Today scams like the Golden Paradigm pop up every single day. It’s actually difficult to keep track of them all! This is another scam that I came to know by means of a reader email that was asking about whether this is a binary options software that is worth investing with. Unfortunately, yet again, the answer is absolutely not. There are, of course, the obvious reasons that are almost immediately visible, and then there are those that require just a bit more research.

Product Name: The Golden Paradigm

Niche: Binary Options Software

Spokesperson: Nathan Weiss

Official Website:

Potential Profit: $980 per HOUR

Broker: TitanTrade

Minimum Deposit: $250

The truth is, this is nothing more than another scam that uses clever marketing and push for time to convince you to sign up for their scam, which in turn, takes your money and leaves you disappointed and feeling rather stupid for falling for such an obvious lie.

What is the Golden Paradigm?

What is unfortunate is that these binary option scams don’t seem to get old! The more that come out the more people are drawn to them. Of course, this could be because of their aggressive marketing and highly paid affiliates that are all fighting for that piece of the pie.

This is nothing more than the latest scam. Rather than claiming that they get 3rd party signals they actually claim that they have an extensive database of successful trades from the past. This database is carefully reviewed and a secret algorithm is created based on it. By means of this secret algorithm they are able to run through the historical trading data that they have from over the past 85 years and create a 5 point pattern which is able to predict trades perfectly.

Seriously, if this really was possible, there would be a lot more millionaires out there. This is just a bunch of bull they are feeding you in order to convince you to fall for this scam. In reality, the software is nothing more than another binary options software that gets some sort of signals, per say, and trades with your money on auto mode. The signals are not accurate and you will not make any profits. You know why I am absolutely certain? Because they use the exact same software that proven scams have used, and are currently using. Just like these scams, these guys claim that this software is the best thing ever and will make you a millionaire.

Why is the Golden Paradigm a Scam?

Well, starting with the very “trustworthy” sounding Nathan Weiss. Though I was unable to find any of his gigs on Fiverr (seems like he may be taking a break) I am 100% certain he is on there. Though you don’t see his face, surely, if you have listened to other scams like this the voice is most likely engraved in your mind.


Needless to say, the software uses very shady marketing tactics such as pushing for time and claiming that there are only a few spots available. In reality, there aren’t 30 spots available to fill for the year and certainly, even if you stay on the website all day or return in a week, you will still be able to sign up and still will have the opportunity to get scammed. No need to rush yourself.

I love the claims they make about the kind of money you will make with this software. There is absolutely no software out there that can even come close to guaranteeing an hourly salary of nearly $1000!!! Hell, any legitimate software cannot even guarantee this kind of profit a day! And their “OWN Integrated Broker” is the same recycled broker TitanTrade that is used by nearly every single scam out there, yet another unregulated, unlicensed, and unregistered broker that will never allow you to withdraw your money.

Similar viral scam sites to avoid: XL Signals SystemThe Grand Prix Cash SystemBinary Bank BreakerMidas Touch APPDow Jones Focus Group


Does Charlie seem familiar? Of course he does! If you have visited other similar scams surely you will quickly recognize him as the popular face for many of them. Considering how many times he’s become a millionaire by now you’d think that he’d finally give it up and stop chancing software!


Interesting Photoshop work and considering that their broker is TitanTrade I am rather confused with this balance. Not only is it purely impossible, but seriously, pay attention to detail if you want to scam people!


I found this to be rather interesting considering the dates start from February 8th of 2016. Considering the software was actually made live on the 10th of February of 2016 and the fact that this is an online run software not a download, this seems a bit off. Now, I am sure that there are ways around this so I will leave it alone. But still, just look at these win rates! Seriously! To reach this kind of profit with the number of trades (taking the highest win rate and rounding it to 100%, 31 trades, and profit of $6,220. This means on average each trade would have to be around $200!!!) the recommended $25 investment per trade is impossible.

Ok, had to throw these in here. I don’t think a comment is even necessary. These types of profits are absurd and impossible.


I mean, I know it sounds like a dream come true, but seriously.


The “Catch” of the Golden Paradigm

In order to seem more legitimate there has to be a catch right? This way you say to yourself, yes, I know there would be something! Of course, but it doesn’t seem all that bad if you are making this kind of money! On this, I call BULL. Nothing more than another marketing scheme. There is no limit to 30 people.


Their twist? When you have become a millionaire at the end of your year run automatically they will withdraw a very strange amount. A total of $7,188 will be taken from your account automatically for this incredible service. How they came up with this number, no one knows.


The fact is though. If you have invested through a broker, a legitimate broker, they have no access to your money to “automatically” withdraw this money. Of course though, they won’t. Because you will be wishing you had at least made that much in profits and not lost your investment within the first 48 hours as you will. I am 100% certain of this.


The Testimonials

Who bought what! Oh how interesting! Ok, I’ll be quick. All of these are stolen images off the internet. They aren’t even all quality stock photos that they actually paid for. They are straight up, stolen. I will give just one example.


Meet Spencer Sutton, or Ron Gamel, Robert Dorsey? Wait what? Yes, this is a man of many names and used regularly. Poor guy. Surprise surprise though, there is no Facebook profile for him or any of the other alleged people profiting from this software.


The REAL Proof the Golden Paradigm is a Scam!

Now, I have given you a lot of obvious facts. These you can see almost immediately without a trained eye and quick search. The next few you really have to take a look to notice.

How is it possible to still continue trading over the weekend when the market is closed? Decided to skip a few pages to see how the market was over the weekend. Interesting how the software continued to trade binary options even over the weekend. If you are at all familiar with the market in general you will clearly know the fact that over the weekend the markets are closed and this feat of theirs is impossible. This alone should be enough to prove that this software is a scam and the trades are inaccurate.


Another thing I want to point out is the fact that this software is identical to numerous other magical one-of-a-kind systems claiming to have the best software out there. I mean, absolutely, totally, completely, IDENTICAL. Oh, well, several have changed the color scheme if that counts.


Like the Trade X Confidential that I recently reviewed:


Not to mention these also: Glory Trader, Tauribot, Quick Cash Plan, and Medallion App just to name a few. I can guarantee you that there are plenty more as well.


If it’s a Scam Why all the Positive Reviews??

Confused as to why so many people are recommending this? Why you keep receiving numerous emails from supposed millionaires making money with it? Well, here is the easy answer to this.


Since March 7th, 2016 this software has been aggressively marketed. So much so that they are offering huge cash prizes to their affiliates for those that bring in the most shmucks that fall for the software. The rest don’t go emptyhanded though! Each of them gets their share of profits based on the traffic they bring in.

So, don’t believe the lies of affiliates looking to cash in on your trust. Stay away from the Gold Paradigm scam and keep your money to invest somewhere that gives you a higher chance of return.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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