What you will see in Ice9 Technology scam is more or less what you will see with numerous other scams out there. The use of actors, the stolen images for testimonials, and a fake demo that reveals that this is nothing more than the latest scam on the market.

Product Name: Ice9 Technology

Founder & Chairman: John Farraday

Official Website: ice9technology.com

Potential Profit: $4,900 Weekly

Minimum Deposit: $250

Of course, the whole thing is a complete lie with the sole goal to encourage you to sign up with their recommended broker and make an investment so they can pocket the referral fee. That’s the whole goal of all the scams and software out there. There is no magical software behind this, there is nothing that will make you money. Binary options are a risk and there is no software that can give you such results.

What is Ice9 Technology?

This is another binary options software scam. They feed you a bunch of lies with the sole goal to get a referral fee from the broker.


They have made sure you are unable to even pause the video when you open the website. I have managed to dig up the links from their website so you can see the videos yourself.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3 – now, I am not 100% sure that the video in the website leads exactly to this link because I couldn’t get past step 2 as it would not accept any sign up information that I provided. I found this video accidentally while researching information. I wouldn’t be surprised though if it is connected directly to the scams that are under that same YouTube profile though.


They start off with fake quotes from various major media outlets.


Only, if you search for anything about Ice9 in their official websites you will find NOTHING.


Just another one of their lies.


Aaron Palmer is an actor, hired locally.


There is no software out there, no trader, no magician, no one, that can guarantee winning trades. Ever.


This has nothing to do with  delays in Google. Or delay in information in general.


This is nowhere near true and it has nothing to do with Trading or gathering information for Trading.


Also an actor.


Yup, actor.


He is not and has never been a senior executive of Citigroup. Just search his name and you will see for yourself.


He does not work for Intel and is an actor.


Actor, he is not an editor for Business Day.


Also an actor. Is NOT CEO of Innotrade.


Basically claiming a 94% win rate which is impossible!


Yup, another actor and another fake blogger.


No @ice9Technology – there is only @ice9tech and it has only 15 followers on Twitter – May 19th is their first Tweet.


Their Facebook is no different. They have a lot of followers, which could easily be bought, but no real comments. Not to mention not one comment confirming they have tried it and succeeded.


Only problem is, the Facebook page doesn’t even list their web address as the page address, rather a review page which automatically redirects you to the Ice9 Technology website. Obviously confirming that this is nothing more than another lie. There is only one post and nothing more.

Don’t get me started on the fake names, profile image, and comment generator they are using. None of these people have commented or shown interest in this scam.


These testimonials are fake too.


They just grabbed this image from this guy’s YouTube profile. Here you can confirm his real name in his Facebook profile.


There is no mention of a pro option anywhere in the videos. When you click Make me a Pro you are taken to the exact same page as simply joining the software. It’s just put there to make it seem legit.


First it was $4,900 a week, now it‘s only $16,000.


These are also nothing more than stolen images of people.







The Ice9 Technology Scam Testimonial Video


Now all the sudden you can earn up to $13,500 a week. They seriously can’t decide how much you will earn with this!


Observe starting Account Balance of $292,374.90. Also, take a look at the current Active Trades as well as the Trading History.


He made 4 trades. His starting Account Balance up top was $292,374.90. When all trades closed and we went into the history the total Account Balance became $292,622.30. Total profit of $247.40 not $170. Even when  you include the 2 active trades ($25 each), where one of them doesn’t even show up in the history, it doesn’t add up. This simply proves that this is a fake video.



Trades missing, the history and balance not adding up. This demo is crashing and burning.


Let’s see if the auto trading will give better results. Starting Account Balance of $292,622.30. Also, notice the current Active Trades.


Notice the Active Trades again. These are the “new” automated one. The $50 one from prior to activating Auto Trade EUR/USD is gone. So these 4 must be the ones that are being generated through Auto Trade.


Not only do the Assets not match, but neither does the payout. Starting balance of $292,622.30 and final Account Balance of $292,802.80. This makes for a total profit of $180 by the looks of the Account Balance. Only, if you look at the Payout, the total profit is $146. Here we can argue that perhaps those previously active trades prior to the Auto Trading demo went through and made a profit. Only, they aren’t there. Nowhere in the history. Neither are the previous trades during the Manual Demo.

Basically, this demo further proves that the Ice 9 Technology software is a scam.

The Real Information about Ice9 Technology

As always, the real information in websites like this can be found in the Terms,  Website Agreement, and Disclaimer.


Here they discuss how the videos consist of actors and are made for “entertainment” purposes and basically should not be believed. More or less. Read the Site Agreement HERE.


Know the real risks of using this software and read the Risk Disclaimer HERE.


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Now, it almost seems as if they are providing you real office information right? Well, the phone number is definitely not correct, the question is whether the address is. The area consists of various buildings and offices into parking lots so there is no way to try and get a Google Maps on it. But a search revealed that this address does not come up anywhere. There is no company or office registered under it. Not to mention that Ice9 Technology is not a registered company anywhere in California or the US.

Ice9 Technology is a scam there is no doubt about it, especially considering how few people have actually provided real proof of using it and actually succeeding, not to mention the already numerous complaints.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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