The Hoffman Stein scam is no different from the many other scams we have seen in the past. In fact, it is so similar to the many other scams that most likely if you have read one of my other reviews, you may find me repeating myself.


Now, just looking up at the quick overview of the software you are immediately struck the amount they claim you will make. I mean, seriously, if there is a software out there that can give you these kinds of profits you will not be gaining access to it this easily. Only, no such software exists.

What is the Hoffman Stein Nexus Software Scam?

Well, this is a typical binary options scam software website that pushes you to sign up with a broker they have a contract with. They receive a commission every time they send the broker a new trader. This is exactly why if you already have a profile with said broker, you cannot sign up with them.


The software is developed for one sole reason. To steal your money. As you will later see, the software is the same software that has been used time and again by numerous scam websites.


Please tell me, how exactly is it possible to make $125K weekly with a mere $250 investment? Even with more! It’s simply impossible.


Now, this guy will appear throughout the videos. The way he is portrayed in the video is as if he is the speaker and the man behind this software.


Only, he is a Shutterstock stock video clip. You can find all of his debuts in the video here, to be purchased and plugged into a promo video such as this. See video and find other clips HERE.


This video was done about, or probably before, February. I couldn’t find this guy’s Fiverr account, but I have seen him several times already. Perhaps he has taken it down knowing the kind of karma he is attracting to himself by promoting these scams.


This guy, also from Fiverr, on the other hand is scum and popular among the scam websites.


Fiverr Profile HERE.


Anthony Henderson is not this guy. He simply does not exist as portrayed in the website and video.


Fake news from Wall Street Journal


See my search HERE.


Fake news from LA Times.


See my search HERE.


Fake news from Bloomberg


See my search HERE.


It has taken as long as it took to create the website and put together the testimonials. Not a second longer.


Remember how many people are given access, 15 per day.


There isn’t even 1 employee because this company does not exist.


There are no employees working for this company because it does not exist in NY as he claims.

Hoffman Stein Demo

Create profile with a Balance of zero.


Click Auto Trade and start with fake results.


Only Balance and Total Trades change, History Trades stay EXACTLY the same. Not to mention he skipped over the important point of investing money.


I will add all of the screenshots of the claimed Photoshop profits in this software. Here you will clearly see that the Trades History NEVER CHANGES, only the Balance and Total Trades.


Take a closer look at the Amount and compare with the payouts (which range between $0 – $42.75). Notice anything strange? Exact same Amount invested ($25) yet the payout is different for each, one is $0, the next $1, then there is a $44 payout, all with a $25 investment which is absolutely impossible.






Nothing changes except for Balance and Total Trades


Anyone with even a little bit experience with such binary options scams knows well enough that 100% winning trades are impossible.


No, Ana Chong has not joined this scam.


The news article does not exist.


No such individual exists that is connected to this software except in the numerous fake reviews.


No history that this software is even up. The company isn’t even registered. Website is up since February of this year. Interesting how first it was 8 years, now its 3.


I will take it all back if they can tell me the company that certified this 100% accuracy scam.


They actually are not, because this company does not exist!


I took action after the timer was at zero and guess what, I still registered with this scam!


So, first it was only 20 people per day, then all the sudden there are 97 spots available in Miami alone! How interesting!


Their office in Manhattan. Remember, this company does not exist, and this is not the office of said non-existent company.


Just look at these very VERY exaggerated profits! It’s impossible to make that much with a mere $250 investment, even IF the software worked. Only, it does not, based on numerous complaints and genuine reviews with facts and information confirming that you will lose.


This video is not of their offices.


From video in Vimeo uploaded 2 years ago for Protrader. Watch full video HERE.


The dreaded AUTOMATIC $250 bonus from broker trap.


Which will prevent you from withdrawing your funds when you want.


Judging by the demo and by the claimed “profits” these numbers just don’t seem to add up.


This little Guarantee here means absolutely NOTHING. Check out their Terms. There is absolutely NOTHING about any guarantee or $10,000 that they will give you if you don’t make $10K per month. The only legally binding, though there are always loopholes, contract in these types of websites are the Terms of Use.

Speaking of the Terms of Use.


Interesting that once you pass the first couple of paragraphs the name of the scam turns to Million Dollar Invite.

The Hoffman Stein Scam Software

Looks a bit familiar doesn’t it?


Take a look at some of the other PROVEN scams that use this exact same software. To name a few:

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Overall, the Hoffman Stein software is a Scam. They have not only shown complete lack of knowledge of binary options, but presented us with a by the book scam with everything from Photoshop, Fiverr, and Stock Photos/Videos present. Don’t get me started on the Hoffman Stein copy software that EVERY cheap scam these days is using.

Anna Georgieva

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