I openly admit, I am not big on betting on horses, but even with the little experience that I have, I can see right through the Flat Specialist scam. At this point, spotting the little details in their marketing, the twists in the truth, and exaggerations are more than enough to see that it’s just a waste of money. They seek to lure you in, trick you, and take advantage of your trust. Typical for scam artists.

Product Name: Flat Specialist Scam

Niche: Flat Race Betting

OfficialWebsite: http://flatspecialist.com

There are plenty of people that will fall for this. Any person that likes to place bets and gamble can easily be lured into this scam because of the numerous fake reviews they will find online, and the exaggerated lies they tell. The key with scams like these is to trust your gut. Not the part that gets all excited thinking about the kind of money they are promising, but rather the part of you that tells you to dig some more.

The horse races are exciting and hold a lot of potential profits for many, the question is if you find the right tips and do your research right. Cutting corners helps, as long as you cut the right ones and not end up falling into a ditch.

What is the Flat Specialist Scam?

This is obviously a scam that has focused far more on marketing rather than providing you with a quality “system”. This scam is claimed to make you upwards of £2,744.89 per month by providing you with odds on the horse races throughout the season. They claim you will receive an email every day between 10 and 11 pm the day prior to the race with selections to all the subscribers. In the case that there are no selections to be sent, you will receive an email stating so. It seems reasonable and simple enough, the question is how many will you really receive and what will the results be?

The Problem with the Flat Specialist

It really does seem quite attractive. The way it is presented in the official website, this system is set up to only give you profits. The problem stems from the fact that David Walton is a fictitious name. I tried to do a brief research on him and his history and found absolutely nothing. With no image to match him up with, it’s even more difficult. The fact is, he doesn’t really exist. The person behind this scam most likely has zero real knowledge of flat races, perhaps even less than me. They are just taking advantage of an opportunity and luring innocent people to waste their money on it.

Now, surely, you will ask “Why trust you? There are many positive reviews of this system”. This is very reasonable. I don’t expect you to. I’m not here to convince anyone, just sharing information. The problem I see though, is exactly the fact that there are so many positive reviews. See, this scam has been around for a very short time, less than 10 days, yet, there are pages of positive reviews. There is no way to see more recent history of his “winning” selections and most certainly no way to confirm any of the claims or positive reviews. Still, if you carefully read these reviews you will see that 90% of them have no idea what they are writing about. They are just rewriting the information they found on the website and give no further feedback. Rather than a review, it’s just a marketing article that has the sole goal to lure more people to waste their money so they can earn an affiliate commission. This is why so many of the reviews are nearly identical with zero personal real experience shared of using the Flat Specialist.

How Much does the Flat Specialist Cost

Honestly, the price is actually more reasonable than I expected. Though I don’t know how tipster services usually cost for flat races, it does seem like an ok price of a full season. At the price of £168 its ok if you really do make the profits they claim, the problem is that you will most likely lost your money and waste this investment for fake selections. Although the purchase is made available through Clickbank and you get a 60 day money back guarantee, I guarantee you that there are plenty of loopholes to prevent this as they expect that a good portion of the people spending their money on this scam will want their money back. Though surely some will succeed in getting their money back if they are aggressive enough in requesting it and don’t give up, but I am almost certain that for the most part they will make it difficult enough that most will simply give up.

The Flat Specialist Scam Conclusion

I may not know a lot about flat racing, but I do know about marketing. If someone is offering something that is quality and they are proud of it, they will offer full transparency. Real tipsters and businessmen (as regardless how you look at it, this is exactly what he is) offer transparency over aggressive marketing in order to convince people to trust them. Considering there is zero real history on this guy besides what is in the website and the many fake reviews, I am led to believe that he does not exist.

My experience with reviewing various types of scams has also taught me that systems that are less than 10 days old, yet are already littering the internet with positive reviews, are generally scams. Before the scam is even released they have signed up with various affiliate programs and have paid a lot of money for advertising. This ensures that the internet is littered with positive reviews so anytime anyone tries to find honest information on this scam it’s nearly impossible to find. Once you do realize that you have wasted your money you will have zero contact with those behind the Flat Specialist scam. Aside from the email which will send automatic selections, you will have zero contact with them.

Don’t waste your money on the Flat Specialist scam, there are plenty of tipsters out there that have a real history and have real knowledge of flat racing and can provide you with more reliable selections.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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