What can I say, the Hexa Trader is another binary options scam out to get your money. These guys are aggressive, though little effort is put into actually creating this scam website. While others spend money on a production company and real actors, these guys have opted for the Fiverr route with a promo video created on the cheap with a voice over artist and hired cheap actors form Fiverr. There is no transparency, no truth, and certainly, no profits.


Official Website: http://www.hexatrader.co/

You get zero information about the software itself, just a whole lot of empty promises and depicted dreams of fortune and no financial problems. Their claims? That you will make the absurd amount of $1644 a day. They are inconsistent with the profits you will make, the screenshots and “proof” are fake, and their use of testimonial actors is very obvious.

What is the Hexa Trader?

This is a binary options robot that makes trades for you automatically once you sign up with their recommended broker and invest a minimum of $250. Very similar to the many other scams out there, this scam video shows signs of being connected to another scam called Wealth Crew.


The Hexa Trader scam focuses on presenting you a lifestyle that you cannot resist. With minimal information as to how you can actually make this kind of money and plenty of sugarcoating the process, many people get lured into actually believing this is possible via this scam software.

Watch the Hexa Trader Software scam video with controls.


The Hexa Trader scam video was uploaded onto YouTube on the username Wealth Crew.


This same username was used to upload the Wealth Crew Scam video as well in September of last year. This alone proves that this is a scam as it is obvious that they have attempted to scam people before, and with much success as many were burned by the Wealth Crew Scam.


There are testimonials throughout the video. A total of three. Each testimonial is done by a different Fiverr actor that we have seen numerous times before in various other scams. Of all of them, she is the most popular one.


Check out Filiyanndiamond’s Fiverr profile.

The video continues with claims that using this software you will make $1100  to $1600 every day, which, though far less exaggerated than most scams out there, is still a far cry from what you can really make using such a software.


A whole lot of screenshots flash by quickly throughout the video as well. What I find amusing is that these screenshots are dated just days after the software domain was registered, yet have absurd amounts of money in them. Not only that, but they are all recycled screenshots from other scams.


Like this recycled screenshot from a recent scam I reviewed called the Bahama Banker scam. Though they have changed the date, name, balance, and several numbers in the account number, the coincidence of the exact time and last 4 digits in the account number is more than enough to convince me that it’s another recycled screenshot. When it comes to binary options scams, this particular screenshot has be reused numerous times, but the time is always identical and usually so are the last 4 digits in the account number.


The Discover statement is also fake. This is another one that we’ve seen used over and over again with slight differences. Not only is this screenshot from 2007, but they haven’t even changed the name on the account which has been recycled numerous times in the past. In fact, all of the statements and screenshots throughout the video are fake.


Once again, here it is from the Bahama Banker scam. Absolutely identical except for the list of account activity where they have changed the transaction type and balance.


So, who is Professor Rupert Connor? Well, one would think that with such a fancy name and title he’d be out there. Only, no one that matches this description can be found. No professional profile or mention of him as a professor anywhere and no social media profiles. He is a fictitious name and persona created specifically for this scam.

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I have searched high and low for professors under that name but none exist. Also, if he is the CEO of the Hexa Trader scam, one would think that there is  a company registered under that name. None exists.

His claims that the software was developed in 2013 with thousands of people already using it is also a lie as I will provide proof below proving that this software is in fact active since December of 2016. The whole story about how the software uses the Hexa decimal values and a proprietary hexa algorithm is a lie, even if for some reason that actually made any difference in the results. The software is the same as all the rest, hence why he doesn’t show you a demo.


This guy is another popular face on Fiverr. Just more lies and fake screenshots.


The inconsistencies with the profits begin. They jump back and for throughout the video. Not that it matters, as you won’t make any profits using this software.


Of course, the impossible 94.7% win rate is also a complete lie as no matter how good a software is, this type of win rate is unreachable.


The moment you see a statement like this, usually means that it is exactly that, a binary options scam.


I don’t even know where to start here, all I can say is that you will lose all your money and it’s useless to even consider investing your $250 with them.


There is zero honesty or transparency in this video or the entire website. If there was, you would have actual company information, he would not hide behind a fictitious name, and you will get real contact information that will allow you to speak with someone should you have a question.


Now, why is he offering this for free? Well, technically, it’s not for free, he has to convince you he is benefiting from this somehow after all. He claims he will send you a bill for 2.5% of your net profit that has to be paid within 7 days from the date you receive it every month. In reality, no such thing exists. If it were the case, it would be mentioned in the Terms of the site. The reason it does not exist is because no one will ever make a profit, hence they will never have to worry about making such calculations. It’s just a lie to convince you that he will be benefiting and to explain why he is giving away this millionaire machine for free. The truth is he makes his money from referral fees he gets from the brokers he lures you into signing up with.


Again, a new claimed profit. They actually do not repeat the same profit potential twice throughout the website or videos.


Our Fiverr stars! Each of them is a well-known face in the world of scam binary options software.

Watch the second Hexa Trader Scam video with controls.


The fact that he says guarantee is another bad sign. If that were the case they would back that guarantee with something. What happens if you do lose your money? What do they offer in return? NOTHING.


Now, they’ve done good in not showing trades over the weekend, a common mistake with these scams, but I noticed something else that was interesting. With absurd claims of over $1000 minimum profits per day, I think they’ve exaggerated quite a bit. Even if this software has a minimal chance of being profitable, it would be FAR less than what they’ve claimed as there is on average 1-5 trades per day! How they came up with such profits I’m not sure, but they need to fix their proof so they don’t look like idiots.


Finally, when you are ready to sign up you are thrown a curveball. Instead of being sent to a safe broker page where you are to invest your money on a secure page, you are asked to enter your billing information in an unsecure page. NEVER, ever, enter your billing information in an unsecure page. Your personal and billing information are at risk of being stolen and don’t be surprised if you wake up and find out your bank account has been drained.


Lastly, all of their absurd claims are debunked with one simple bit of information. The registration of the system domain, NOT the promo page domain as that can be argued, is from December 4th of 2016! This basically means that this software did not exist prior to that as it is web-based.

The Hexa Trader is a scam, a bad one at that as they could have at least made themselves seem more believable.

Anna Georgieva

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