Binary options scam developers are getting more and more creative so as not to get caught and the Guardian Angel’s Wing System developers know what they are doing for sure. Though initially it looks rather odd with a single page, just text, few images, introduction, once you take the next step, you realize it’s no different from the rest. The problem was actually proving it since it was impossible to find anything to back what I saw was an obvious lie.

Product Name:Guardian Angel’s Wing System

Official Website:

Minimum Deposit: $250

Although I do believe there are several images that the developers have taken themselves, the rest are all stolen off the internet, and the proof is nothing more than lies. The first sign was the very first thing that greets you, the absurd claim that you can make anywhere between $30K to $60K a month with this scam software. This is an impossible amount with a $250 investment and through a software such as this.

What is the Guarding Angel’s Wing Software Scam?

This is another binary options robot scam that claims it will make money for you FREE. Only, you DO have to invest a minimum of $250 out of pocket, and THAT is what you risk. On top of that, once you do invest that money you will receive harassing phone calls pushing you to invest more and more, which in turn, many fall for and put in their life savings in hopes for a better financial comfort. In the end, the money is all lost, and they are left with no one to turn to, as there is no contact information anywhere on the website.


The story goes that this guy received a helping hand from a “famous”, generous, and rich Mr. C when he was at his lowest, a typical and reused story. He then took his good luck and new knowledge to create  this system to continue the good that was started. Not only is this a complete bull story, but the system does nothing good for you except for rob you.

Watch the first video with controls.


So, the claims with this software are that you will make $3,000 a day. This is rather odd considering the claimed monthly profits, but the inconsistencies do not end there. There are plenty throughout the website. Do I even need to mention that these types of daily profits are rather outlandish with this type of software?


On top of that, he claims you will make $125 in about 6 minutes. Well, technically, it’s quite a bit longer than that, but at least the video isn’t the typical 30 minutes we are used to. The truth about this $125 eventually comes out, and it’s not out of pocket money you get to help reduce your initial investment, but a broker bonus trap that will force you to continue trading until you’ve lost all of your money.


This guy. He is definitely a mystery. He claims his name is Tommy Lomax, but obviously, I have my doubts. A quick search reveals that there is no one by that name that matches this description or has any real links to this software aside from the numerous fake reviews and this site. I actually believe that the images of the man behind the software really are the person that has developed the software or a friend of his. They are not high quality well made stock photos, and are not profile images that I could find online. They are badly staged, horrid quality, and the model, well, definitely not his thing.

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The proposed win rate of 87% is impossible and absurd. Though its closer to something more realistic than most, it doesn’t make it something that can actually happen in real life. There is no robot out there that can reach such a high win rate regardless how good it is. Speaking of which, throughout the video there is zero information about how this software actually works. No supposed claims of an algorithm, no trading signals from major traders, nothing. All he talks about is how rich you will be.

Then he tells us his sob story about how he was down in life and Mr. C saved him. Refuses to reveal his name or show his face because he is rich and famous. So, who is Mr. C?


He gives us an idea of how rich and famous he is by sharing images of him (blurred out) with famous faces such as Prince Charles.


A quick search reveals that the individual Prince Charles is speaking to is Armen Sarskissian, a former prime minister of Armenia. Highly doubt he’ll be happy he is being played off as a Mr. C and connected to such a scam.


Then, here is Mr. C posing with Beckham. Considering the repetition of how he is a fan of football it’s only natural right?


But wait, flip that picture around and you’ve got Beckham shaking hands with Joseph S. Blatter, former president of FIFA. So, how many people is Mr. C, because he seems to be two different people in the two photos provided as proof of his existence. Here we’ve got ourselves one fat lie.

The same goes with all the other images of testimonials and letters with images claiming that they have been successful with this software. A quick flip of the image and they all come up in search. They are all either stolen images from people’s profiles or stock photos.


What I find odd in this shot here of this guy’s bank account is that this overview is from January 2015. The software domain, including where the software itself functions, was not registered until March of 2015, so these profits could not have been made with this scam software as it didn’t exist at that time.


Well, technically you have $250 to lose, your time, and a bit of your dignity too.


This is his family on a vacation.


Actually, this is a stolen image off of an MMA Page.


Then we have this lame excuse for proof.


These are actually identical images as another binary scam called Binary Room 365. Just look at the bottom of the image.

The second video gives you a demo and more lies.


It seems they are very inconsistent about the kind of profits you will make as they change every time he mentions profits.


Though I am not sure how they function to trade with manually without a software, I am certain of one thing, this broker is well-known for working with binary options scams and refusing withdrawals to traders. Though they are regulated, the number of complaints against them are racking up.


So, you get a demo from his personal account. The demo is mad at 9:40 on May 25, 2015. The reason I want you to pay close attention to this s the times will prove to be inconsistent with what he is saying as well as the trading results.


The times on the trade history proves that they were made at different times and expired at different times.

After he makes several trades he takes you to the trading history to prove he’s won trades, only, he proves that the demo is a fake as the Trade Time is 8:45, when they were made at 9:40. The expiry date is 8:58, considering that he claims he waited 10 minutes after the trade time (though they were just 5…from the first trade) these times are completely off. Both times are in GMT time, so no arguing that either.


Here is a quick zoom he made to prove his fake profits. You can easily see the two times, 9:40 then 9:45. The last trade was made at 9:44, then he claims he waits 10 minutes and reveals the results. There is major inconsistencies between what he says and what is being done. Not to mention an hour time gap between the trade history and the real time.


Each of these video testimonials are done by cheap Fiverr actors.


This guy being the most famous and well known, proving my point.


Ivannicholo is well-known for doing numerous fake testimonial videos for many binary options scams out there.


I decided to run a quick test at the first site I found that gives you a risk factor of a website. In this case, the Guardian Angel’s Wings scam got only a 23% out of 100% meaning that its most likely a phishing scam that may contain malware and viruses, and of course, has annoying pop-ups. Though not the most trustworthy source to decide on a website, but certainly with a low number such as that I think it’s pretty clear.

The Guardian Angel’s Wings, or GAW Software is a scam that should be avoided, though you can check for yourself and confirm the proof that I have provided.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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