The FX Sniper scam is a typical binary options scam on a budget. They’ve put in some effort but obviously didn’t put in the necessary money for more actors as most other similar scams do and a more original script. Either way, it’s all lies and nothing you will hear or read on the official website will be true. The fact is, they are after your money, or better yet, the referral fee they will get from the broker for selling you off to them.

Product Name: FX Sniper Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software


The typical lies are all in here. Even though I can easily pinpoint exactly where the video was filmed, the fact that both the actors in it are from Portland, and provide viable proof of it, it simply wouldn’t be necessary considering that there is absolutely nothing honest anywhere in here. Aside from the fact that there are already plenty of traders crying out about this scam, their mere lack of proof of real profits and a real system even existing behind it all is more than enough that this is not something you want to invest your money into.

What is the FX Sniper Scam?

This is a binary options scam that claims you will be making at least $300 a day while you sleep. Basically sign up, hand over your money, yup, at least $250, and wait for it to roll in. Unfortunately, it does not work like that. You will sign up, first handing over your contact information to these scam artists which will further harass you with new scams in the future and sell it off to other scam artists filling your mailbox with spam, then you will invest with their shady broker who will refuse any withdrawals even if you decide to NOT go through with using this system and want to back out, and lastly, your personal and billing information is at risk of being stolen and banks completely sucked dry. Either way, you will surely lose at least $250, your time, and, well, a bit of your dignity after you realize you’ve been fooled.

The fact is, an honest binary options system would never have to pull such marketing tricks in order to lure traders. If there really was a real chance of making money, even a small percent of what he claims, they would go about in a much different way. Selling you money and life of riches is the biggest giveaway of a scam. If they need to sit on a couch that looks like my grandmothers drapery and try and talk you into signing up repeating over and over again how you’ll be missing out if you don’t, you should not walk, but run. It’s an obvious trap to the trained eye and an unfortunate opportunity for the desperate.

Watch the first FX Sniper video with controls. This scam has invested in about 20 minutes of video in total where you will find there is absolutely no useful information. Consisting of 2 Portland actors that give a rather bad performance, they fail to provide you with anything even remotely close to proof or explanation.

The fact that they throw such numbers as $100K in months is enough to show that they are obviously too pushy for their own sake. Unfortunately, such “sure “ statements are a big no-no in binary options trading because it is very high risk and even the best traders out there cannot even come remotely close to promising any such profits.

Their only means of “proof” is this lady Nicola who they claim is a new user. Interestingly enough, they are in the exact same house, especially considering the interior design. Either way, this is not her name, and she is not a trader using this system. She is an actress posting as such, reading a script.

Here is a closer shot of her profits. This of course is repeated once again when an imaginary jump in time occurs. This is usually what gets people. They believe anything they see and are ready to put their money down on it. Unfortunately, systems like these can easily be manipulated, and without real trade information that can be confirmed, it’s as useless as the bank statement screenshots other scams use.

Continuing on with the video, you are given some forecasts of how your profits will grow and I am quite taken aback by their interesting calculations. With $300 a day, they manage to jump quite loosely up to $100K in a year. Even if $300 a day is possible, considering that you cannot trade over the weekends, and even some holidays, the $100K yearly promise is impossible. Either way, promises such as these are generous, exaggerated, and optimistic to say the least.

Now, I have made it clear that this guy is an actor. You can easily search out a Simon Reed that fits this description and history and I guarantee you will not find him. This is because he does not exist.

Watch the second FX Sniper scam video.Though, I guarantee you will have nothing to gain from it. Throughout either of the two videos you will not get any information as to how exactly the profits are made, any real proof, and zero real information to back any of his claims.

The testimonials are no better with stolen images from the internet and stock photos.

These are images that can be found throughout the internet used for testimonials and marketing.

Some are originally stock photos that were purchased by honest developers and then stolen by these scam artists.

It’s pretty obvious that if there really were traders benefiting from this, that they would be more than willing to share their experience with the world and help those that have helped them. Unfortunately, in this case, I do not think anyone has anything good to say about these scam artists and their scam unless they are paid to do so.

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If none of this has convinced you that the FX Sniper is a binary options scam, then consider the fact that it has been around for no more than a month. This means that they have zero actual proof to back any of their claims considering they cannot have possibly had that many traders actually benefiting from it to draw real conclusions. Not to mention the fact that he has openly lied about how long this system has existed. Either way, my conclusion is that the FX Sniper is a SCAM and should be avoided, but what you do with your money is completely up to you.

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