. Really. You actually do not really find out anything about what you are being lured into until about 40 minutes of the nearly hour long video. It is a nasty tactic to waste your time and to lure you to waste your money.


What is the Instant Income Code Scam?

Well, this is nothing more than another one of those get rich quick schemes that tries to pull off the “I am a kind and simple guy like you” in order to get you to put your money down. What it really is? It’s an email marketing scam. It basically tells you that you can make money using several options they have available that you can add into your website to lure people to sign up and give you their email addresses. Interestingly enough though, they don’t tell you exactly how you will make the money.


A video of a guy looking at a computer rolls by several times throughout the long video, claiming that it is the narrator and trying to prove that he really is a real guy just like you.


The kind of money you are to expect? Upwards of $1,000 a day, but this does change throughout the video. Numerous times.


Seriously, they are either really bad with math or cannot decide what sounds better or more convincing.


Technically, it has nothing to do with mobile phones. It’s nothing more than an email marketing scheme. You collect and sell peoples identity and personal information for pennies so they can get spammed.


Over the one hour that this video repeats itself over and over again, he is always claiming he will show you and he will tell you what this is about. Only to reveal it after you have wasted nearly an hour watching it.


His name is not James Johnson. He really is just like you. Someone that was looking for a quick and easy way to make money online. The difference? He found it by scamming people to sign up for his crap software that in reality does absolutely nothing for you.


He is not from New York.


Justin probably does not even exist.


Most likely a stolen image from somewhere. Looks more like a stock photo, but zoomed and cropped so it is difficult to find.


Sure, and I’m a billionaire.


I don’t know who Eric and Dimitri are, but they are definitely not these two.


This is just one VERY popular stock photo that has been used numerous times in blogs, websites, and various marketing pages.


Now its $2,052.89 in a day.


Wait, what? Considering that it’s ONLY for him, his two guys, and has not been released yet…not really understanding how he does the calculations of profits.


Finally we get some insight as to what it is. The old school make money scheme of email marketing.


So, it’s not launched yet, it was “leaked” out, and this may be my only chance to get in on it before the public. Seriously!!How does that even make sense. The entire script sounds like it has been written by an idiot that can neither keep a story straight or think properly.


Yet, it was “leaked” and he cannot control who purchases it. Right.


So, get ready for the totally convincing demo!


Technically, you do not get a demo. You are just given this list that does not even have the Instant Income Code logo or name anywhere on it.


All he does in the demo is show you the different objects which you can select to use on your websites. They are nothing more than simple pop up’s, side bars, and forms that collect data from your website’s visitors. This is ALL you get from the demo. He doesn’t explain how the money is really made, how it is calculated, exactly how you get paid or how to track your money. It is nothing more than a veil to show you that something exists, but not really show you how it works. In fact, I doubt you will even get this far once you pay the “small” donation.


So again, the daily profits have quite a drastic range.


If you look a little closer you will also notice that the results go as far back as 2014.


The whole thing makes absolutely no sense especially considering that the software isn’t even released!


Of course, spots are available so throw your money at him.


Wait, what? This makes absolutely no sense, not to mention, he still doesn’t reveal exactly how you get paid from this.


Either I am misunderstanding the potential profits or these guys have no idea what they are talking about.


So, it IS free because he is generous, but you have to pitch in to pay for the specially built web server.


Such a good hearted scam artist.


So, if you aren’t happy or don’t make money he’ll give you your money back. There are no terms and conditions, not to mention that there is absolutely no contact information anywhere in the website.


So, this tiny contribution is $49.95. Seems ok right? Well, if you are willing to throw $50 to the wind go ahead, imagine the kind of bank he is making with every person that simply shrugs and says, well, it really isn’t that much.

Who is REALLY Behind the Instant Income Code?

Obviously this guy isn’t great at making these types of scam web sites. He has got the idea but he is far from actually understanding the consequences of lying to people and how easy it is to track him down.


Well, the website video was uploaded in YouTube as unlisted under the name of Corey Lewis. Watch video HERE.


He has some interesting videos uploaded, some of which old scams that never really made it. What I found amusing is that he actually provided his Google+ account in his profile information. View other videos HERE.


Just take a look at his Google+ profile.


Obviously, it has been quite some time since he has touched it, but we gather more than enough information about him to find out that what he claims in the video is completely untrue. To start with, he is from Salem, Oregon. I actually even found his Facebook profile as well, but it seems as though he has kept this to a minimum since 2015 so it won’t be of much help. The fact is that this guy is NOT who he claims to be.


So, take a close look at this IP address. You can confirm it HERE.


Now, take a look at the 5 other scam websites with similar topics on this same one IP. This guy has been working hard to steal money from people looking for a means to make some money online.

With that said, it is not only binary options scams that rob people blind. There are scams like Instant Income Code still out there neo2 review, crunch tech scam, finpari review that still try and convince people that email marketing is the quick ride to becoming a millionaire. The only way for someone to become a millionaire overnight is by either winning the lottery or VERY hard work, do not be fooled by these scams.

Though I know you are all here to read about binary options scams, just like I was lured into watching this nearly full hour video, I can see any one of you falling for it and wasting your time on the Instant Income Code scam.

Anna Georgieva

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