Nothing sells better than a slutty looking woman with big boobs and this is the direction that the scam artists behind the Guaranteed Money System went. With close ups of her breasts, various remarks that have underlying meanings directed towards men, overall, the whole thing is a joke. In reality, it’s basically showing a woman with big breasts in hopes that no one will listen to a word she says and hope that they sign up just to see more of her. Its rather disgusting if you ask me in the wake of the way woman want to be portrayed these days. With that set aside, this is just a scam, like all the rest.

Product Name: Guaranteed Money System

Niche: Binary Options Software


This is nothing more than a cheesy Portland production with Portland actors, and from the looks of it, a soft porn actress. Just a disgusting example of smart, yet stupid, marketing. Only an idiot would fall for this scam, no offence to those that already have. Seriously, though, there is zero proof, and obvious bad acting.

What is the Guaranteed Money System?

Somewhere in between the cleavage and lies, they mention that this is an automated binary options system that is supposed to make you money while you sleep. The claims are absurd though. They claim that within a month you will make upwards of $1 million which should be enough to send you running in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, there are still people that believe lies like these.

The video lasts upwards of 30 minutes, so trust me, there is plenty said, but zero real information. Lots of repetition, and if you last the full 30 minutes, I am impressed because I barely made it and I have watched hundreds of these crap Portland production videos.

Watch the first Guaranteed Profits System scam video with controls.Though, even with controls, it is FAR too long.

The video does not have captions, so I’ve tried to provide you with as much as possible from it that will help me prove that this really is a scam. To begin with, I couldn’t find this actress in the talent agencies in Portland, and I am beginning to think that perhaps I am not looking at the right types of talent agencies. The fact that she is an actress cannot be argued though, it’s more than clear. Forget the fact that her “home” has been rented out numerous times before for other similar Portland production scams.

She said, not I. The fact is, any woman willing to sell her body, her soul, and her dignity in this way deserves absolutely zero respect, at least from my point of view. She must have been desperate for money to accept this job where she completely diminishes all respect for women in the world of trading.

Her first lie is that if you don’t make $5K in the next 24 hours and $1.3 million in the next 30 days, she will wire transfer $500,000 into your account. It even comes with a fake contract signed by people that don’t exist and covered by a law firm that doesn’t exist, so it will never hold up in court should you ever attempt to get that money. Forget the fact that you don’t even know who to ask for it as there is not one real name and not one actual company to actually ask.

They have avoided using Fiverr testimonials for this scam in the main video. They have opted for all Portland actors. You can tell by the fact that they are all filmed in the same way with the same microphones attached.

From the looks of it, they are going another way in getting actors as I am not finding them in the typical Portland talent agencies. That doesn’t change a thing though, these people are not who they claim to be, they have not made any money, and they are being filmed in Portland.

Another Portland actress.

Another outdated screenshot that gives zero information or proof.

Here this Portland actor also claims to have become a millionaire.

Another November statement from before the domain was registered, and interestingly enough, the Description is different from the one in the first statement. Regardless that they are different banks, it would have said the same thing. This particular statement has been used numerous times in other scams with different names and descriptions. You can see the difference in the darkness and focus of the edited content.

You have not seen her before, perhaps if you watch porn, but definitely not in the listed news networks.

I am finding it very difficult to believe that this system has its own bank account. The person running it perhaps, but considering that it is not a registered company, this is impossible. Just think, not monthly, but DAILY deposits anywhere between $1 and $4 million!? The first one being on the 13th of November of 2016, a Sunday, when a deposit is impossible as banks are closed.

Her own bank account is no better. Yet another recycled screenshot.

Here is her form of a demo. Before we continue with the demo though, let’s refresh to the second testimonial and the screenshot she shared:

100% identical. You can scroll back and confirm this.

Then after briefly talking you are shown another screenshot of her profits in just a couple of minutes. The profits have grown significantly, only, everything else is 100% identical. So much for the demo.

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She also claims that she will deposit $250 to every new account. Only, this is just a broker trap which you will greatly regret later.

Now, onto the impressive contract. See, this would probably be a binding contract should it actually be signed by an actual person. Only, this person does not exist, there is no creator of the Guaranteed Money System scam, and the law firm doesn’t exist either. Look it up, the only place you will find this law firm is in connection to this scam.

There are however, several Fiverr actor testimonials. These guys are pretty popular from numerous other scams.

Watch the second Guaranteed Money System scam video with controls.You won’t find anything useful here either.

The fact that they try to pull of trades over the weekend is more than enough proof that this is a scam.

There is zero proof that this system even exists, let alone works. The demo only showed a broker screenshot, there are no real trades to confirm that it even makes trades, and overall, the use of cheap low pay actors, a typical Portland production, and a whole lot of lies is more than enough proof that the Guaranteed Money System is a scam.

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