Here we have ourselves a classic binary options scam with the HB Swiss system. They have used every trick in the book to make it seem like this is a system that could possibly make you money. Unfortunately, they have no idea what binary options are, let alone any “expert” experience in trading, and if you look closely at this completely useless marketing website, you will see it. They have overlooked important points and fail to provide real proof and information backing their claims.

Product Name: HB Swiss Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software


See, at least, if you are going to create a scam based on  earning money with something specific, such as binary options, at least a little research and time can be spared to try and at least show you know what you are taking about. The truth is a far cry from their claims of expertise on the topic, and it’s very clear with the absurd mistakes they’ve made in the development of this marketing website.

What is the HB Swiss Scam?

This typical binary options automated robot scam follows every single shady step that all the rest do. With a video that cannot be controlled they introduce you to the man behind this scam who shares his experience, the idea behind it, and how he came about to this mind  blowing success. There is a lot of talk, but very little information. You get a lot of fluff and plenty of promises, but no proof. All in all, they use every trick in the book from push marketing, visualization of the life you will have once you start, and plenty of lies to lure unsuspecting people with zero experience  in trading to get sucked into this scam.

Unfortunately, the scam revolves around a single goal, and that is to get you to invest with the broker they assign you. The reason behind this is to get a fat referral fee for your invested money. This is no new or original system they are trying to push on you. Nearly all the scams out there use one of several systems that are bounced about presented in different names, but in the background, they are all identical. Random trades being pushed, if not intentionally losing ones, and you lose your money within hours of investing. The song is all the same, the title of it has only changed.

Watch the full HB Swiss scam video with controls.

You are introduced to Hans Berger here. I won’t waste time as I have in the past looking for this actor and his real name, though I am 100% certain he is exactly that, an actor. There is plenty of other proof that is plain and obvious that should be more than enough. I have searched all social media outlets and online, as well as the mentioned schools and associations, and I cannot find anyone by this name matching this description ever existing. Fake name attached to a hired actor.

From the whole video, there are only several things that are of importance. The explanation of how this system works is completely useless, and the means by which it gains the signals has been proven to be in no connection to binary options and has no proof of success. The fact that he claims that you will make upwards of €5K per day is just as absurd as the proof he provides.

Though they have tried to stay reasonable with the win rate, it is still a high and impossible 87%. Even with the best systems out there and some of the most successful traders such a high rate is difficult, to say the least, if not impossible.

Interestingly enough, and to no surprise, there is no KickStarter for this system. All he shows are screenshots of the actual homepage rather than a page where he gathers money.

Moving on from the video which is completely useless and repetitive of all the other scam videos I’ve ever seen before, you are given a quick look at the HB Swiss Facebook page. It may seem as if there is a page there, but, unfortunately, no such thing exists. There is no social media account for this scam, further proving that they are doing this only halfway rather than really putting in real effort to at least seem trustworthy.

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One would think that at least they’ll try and cover their tracks when stealing such obvious and popular images and individuals to pose as the individuals writing the comments.

This stock photo required almost no effort to find, they’ve really let themselves go.

Watch the second HB Swiss scam video with controls.The second video is even more useless than the first.

Aside from all of the other important points they’ve missed revealing that they are lying and the HB Swiss system is a scam, they’ve overlooked yet another vital detail. They show that the trading results of three traders. All seems well until you notice that there are results put up for Saturday and Sunday, both days when the markets are closed. On top of this, the profits seem a bit off from the promised €5K a day.

I think it’s pretty clear that the photos of the three traders above are stolen images as well.

This stock photo as well.

There is plenty of proof the moment you land on the official HB Swiss scam website. They have tried to make it all seem reliable enough to trick newbies to making money online, the desperate, and those that have no idea what binary options are. Unfortunately for them, there are real traders out there, those with experience with such scams, that are ready to help direct novice traders and those seeking to find money online in the right direction.

Scams like these will continue to pop up as long as there are people ready to fall for them. Always double check all information, read into it, and be informed. Don’t trust scam systems like the HBSwiss scam software without doing a bit of research first.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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