With so many gimmicks out there coming upon the GTM Gold Trade Microsystem website obviously immediately shot out some warning flags but I decided to read more into it. Honestly, at this point until I have researched a website in full I cannot call it because due to the high number of such websites the competition is so fierce that even legitimate websites have started using dirty marketing tricks to catch people’s attention. I have found that there are several popular ones which can be found on absolutely every single website out there. The uncontrollable video which you cannot reverse when you miss something or fast forward when you want to skip over the self-promotion and want to get straight to the facts, the unclickable certificates, fake reviews and testimonials, the time limit, just to name a few. There are actually numerous legitimate websites that have used all of these little tricks to seem all the more reliable and push you to sign up.  I will go in further detail below. Regardless, the most important thing that remains is what real people that have really used this software are saying. virtnext-review

What is the GTM Gold Trade Microsystem

This is yet another binary options trading platform where you sign up for free (of course “limited” time only) and sign up with their trading broker to use the automated software to earn money. You actually don’t have to know anything about binary options with many of these systems mainly because there is a robot actually doing all the work. The software takes over once you make your investment and decides when and what to do in hopes of giving you a high return on your investment. Unfortunately though, many of these systems are rather slow and the algorithm that they always talk about are usually less than impressive and the win percent isn’t actually as high as they usually claim.


Still, this system is claimed to be able to give you everything plus more. What I like is that, unlike many of the other systems, it doesn’t make claims that you will be a millionaire without even being straightforward as to how exactly that will happen. The GTM Gold Trade Microsystem website tells it as it is and doesn’t have such high unreasonable possible winnings in the hundreds of thousands in the first month. They even mention the minimum deposit straight on the homepage with is unheard of with many of these websites as they usually don’t want to give that away until you’ve already signed up and are put in a position where you feel that you’ve started something so you might as well complete it and risk the money.

When it comes to time though, they are still rather pushy in both the video and visually with the number of positions quickly filling up as you watch the video. Most likely, by the time the video finishes there will be only one spot available and if you are unexperienced with such websites you will probably rush to sign up in hopes of making your first $30,000 with a simple $250 deposit.


What others are Saying about the GTM Gold Trade Microsystem?

Here I come to a wall because usually I find people lean more towards one side, either the website is a scam or legit, but with this website I have found a rather even number of people claiming that its earned them money while others are very disappointed and feel scammed. I source my information not from the numerous “reviews” posted online considering that more than 99% of them are paid but rather from forums where real people discuss various binary trading software and check the commenting background of each individual before trusting their posts as there are plenty of paid solicitors there as well.

One of the things I did find was that in fact people did win with the GTM Gold Trade Microsystem. They did not lose their initial deposit and continue to use the software, have received payout several times which confirms that you do have real access to your money, but unfortunately they do not get the return that was promised in the website. Few have actually made the promised $30,000 from the website but I never believed many would. Considering the competition I think all of these websites, even legitimate ones, simply will do anything to get you to sign up and the final results speak for themselves.

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On the other side though, I found many people complaining about the overall speed of the software and how numerous times they had suffered because of it as they lost their deposit and their trust in the website. There are also several complaints about lack of customer service and pushing to re-deposit or deposit more money in order to get a higher return. This is an issue with many of these systems, never let anyone push you into investing more than you are ready to invest, especially before you are certain the software really works.


Lastly, I want to mention the testimonials and in general all the actors in the website. First off, they are ALL actors, in every website and all images of people are stock photos. No matter if the website is legitimate or a scam. Not sure why they go to such extents but as I mentioned above, the competition is harsh and they go to extremes. Regarding the testimonials I loved the extra touch of the date and time changing of the last comment so it seems as if it was posted that very minute you open the website. All of the comments are from that very day, further pushing you to join in due to the “high popularity” of the software. Don’t fall for it. The comments are fake, who knows when they were posted. The only thing you need to know when visiting websites such as GTM Gold Trade Microsystem is the initial deposit amount, to confirm it’s a binary options software, and to research 3rd party websites for real discussions of the software.

Considering how the feedback of the GTM Gold Trade Microsystem that I have found has proven neither that the website is either a scam or 100% legitimate I would recommend you take it from here and continue reading into it in legitimate forums and discussions on 3rd party websites in order to decide if it really is the ideal binary trading software for you.


Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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